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    1. Chapter 6

      Chapter 6 Synopsis: The Parkers take Charlotte to the Sanditon library. They then meet Lady Denham and her cousin Clara Brereton. Charlotte observes that Lady Denham seems intelligent and self-satisfied, and that Miss Brereton is as lovely as a heroine she would expect in a novel. Lady Denham discusses the possible groups of people that may arrive at Sanditon with Mr Parker, and fears that the arrival of the wealthy West Indian family may cause prices to rise. She also tells him that Sanditon doesn't need a doctor, as having one would only encourage the poor to believe that they're sick.


    2. Chapter 12

      Chapter # 12 Synopsis:

      Charlotte Heywood, Mrs. Parker, and one of Mrs. Parker's children, Mary, go to visit the Sanditon House of Lady Denham. Miss Diana Parker attempts to have Mrs. Parker request money from Lady Denham, but Mr. Parker prevents this by retracting his own single monetary request. On the way to the house, they meet Mr. Sidney Parker. He is Mr. Parker's brother and he will be staying at the hotel for a few days. He is 27 or 28 years old, attractive, fashionable, and lively. At the Denham House, Charlotte spies Miss Clara Brereton sitting and talking with Sir Edward Denham in a secretive, unchaperoned spot, which leads Charlotte to think badly of Clara.

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    3. Chapter 9

      Chapter 9 Synopsis: Diana, Susan, and Arthur Parker, three out of four of Mr. Parker’s siblings, come to visit Sanditon. Diana announces their unexpected arrival by visiting the Parkers and Charlotte at Trafalgar House. There, she discusses the details of her journey: Susan completed the trip without a problem until they reached the town, while Arthur has lumbago. Diana then discusses the new arrivals that will soon come to Sanditon, a family of West Indians with an ill niece and Camberwell Seminary, a school of girls. Diana also believes that those who can be useful should do what they may to help those who cannot. When Mr. Parker invites the trio to dinner, Diana declines his offer, explaining their strange eating habits. 


    4. Chapter 8

      Chapter 8 Synopsis: As Lady Denham and Charlotte continue their walk, they see Sir Edward. He expresses his hatred for circulating libraries, claiming they contain no helpful lessons. When Charlotte asks what sorts of novels he enjoys, he waxes poetic about novels that “display human nature with grandeur” and ignite passion in the reader, such as the works of Samuel Richardson. Sir Edward’s desire is to be as seductive as the villains in his favorite novels. He intends to seduce Clara since she is his rival in terms of Lady Denham’s fortune. Since she shows no signs of being interested in him, his backup plan is to kidnap her; however, he hopes it won’t come to that as he doesn’t want to spend the money necessary for such an adventure. 


    5. Chapter 4

      Chapter 4 Synopsis: On the drive to Sanditon the group passes by the Parker's previous home (Trafalgar House), and it becomes clear that Mrs Parker misses the house and its garden. In the context of this discussion, Mr Parker's brother Sidney is referenced as a clever person that has the ability to get away with saying anything. As the group approaches Sanditon House, Mr Parker realizes that there are fewer people than he had expected.


    6. Chapter 5

      Chapter 5 Synopsis: In this chapter the readers learn more about Mr Parker's family and their preoccupation with illness. His sister Diana writes him a letter telling him that she continues to suffer from spasmodic bile, that their sister Susan continues to have headaches, and that their brother Arthur is concerned about his liver. Mr Parker explains that Arthur's conviction about being an invalid is something that his brother Sidney always teases him about. Given the family's poor health, Diana tells Mr Parker that they won't be able to visit Sanditon. Meanwhile, there are two parties that might be coming to Sanditon: one is a group of schoolgirls from Camberwell, and the other is a rich West Indian family from Surrey.


    7. Chapter 2

      Chapter #2 Synopsis:

      The Parkers stayed a fortnight. The Heywood’s were charming and attentive hosts. Mr. Parker reveals his story and designs for Sanditon. He is deemed an enthusiastic on the subject and can talk of little else. Until a few years ago it had been a small unpretentious fishing village. With his partner he hoped to make it into a fashionable seaside resort. He was 35, happily married with 4 children of easy but not large fortune who inherited “property which two or three generations had been holding and accumulating before him.” He had 2 brothers and 2 sisters all single and independent by collateral inheritance. He was seeking a medical man for Sanditon and was convinced it would promote the rise and prosperity of the place. His own 2 sisters are invalids. Mr. Parker was amiable, but with more imagination than judgment. Mrs. Parker was sweet-tempered but could not check her husband’s enthusiasm. Sandition was his second wife, his hobbyhorse. He wanted them all to visit for no one is healthy unless they spend at least six week by the sea. He could not convince Mr. and Mrs. Heywood to visit. They never leave home, but agree that their daughter Charlotte age 22 may return with them to Sanditon.


    8. Chapter 1

      Chapter #1 Synopsis:

      While this first chapter has served its purpose of establishing health as an important theme, it is not a typical opening Austen chapter. Firstly, the chapter opens with travelers far from their home rather than a description of a family and their village estate. Secondly, the chapter opens with injury. Thirdly, Austen novels all involve a marriage plot and marriage is brought up immediately. However, in this opening chapter it is not clear which young eligible lady is the main character who will eventually find love. This chapter feels like a first draft, likely because it is.


    9. Chapter 3

      Chapter #3 Synopsis:

      The Parker family travels back to Sanditon along with Charlotte Heywood. Lady Denham is introduced as the great lady of Sanditon. Lady Denham has a history of two marriages and immense wealth, she married her first husband, Mr. Hollis, for his money. She married her second husband, Mr. Denham, for his title. Lady Denhma does not have any children, but is accompanied by a cousin, Clara Brereton. Clara as well as Lady Denham's nephew, Sir Edward Denham, are vying for the inheritance of her fortune.


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      In this chapter, we are introduced to the Parkers who are from Sanditon and are traveling. There seems to be heavy focus on health, probably due to the fact Austen was sick at this point in her life.