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    1. ll of these ultimately damaged the mitochondria

      for - health - causes of mitochondrial dysfunction

      health - causes of mitochondrial dysfunction - dietary sugar - parabens - radiation from space - chlorpyrifos - glyphosate - insecticides - air pollution

    2. working on the space shuttle that they have inherent mitochondrial 00:10:20 dysfunction just from the ambient radiation because they're not protected by the Earth's atmosphere so can you imagine what's going to happen on a Mars mission 00:10:32 there'll be lucky they can crawl out of the capsule when they get back home because their mitochondria going to be so dysfunctional

      for - health - mitochondrial dysfunction - radiation - radiation in space causes mitochondrial dysfunction

    3. what caused the mitochondrial dysfunction the answer to that is multiple things but the one that is you know sort of front and center the 00:07:57 one that is sort of everywhere the one that you can't seem to escape dietary sugar the fructose molecule the sweet molecule in Sugar

      for - health - mitochondrial dysfunction - main reason - dietary sugar

    4. the question is why are the mitochondria not doing their job why is the self not responding to insulin 00:05:34 that's the issue different tissues different reasons but the main one is the liver

      for - question - health - insulin resistance - why aren't mitochondria within cells not responding to insulin?

      question - health - insulin resistance - why aren't mitochondria within cells not responding to insulin? - The fat cells are being stored in the liver, resulting in - fatty liver disease - The liver stores the fat cells floating in blood (triglycerides) then recirculates it back to the cells. - The cells and liver are caught up in a vicious cycle of "hot potatos" with the fat cells.<br /> - (See Stanford explainer video above)

    5. insulin takes glucose from the blood and also fats from the blood in the form of triglyceride 00:03:11 and stuffs it in cells for a rainy day

      for - health - insulin and insulin resistance - simple explanation - to - insulin resistance - clear and simple explainer video - Stanford University health - insulin - simple explanation - insulin stores sugars and tryglycerides floating around in the blood into cells. - more detailed explanation - when blood glucose rises, then beta cell of pancreas start to secrete insulin to bind to glucose and put into cells for storage - Watch this clear, short video explaining insulin resistance from Stanford University - https://hyp.is/4Ymu4D1ZEe-jFfeB23zicA/docdrop.org/video/U1cr14xffrk/

    6. for - personal health - metabolic disease - insulin resistance caused by mitochondria dysfunction - interview - Dr. Robert Lustig - health - dangers of sugar in our diet

      summary - Robert Lustig is a researcher and major proponent for educating the dangers of sugar as the root cause of the majority of preventable western disease - He explains how sugar and carbs are a major variable and root cause of a majority of these diseases - It is useful to look at these bodily dysfunctions from the perspective of Michael Levin, in which all these diseases of the body are problems with lower levels of the multi-scale competency architecture - https://jonudell.info/h/facet/?max=100&expanded=true&user=stopresetgo&exactTagSearch=true&any=michael+levin%2C+multi-scale+competency+architecture

    7. insulin resistance is actually 00:01:14 Downstream of something even more important that we will talk about called mitochondrial dysfunction

      for - health - insulin resistance - a symptom of mitochondria dysfunction

    1. but as the situation continues it may require more and more and more insulin to get the same amount 00:02:40 of glucose into the cells

      for - key insight - health - insulin resistance

      key insight - health - insulin resistance - This is the key to the mechanism by which insulin levels increase in the blood. - As our diet places higher levels of glucose in the blood, the pancreas responds by releasing more and more insulin to process this elevated level of insulin and the cells respond, - but the cells, especially surrounding the organs no longer store fat when a certain threshold of high insulin is reached - high amounts of visceral fat around the organs is then accompanied by fat being released by the cells into the blood stream, elevating triglyceride levels - The liver then starts to take this up and if there are now elevated trigycerides in the bloodstream, the liver and cells get locked into a vicious cycle of fat release

    1. when someone has an elevated fertin level you need to dig 00:33:27 into you know is their fertin elevated because they have elevated total body iron or do they have inflammation

      for - health - heart - ferritin marker

      health - heart - ferritin marker - If ferritin test shows high ferritin levels (abnormally high iron levels) it means swelling in the body, called inflammation. - Conditions that can cause inflammation include - liver disease, - rheumatoid arthritis and other inflammatory conditions, - overactive thyroid - hyperthyroidism - https://www.mayoclinic.org/tests-procedures/ferritin-test/about/pac-20384928#:~:text=If%20a%20ferritin%20test%20shows%20high%20ferritin%20levels%2C%20it%20most,and%20overactive%20thyroid%2C%20called%20hyperthyroidism.

    2. the vast majority of hypertension high blood pressure the root cause is insulin resistance metabolic disease

      for - health - heart - majority of hypertension and high blood pressure is caused by insulin resistance metabolic disease

    3. many of these patients had high lipids and high blood pressure and they were given beta 00:28:25 blockers and thide diuretics which as you know also have the same consequence as the statins do in in exacerbating insulin resistance

      for - health - heart - Beta-blocker/thiazide diuretic combos

      health - heart - Beta-blocker/thiazide diuretic combos - This combo lowers the blood pressure by - removing excess water and salt from the body and - slowing the heart rate. - These only mask the symptoms CAUSED BY INSULIN RESISTANCE

    4. inflammation is a very important part of the development of heart disease

      for - health - heart - the critical role of inflammation

    5. you can take these medications you can expose yourself to the risk of the medications 00:26:57 or or you can change the way you eat you can deal with the true underlying problem insulin resistance

      for - health - heart - root cause of heart disease - lifestyle choices - dietary choice

      health - heart - root causes of heart disease - lifestyle choices - dietary choice - root cause of insulin resistance is poor diet with too much sugar and carbs and other variables such as excessive alcohol - dietary changes can shift lipid particles to large, fluffy LD particles - high sugar and carbs is a main factor leading to insulin resistance

      to - Root cause of insulin resistance - interview with Robert Lustig - https://hyp.is/l14UvjzwEe-cUVPwiO6lIg/docdrop.org/video/WVFMyzQE-4w/

    6. stat in use more than 10 years increases your risk of developing insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes which are two primary drivers of heart 00:26:07 disease

      for - progress trap - statins

      progress trap - statins - heart health - Long term studies show that the mainstream prescription of statins to lower LDL levels over 10 year period increases risk for: - insulin resistance and - type 2 diabetes - both of which are primary drivers of heart disease - hence, Statins are a progress trap

    7. who are these people that have a high LDL but they are metabolically healthy

      for - health - heart - need to identify those with high LDL but ARE metabolically healthy

      health - heart - high LDL AND metabolically healthy - against medical norms, there may be NO NEED TO LOWER THEIR LDL levels - and in fact, trying to do so may lead to harm

    8. most people with elevated LDL cholesterol that's going to be combined with metabolic disease as I said earlier 00:24:14 90% of adults essentially are metabolically unhealthy

      for - health - heart - In most people, LDL occurs with metabolic disease, and that's the dangerous situation

    9. the amount of your LDL isn't the whole story the quality of your LDL cholesterol particles is very important in this

      for - health - heart - LDL score

      health - heart - LDL score - The AMOUNT of your LDL score is not as important as - The QUALITY of your LDL score - ALL high LDL isn't dangerous

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    1. Know about atrial septal defect in babies

      [Atrial septal defect (ASD)] https://doctube.com/watch/know-about-atrial-septal-defect-in-babies_H7812LYzcELgqQj.html) is a significant cardiac issue that can affect newborns, potentially impacting their lives significantly. Early detection and prompt treatment are crucial in managing this condition effectively. Gain a comprehensive understanding of ASD by watching this informative video, providing insights into its causes, symptoms, and the importance of timely intervention.

    1. FIR emitting ceramics and fabrics Discs and garments manufactured of FIR emitting ceramic material have been applied to the human body (Figure 5). For instance, a blanket containing discs has been reported to improve quality of sleep [34] and single discs were applied to the breasts of women who encountered difficulty in producing sufficient breast milk during lactation [35]. Gloves have been made out of FIR emitting fabrics and there have been reports that these gloves can be used to treat arthritis of the hands and Raynaud’s syndrome [36].

      Far infared radiation - fabric - helps sleep, arthritis, cellulite

    1. In one study led by researchers at The University of Oxford, participants with insomnia were divided into two groups and given fake or "sham" feedback on their sleep.One group was told they had a "positive" night's sleep, the other a "negative" night's sleep, and were then asked to rate their mood and sleepiness.Those who were given a fake "negative" score, rated themselves as much sleepier, and their mood significantly worse than those who were given a fake "positive" score, and vice versa.

      Why sleep tracking may not make any sense

  4. May 2024
    1. if you want to age well do something it can be dancing it can be music it can be all sorts swimming 00:56:47 whatever but do something that's the first bit of advice to those who want to make sure that they stay um on top

      for - health advice - aging well - Denis Noble

      health advice - aging well - ll if you want to age well do something! - It can be - dancing - music - swimming - whatever but do something - That's the first bit of advice to those who want to make sure that they stay on top

  5. Apr 2024
    1. More than one-fifth of people experiencing homelessness currently have a serious mental illness like bipolar disorder or schizophrenia, and the US Department of Justice has found that “the prevalence of unmet behavioral health needs” is a key driver in why “people who experience homelessness tend to have frequent (and often repeat) interactions with law enforcement.”
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    1. Résumé de la Vidéo

      La vidéo présente une conférence sur le concept de "One health" dans le domaine de la médecine vétérinaire et humaine. Elle aborde l'importance de l'intégration de la santé animale et humaine, les maladies émergentes, la résistance aux antibiotiques et l'impact des changements environnementaux sur la santé.

      Points Forts: 1. Introduction au concept de One health [00:00:02][^1^][1] * Signification et pertinence dans la médecine * Approche intégrée de la santé de l'animal à l'homme * Importance de la collaboration interdisciplinaire 2. Les maladies émergentes et leur gestion [00:06:18][^2^][2] * Historique des maladies infectieuses et leur impact * L'émergence de nouvelles pathologies et leurs causes * Exemple de la maladie de Lyme et ses facteurs environnementaux 3. La résistance aux antibiotiques [00:22:18][^3^][3] * Un défi majeur pour la santé mondiale * Utilisation des antibiotiques en médecine humaine et animale * Nécessité d'une surveillance et d'une gestion efficaces 4. L'application opérationnelle du concept de One health [00:24:20][^4^][4] * Le programme international Présode * L'importance de la prévention et de l'éducation * Collaboration entre les organisations mondiales de santé Résumé de la Vidéo

      La partie 2 de la vidéo aborde la prévention des maladies zoonotiques et la nécessité d'une collaboration internationale pour gérer les risques sanitaires mondiaux. Elle explique le rôle de l'initiative PREZODE, lancée par le président Macron, qui vise à comprendre, réduire, détecter et surveiller les risques de zoonoses de manière proactive avec l'engagement des pays participants.

      Points Forts: 1. Lancement de PREZODE [00:26:12][^1^][1] * Initiative internationale pour la prévention des zoonoses * Soutien politique mondial et engagement de 12 gouvernements * Collaboration de 50 pays dans la recherche 2. Les quatre piliers de PREZODE [00:28:08][^2^][2] * Comprendre les risques d'émergence de nouvelles pathologies * Réduire les risques par des stratégies de prévention * Détecter les risques et les nouvelles zones précocement * Mettre en place des systèmes de surveillance efficaces 3. L'importance de l'engagement des pays [00:28:53][^3^][3] * Nécessité de politiques de santé publique adaptées localement * Importance de la transparence et de la confiance internationale * Préparation des gouvernements locaux à répondre aux crises 4. Défis et perspectives [00:34:36][^4^][4] * Difficultés liées au cloisonnement des systèmes de gestion de la santé * Nécessité de formation et sensibilisation aux risques zoonotiques * Extension du concept One Health aux maladies neurodégénératives et autres pathologies Résumé de la Vidéo

      La troisième partie de la vidéo aborde la récupération du concept de "one health" (santé unique) dans le contexte des maladies infectieuses et de l'environnement. L'orateur critique l'utilisation actuelle du terme, qui s'éloigne de son intention originale, et suggère que le terme est désormais capté par des besoins qui dépassent l'intention initiale, notamment en infectiologie. Il souligne la nécessité de trouver de nouvelles façons de travailler ensemble pour décloisonner les disciplines sans se limiter à un terme qui pourrait être restrictif ou mal interprété.

      Moments Forts: 1. Débat sur l'intention originale vs l'utilisation actuelle du terme "one health" [00:48:30][^1^][1] * Discussion sur la dérive du concept "one health" * Exemple d'un colloque récent illustrant la divergence * Importance de la définition et de l'orientation des appels d'offres 2. Analyse de la terminologie "one health" dans la recherche et les publications [00:53:08][^2^][2] * Évolution de l'utilisation du terme dans le temps * Prédominance de l'infectiologie dans les articles liés à "one health" * Réflexion sur la pertinence du terme pour l'avenir de la recherche interdisciplinaire 3. Implications pour la recherche et la collaboration interdisciplinaire [01:01:02][^3^][3] * Questionnement sur la valeur du terme "one health" pour la collaboration * Discussion sur la gestion des risques et la prévention dans le contexte de "one health" * Appel à une approche plus holistique et intégrée de la santé globale Résumé de la vidéo

      La partie 4 de la vidéo aborde la nécessité d'une approche interdisciplinaire et transdisciplinaire dans la recherche scientifique, en particulier dans le domaine de la santé. Elle souligne l'importance de sortir des silos disciplinaires pour aborder les problèmes complexes tels que les maladies et les épidémies. La discussion porte sur l'éthique en médecine et en recherche, ainsi que sur l'impact des idéologies et des débats citoyens sur la science.

      Moments forts: 1. Interdisciplinarité en recherche [01:15:11][^1^][1] * Importance de la collaboration entre disciplines * Limitations des approches cloisonnées * Appel à une réflexion plus large et intégrée 2. Financement et orientation de la recherche [01:16:00][^2^][2] * Critique de la distribution actuelle des financements * Nécessité d'explorer au-delà de ce qui est déjà connu * Exemple de l'évolution des modèles en médecine 3. Éthique et idéologie en science [01:27:19][^3^][3] * Distinction entre éthique animale et éthique vétérinaire * Débat sur la place de l'homme par rapport aux animaux * Réflexion sur le sens et la finalité de la recherche 4. Formation et convergence des disciplines [01:38:22][^4^][4] * Proposition de modes de formation convergents pour médecins et vétérinaires * Concept de 'une seule biologie' partagée par tous les êtres vivants * Importance de la pragmatique dans l'évolution des pratiques médicales Résumé de la Vidéo

      La partie 5 de la vidéo aborde l'importance de la médecine vétérinaire dans le développement de traitements pour les humains, comme l'opération de la cataracte, et souligne la nécessité d'une approche interdisciplinaire en médecine. Elle critique également la gestion de la crise COVID-19, en particulier la stratégie de vaccination et la communication scientifique, tout en appelant à une meilleure éducation du public sur les principes biologiques de la santé.

      Points Forts: 1. Développement de la chirurgie de la cataracte [01:41:39][^1^][1] * Origines vétérinaires des techniques opératoires * Importance de la biologie commune entre chiens et humains * Concept d'une seule biologie pour différentes espèces 2. Critique de la gestion de la crise COVID-19 [01:43:58][^2^][2] * Difficultés de vaccination et manque d'efficacité du système * Comparaison avec la vaccinologie vétérinaire * Problèmes administratifs et juridiques entravant la réponse 3. Nécessité d'une approche interdisciplinaire [01:47:03][^3^][3] * Importance de la collaboration entre différents domaines * Défis posés par les barrières organisationnelles et légales * Appel à l'innovation dans les catégories et méthodes 4. Éducation du public et santé publique [01:57:26][^4^][4] * Manque de compréhension biologique chez le grand public * Impact de la crise COVID-19 sur la perception de la santé * Appel à une meilleure éducation en biologie et santé publique

  7. Feb 2024
    1. Very early one chilly morning in October 1895, Fielding Blandfordstepped into a horse-drawn carriage with Edith Lanchester’s father and twobrothers. The four men arrived at Edith’s rented lodgings in Battersea. Theywoke the whole house with heavy banging on the front door, and FieldingBlandford forced his way in to ‘examine’ Edith. He ordered that she be takento an asylum because she was committing ‘social suicide’ by insisting on livingwith her working-class lover without marrying him. He justified this byarguing that under the Lunacy Act 1890 he would have certified her had sheattempted (normal) suicide.

      Fascinating story of a kidnapping and committal of a woman in October 1895 for shacking up with a man she wasn't married to.

      Ultimately gained international attention.

  8. Jan 2024
    1. Seit 2000 sind mindestens 4 Millionen Menschen direkt an Folgen der globalen Erhitzung gestorben. Diese Minimalschätzung in einer neuen Studie begründet, die globale Erhitzung schon jetzt als Gesundheitsnotstand zu behandeln. https://www.repubblica.it/green-and-blue/2024/01/31/news/negli_ultimi_ventanni_la_crisi_del_clima_ha_causato_4_milioni_di_morti-422021774/

      • for: health, David Sinclair, longevity tips, adjacency - lifestyle choices - diet - climate crisis - biodiversity crisis

      • SUMMARY

        • The main tips for staying healthy from a lifetime of longevity research on this video.
      • adjacency between

        • lifestyle choices
      • personal diet
        • climate crisis
        • biodiversity crisis
      • adjacency statement:
        • Promoting this kind of diet and lifestyle can have enormous benefits on climate crisis as well.
        • One could write a paper about the crossover benefits to climate and biodiversity crisis.
  9. Dec 2023
    1. the hormone deficiency has been renamed Genitourinary Syndrome of Menopause (GSM)

      Previously called vaginal atrophy, the deficiency of estrogen during perimenopause is now called Genitourinary Syndrome of Menopause (GSM). It presents primarily as vaginal dryness, but also makes one more susceptible to both genital and urinary symptoms including UTIs, pain with sex, decreased orgasm, and decreased arousal.

  10. Nov 2023
    1. if you have those symptoms like you're always clearing your throat or you're getting that tickle in your 00:11:47 throat or you're getting that post nasal drip it's not science it's not your sinus most of the time if you're having sleep apnea because that acid if you just tuned in with us that acid is making its way up while you're sleeping 00:11:59 most of the time these symptoms happen at night okay and you can get the residual during the day and you're waking up like you're always doing that i can guarantee that the majority of you you're going to have silent reflex that silent reflex is 00:12:13 affecting your breathing
      • for health - sleep apnea - silent acid reflux connection

      • health - sleep apnea - silent reflux connection

        • if you have sleep apnea and you are experiencing post nasal drip, coughing, clearing throat etc, that is the acid coming up from your stomach and obstructing breathing
    2. the ringo pharyngeal reflux
      • for: health - sleep apnea, sleep apnea - acid reflux - laryngopharyngeal reflux, sleep apnea - slient reflux connection

      • comment

        • symptoms
          • sleep apnea, silent reflux, post nasal drip, coughing,
    1. Hitzebedingte Todesfälle bei über 65-Jährigen haben seit den 90ern um 85% zugenommen. Senior:innen sind – wie kleine Kinder – zweimal soviel Hitzewellen-Tagen ausgesetzt wie 1986-2005. Extreme Hitze führte 2022 zu Produktivitätsverlusten von ca. 863 Milliarden USD. Alle Indikatoren für öffentliche Gesundheit haben sich in den letzten 9 Jahren verschlechtert. – Die NYT stellt den 2023 Report des Lancet Countdown ausführlich dar. https://www.nytimes.com/2023/11/14/climate/climate-change-health-effects-lancet.html

      Mehr zum Rreport: https://hypothes.is/search?q=tag%3A%222023%20report%20of%20the%20Lancet%20Countdown%20on%20health%20and%20climate%20change%22

    1. 200 bekannte medizinische Zeitschriften appellieren and die WHO, angesichts der Klimakrise den Gesundheitsnotstand auszurufen. https://taz.de/Ausrufung-des-Gesundheitsnotstands/!5964503/

      Aufruf: Time to treat the climate and nature crisis as one indivisible global health emergency - The Lancet https://www.thelancet.com/journals/lancet/article/PIIS0140-6736\(23\)02289-4/fulltext

  11. Oct 2023
    1. dazu auch<br /> https://norberthaering.de/macht-kontrolle/who-klimanotstand/

      „Time to treat the climate and nature crisis as one indivisible global health emergency.“<br /> (Es ist Zeit, den Klima- und Naturnotstand als eine unteilbare Gesundheitsnotlage zu behandeln.)

      die einzige "krise" die ich sehe ist die globale übervölkerung,<br /> und die ist genau dann vorbei, wenn 95% der menschen von heute tot sind.

      mit welchen lügen die globale militärdiktatur (NWO) aufgebaut wird, ist da eher nebensache.

    1. The results showed that the group asked to reduce their social media use had an average 15% improvement in immune function, including fewer colds, flu, warts, and verrucae, a 50% improvement in sleep quality, and 30% fewer depressive symptoms.
    1. Adolescents who spend more than 3 hours per day on social media may be at heightened risk for mental health problems, particularly internalizing problems.
    1. Metropolitan State University of Denver. “Writing as a Thinking Tool,” June 17, 2021. https://www.msudenver.edu/writing-center/faculty-resources/writing-as-a-thinking-tool/.

    2. Watson, L.R., Fraser, M., & Ballas, P. (2019). Journaling for mental health. Retrieved from https://www.rochester.edu/encyclopedia/content.aspx?ContentID=4552&ContentTypeID=1 Literacy Research and Instruction, 49(2), 194-208. doi:10.1080/19388070902947360

      dead reference? couldn't find; url gone and not archived; DOI was for the Wolsey article and not this

  12. Sep 2023
    1. He says that ultimately, about 50% of participants who were screened to be part of the control group couldn’t be included because of continuing symptoms.

      Honestly, this should be the headline. A full 50% of people who volunteered to be in the control were actually still suffering symptoms! Half! Of a self-selected group!

    1. lifelong toll it takes on the youngest
      • for: forest fire - health impacts
      • comment
        • health impacts include
          • changes in gene expressions vital for immune system functionality
          • women giving birth with blackened, diseased placentas
          • children born
            • smaller
            • pre-term
            • sicker
            • developing croup
            • laryngitis
            • bronchitis
  13. Aug 2023
    1. As for using blue-light-filtering eyeglasses for eye health, for now, Rosenfield says, “there’s nothing to support people buying them.”
    2. The study’s authors found that wearing blue-light filters does not reduce the eyestrain people feel after using computers. The results were inconclusive on whether wearing these specialized lenses before bedtime improves sleep quality.

      eye health

    3. Do Blue-Light Glasses Help with Eyestrain?

      eye health

    1. Health care is an area that will likely see many innovations. There are already multiple research prototypes underway looking at monitoring of one’s physical and mental health. Some of my colleagues (and myself as well) are also looking at social behaviors, and how those behaviors not only impact one’s health but also how innovations spread through one’s social network.
      • for: quote, quote - Jason Hong, quote - health apps, health care app, idea spread through social network, mental health app, physical health app, transform app
      • quote
      • paraphrase
        • Health care is an area that will likely see many innovations. -There are already multiple research prototypes underway looking at monitoring of one’s
          • physical and
          • mental health.
        • Some of my colleagues (and myself as well) are also looking at
          • social behaviors, and how those behaviors
            • not only impact one’s health but also
            • how innovations spread through one’s social network.
    1. How Exercise Can Boost Mental Health?

      Elevate your mood and well-being with the transformative power of exercise. Discover how physical activity enhances mental health. Explore more >> How Exercise Can Boost Mental Health?

  14. Jul 2023
    1. Commentary: Causal Inferencefor Social Exposures

      Commentary: Causal Inference for Social Exposures



  15. Jun 2023
    1. (19:30-25:17)

      When interested in longevity, Andrew Huberman suggests to set an treshold of 80% (or more) of eating non-processed to minimally processed foods, which are foods that spoil more quickly usually.

    2. Huberman states that doing these 4 things consistently and regularly, as a habit, might seem to take time, therefore decreasing performance. BUT, in reality they increase performance, as these things improve your health, focus, and awareness significantly.

      Therefore they are so-called Performance Enablers

    3. The 4 (behavioral) keypoints for great physical and mental as well as cognitive health:

      One) (2:00-4:05) View sunlight early in the day. The light needs to reach the eyes--increasing alertness, mood, and focus, through certain receptors. Also increases sleep quality at night, according to Huberman. Ideally five to ten minutes on a clear day, and ten to twenty minutes on an overcast day. No sunglasses, and certainly not through windows and windshields. If no sun is out yet, use artificial bright light. Do this daily.

      Two) (4:05-6:10) Do physical exercise each and every day. Doesn't have to be super intense. Huberman recommends zone two cardiovascular exercise. Walking very fast, running, cycling, rowing, swimming are examples. He says to get at least between 150 and 200 minutes of this exercise per week. Some resistance training as well for longevity and wellbeing, increases metabolism as well. Do this at least every other day, according to Huberman. Huberman alternates each day between cardiovascular exercise and resistance training.

      Three) (6:20-9:10) People should have access to a rapid de-stress protocol or tools. This should be able to do quickly and instantly, without friction. You can just do one breath for destress. ( Deep long breath through nose, one quick breath in nose to completely fill the longs, and then breathe out through mouth long.)

      Four) (9:12-14:00) To have a deliberate rewiring nervous system protocol to use. A thing that can be done is NSDR (Non-Sleep Deep Rest protocol), this is specifically to increase energy.

      Ideally the NSDR should be done after each learning session as well to imitate deep sleep (REM) and therefore accelerate neuroplasticity and thus rewire the nervous system; increasing the strength of connections between neurons and therefore increase retention significantly.

      NSDR is also a process of autonomity and control, it allows one to find that they are in control of their body and brain. It makes one realize that external factors don't necessarily have influence. According to Huberman, NSDR even replenishes dopamine when it is depleted, making it also suitable for increasing motivation.

  16. May 2023
    1. There was an additional appeal to the name: Many of the Mandarin-speaking Connies I spoke to pointed out that the Mandarin for “healthy girl” — 康妮 “kang ni” — sounds an awful lot like Connie.
    1. United States biomedical researchers and pharmaceutical companies are conducting and paying African doctors to conduct unethical and illegal testing of human subjects. Nonconsensual research on human subjects is an atrocity that occurred in Tuskegee, Alabama, and in Guatemala for over forty years. Once outlawed in the U.S., medical researchers began experimenting on thousands of human research subjects without their consent in Cameroon, Ghana, Namibia, Nigeria, Uganda, South Africa, Zimbabwe and other African countries.

  17. Apr 2023
    1. He even offeredgrim warnings about children’s bowel movements, stressing the absolute needfor regularity. Regularity should not be achieved, however, at the expense ofdensity or compactness in the, ahem, product, for ‘People that are very loosehave seldom strong thoughts or strong bodies’ (p. 22, original emphasis).

      Locke stressed the need for regular bowel movements in children in his book Some Thoughts Concerning Education and presupposed a link between the looseness of one's stool and the weakness of their bodies. This seemed to be a moralism rather than a question of general health and eating habits which continued into even my own childhood.

    1. Mental Health State of the World report published by Sapien Labs’ Mental Health Million Project suggests that over recent years we appear to be crossing a global tipping point.

      Annotate this report

  18. Mar 2023
  19. Feb 2023
    1. "Used to talk our problems over cigarettes and coffee. Now cigarettes and coffee ARE our problems."

      —Ronald Reagan

    2. "I won't say he should be put in a mental institution, but if he was in one, don't think I'd let him out."

      —Ronald Reagan

      A sad show for the man who gutted mental health support in California and then more broadly in the United States.

    1. “It makes me feel like I need a disclaimer because I feel like it makes you seem unprofessional to have these weirdly spelled words in your captions,” she said, “especially for content that's supposed to be serious and medically inclined.”

      Where's the balance for professionalism with respect to dodging the algorithmic filters for serious health-related conversations online?

      link to: https://hypothes.is/a/uBq9HKqWEe22Jp_rjJ5tjQ

    1. M. G. Marmot, G. Rose, M. Shipley, P. J. Hamilton, Employment grade and coronary heart disease in British civil servants.J. Epidemiol. Community Health32,244–249 (1978).7R. M. Sapolsky, The influence of social hierarchy on primate health.Science308, 648–652 (2005)

      Want to read with respect to https://hypothes.is/a/hFZ1mqTgEe2MHU8Jfedg_A

  20. Jan 2023
    1. I came here looking for the glycemic index for bananas to see if this might explain a friends delayed reaction to consuming high amounts of salicylate. That is, the pain they experienced as a burn in the mouth/tongue only occurred after consuming a banana. A prior search tentatively suggested that spikes in insulin (which occur with foods high in glycemic index and glycemic load) can cause inflammation to the affected region which sends white blood cells as a response and can cause swelling and increased sensitivity to pain.

    1. Especially when compared to a plastic tongue scraper, a stainless steel one is better at balancing Ayurvedic imbalances. Unlike those made with gold, silver, brass, or copper, stainless steel tongue scrapers resist corrosion and are suitable for all mind-body types, or doshas, according to Dr. Deepak Chopra.  

      Stainless steel tongue scrapers seems to be the best

    1. four truths about how our solutions to these problems have problems of their own:We don’t see everything. Some of the information we filter out is actually useful and important.Our search for meaning can conjure illusions. We sometimes imagine details that were filled in by our assumptions, and construct meaning and stories that aren’t really there.Quick decisions can be seriously flawed. Some of the quick reactions and decisions we jump to are unfair, self-serving, and counter-productive.Our memory reinforces errors. Some of the stuff we remember for later just makes all of the above systems more biased, and more damaging to our thought processes.
    2. Cognitive biases are just tools, useful in the right contexts, harmful in others.
    1. Zika virus as a cause of birth defects: Were the teratogenic effects of Zika virus missed for decades?

      Although it is not possible to prove definitively that ZIKV had teratogenic properties before 2013, several pieces of evidence support the hypothesis that its teratogenicity had been missed in the past. These findings emphasize the need for further investments in global surveillance for emerging infections and for birth defects so that infectious teratogens can be identified more expeditiously in the future.

    1. Indeed ‘anti-vaccination rumours’ have been defined as a major threat to achieving vaccine coverage goals. This is demonstrated in this paper through a case study of responses to the Global Polio Eradication Campaign (GPEI) in northern Nigeria where Muslim leaders ordered the boycott of the Oral Polio Vaccine (OPV). A 16-month controversy resulted from their allegations that the vaccines were contaminated with anti-fertility substances and the HIV virus was a plot by Western governments to reduce Muslim populations worldwide.
  21. Dec 2022
    1. In 1988, when polio was endemic in 125 countries, the annual assembly of national health ministers, meeting in Geneva, declared their intent to eradicate polio by 2000. That target was missed, but a $3 billion campaign had it contained in six countries by early 2003.
    1. The five Cs model

      The five Cs model of vaccine acceptance is based on five factors that can affect an individual's vaccination behaviour: confidence, constraints, complacency, calculation, and collective responsibility.

    1. Summary: In people with normal vision (or corrected-to-normal vision), visual performance tends to be better with light mode, whereas some people with cataract and related disorders may perform better with dark mode. On the flip side, long-term reading in light mode may be associated with myopia.

      Dark mode vs light mode

    1. If headaches and eye strain persist, go see an optician. I had the same problem about a year ago; it turns out I am long-sighted and require glasses. Since then, my headaches and eye strain have pretty much stopped.
    2. Many people perceive light mode as the cause of eye strain. But blue light, among other things, is actually the cause of it most of the time.
    1. We analyzed URLs cited in Twitter messages before and after the temporary interruption of the vaccine development on September 9, 2020 to investigate the presence of low credibility and malicious information. We show that the halt of the AstraZeneca clinical trials prompted tweets that cast doubt, fear and vaccine opposition. We discovered a strong presence of URLs from low credibility or malicious websites, as classified by independent fact-checking organizations or identified by web hosting infrastructure features. Moreover, we identified what appears to be coordinated operations to artificially promote some of these URLs hosted on malicious websites.
    1. When public health emergencies break out, social bots are often seen as the disseminator of misleading information and the instigator of public sentiment (Broniatowski et al., 2018; Shi et al., 2020). Given this research status, this study attempts to explore how social bots influence information diffusion and emotional contagion in social networks.
    1. . Furthermore, our results add to the growing body of literature documenting—at least at this historical moment—the link between extreme right-wing ideology and misinformation8,14,24 (although, of course, factors other than ideology are also associated with misinformation sharing, such as polarization25 and inattention17,37).

      Misinformation exposure and extreme right-wing ideology appear associated in this report. Others find that it is partisanship that predicts susceptibility.

    2. And finally, at the individual level, we found that estimated ideological extremity was more strongly associated with following elites who made more false or inaccurate statements among users estimated to be conservatives compared to users estimated to be liberals. These results on political asymmetries are aligned with prior work on news-based misinformation sharing

      This suggests the misinformation sharing elites may influence whether followers become more extreme. There is little incentive not to stoke outrage as it improves engagement.

    1. Exposure to elite misinformation is associated with sharing news from lower-quality outlets and with conservative estimated ideology.

      Shown is the relationship between users’ misinformation-exposure scores and (a) the quality of the news outlets they shared content from, as rated by professional fact-checkers21, (b) the quality of the news outlets they shared content from, as rated by layperson crowds21, and (c) estimated political ideology, based on the ideology of the accounts they follow10. Small dots in the background show individual observations; large dots show the average value across bins of size 0.1, with size of dots proportional to the number of observations in each bin.

    1. We find that, during the pandemic, no-vax communities became more central in the country-specificdebates and their cross-border connections strengthened, revealing a global Twitter anti-vaccinationnetwork. U.S. users are central in this network, while Russian users also become net exporters ofmisinformation during vaccination roll-out. Interestingly, we find that Twitter’s content moderationefforts, and in particular the suspension of users following the January 6th U.S. Capitol attack, had aworldwide impact in reducing misinformation spread about vaccines. These findings may help publichealth institutions and social media platforms to mitigate the spread of health-related, low-credibleinformation by revealing vulnerable online communities
    1. We applied two scenarios to compare how these regular agents behave in the Twitter network, with and without malicious agents, to study how much influence malicious agents have on the general susceptibility of the regular users. To achieve this, we implemented a belief value system to measure how impressionable an agent is when encountering misinformation and how its behavior gets affected. The results indicated similar outcomes in the two scenarios as the affected belief value changed for these regular agents, exhibiting belief in the misinformation. Although the change in belief value occurred slowly, it had a profound effect when the malicious agents were present, as many more regular agents started believing in misinformation.

    1. Therefore, although the social bot individual is “small”, it has become a “super spreader” with strategic significance. As an intelligent communication subject in the social platform, it conspired with the discourse framework in the mainstream media to form a hybrid strategy of public opinion manipulation.
    2. we found that social bots played a bridge role in diffusion in the apparent directional topic like “Wuhan Lab”. Previous research also found that social bots play some intermediary roles between elites and everyday users regarding information flow [43]. In addition, verified Twitter accounts continue to be very influential and receive more retweets, whereas social bots retweet more tweets from other users. Studies have found that verified media accounts remain more central to disseminating information during controversial political events [75]. However, occasionally, even the verified accounts—including those of well-known public figures and elected officials—sent misleading tweets. This inspired us to investigate the validity of tweets from verified accounts in subsequent research. It is also essential to rely solely on science and evidence-based conclusions and avoid opinion-based narratives in a time of geopolitical conflict marked by hidden agendas, disinformation, and manipulation [76].
    3. There were 120,118 epidemy-related tweets in this study, and 34,935 Twitter accounts were detected as bot accounts by Botometer, accounting for 29%. In all, 82,688 Twitter accounts were human, accounting for 69%; 2495 accounts had no bot score detected.In social network analysis, degree centrality is an index to judge the importance of nodes in the network. The nodes in the social network graph represent users, and the edges between nodes represent the connections between users. Based on the network structure graph, we may determine which members of a group are more influential than others. In 1979, American professor Linton C. Freeman published an article titled “Centrality in social networks conceptual clarification“, on Social Networks, formally proposing the concept of degree centrality [69]. Degree centrality denotes the number of times a central node is retweeted by other nodes (or other indicators, only retweeted are involved in this study). Specifically, the higher the degree centrality is, the more influence a node has in its network. The measure of degree centrality includes in-degree and out-degree. Betweenness centrality is an index that describes the importance of a node by the number of shortest paths through it. Nodes with high betweenness centrality are in the “structural hole” position in the network [69]. This kind of account connects the group network lacking communication and can expand the dialogue space of different people. American sociologist Ronald S. Bert put forward the theory of a “structural hole” and said that if there is no direct connection between the other actors connected by an actor in the network, then the actor occupies the “structural hole” position and can obtain social capital through “intermediary opportunities”, thus having more advantages.
    4. We analyzed and visualized Twitter data during the prevalence of the Wuhan lab leak theory and discovered that 29% of the accounts participating in the discussion were social bots. We found evidence that social bots play an essential mediating role in communication networks. Although human accounts have a more direct influence on the information diffusion network, social bots have a more indirect influence. Unverified social bot accounts retweet more, and through multiple levels of diffusion, humans are vulnerable to messages manipulated by bots, driving the spread of unverified messages across social media. These findings show that limiting the use of social bots might be an effective method to minimize the spread of conspiracy theories and hate speech online.
    1. to lowered economic productivity through reduced earnings. In addition,increased health costs amount to $192 billion, whereas costs associated withincreased crime and incarceration (increased victimization costs of street crime;increased corrections and crime deterrence; increased social costs of incarcer-ation) total $406 billion.

      Childhood poverty results in an annual loss of $294 billion due...

    1. Diagnostic categories based on clinical consensus fail to align with findings emerging from clinical neuroscience and genetics.

      -clinical consensus: science is something you vote for.

  22. Nov 2022
    1. A quick and dirty guide to choosing "slow carbs" (low GLI) and "fast carbs" (high GLI). Purportedly, insulin spikes (from high GLI foods) and prevent amino acids from entering the blood brain barrier. Need to fact-check this

    1. phytoncides, antibacterial and antimicrobial substances that trees and other plants release into the air to help them fight diseases and harmful organisms. When humans breathe in these substances—typically by spending time in nature—their health can improve. Across several studies, phytoncides have been shown to boost immune function, increase anticancer protein production, reduce stress hormones, improve mood, and help people relax. 

      I always feel better during and after a forest walk.

    1. The actual reward state is not one where you're lazing around doing nothing. It's one where you're keeping busy, where you're doing things that stimulate you, and where you're resting only a fraction of the time. The preferred ground state is not one where you have no activity to partake in, it's one where you're managing the streams of activity precisely, and moving through them at the right pace: not too fast, but also not too slow. For that would be boring

      Doing nothing at all is boring. When we "rest" we are actually just doing activities that we find interesting rather than those we find dull or stressful.

    2. the work that needs to be done is not a finite list of tasks, it is a neverending stream. Clothes are always getting worn down, food is always getting eaten, code is always in motion. The goal is not to finish all the work before you; for that is impossible. The goal is simply to move through the work. Instead of struggling to reach the end of the stream, simply focus on moving along it.

      This is true and worth remembering. It is very easy to fall into the mindset of "I'll rest when I'm finished"