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  1. Jul 2022
    1. We emerged from the apelike human phase thanks to fire and language. Together, those advantages made us apex predators: we could learn to hunt and forage from our elders and then gain more energy by cooking the food we gathered. After 200,000 years some of us still live that way, but it was what Lewis and Maslin call a “progress trap.” After modern humans left Africa, they effectively exterminated most of the larger mammals they encountered: the mammoths, giant sloths, sabre-tooth tigers, and countless others. In effect, they overshot their resources.

      Archeologists and anthropologists have evidence to suggest that modern humans were responsible for the extinction of numerous species due to superior predation skills combined with lack of ecological foresight, leading to resource overshoot. This lack of ecological foresight is not a modern phenomena, but goes back to our early ancestors.

  2. May 2020
    1. OK, now for a few burning questions: Why was Joe Exotic’s ex-husband, John Finlay, shirtless in all of his interviews?Chaiklin: I think he was very proud of his tattoos. That’s a big thing in that particular culture.

      According to the podcast Cat People and John Finlay himself, this is untrue.

      According to Finlay, one of the directors goaded him to 'bring your sexy self' and wanted him to not wear his shirt.

      Longform writes about the podcast episode here.

  3. Mar 2020
  4. Nov 2013
    1. and then suspect that man is sustained in the indifference of his ignorance by that which is pitiless, greedy, insatiable, and murderous-as if hanging in dreams on the back of a tiger.

      Small, fragile, and tenuously suspended and preserved, encased in ignorance, by the same substance, ego, source of good and ill. It reminds me of the fable of a woman hanging from a cliff by a thin reed, tigers above and tigers below, and spying a ripe strawberry plucks and savors its sweetness, as a parable for life.