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  1. Jan 2022
    1. 在寫論文時才會發現自己有很多容易忽略的小錯誤,例如單複數、主謂一致等,明白自己在語句結構上有許多需要加強的地方。
    2. 首次寫大篇幅的英文文章,連貫性也待加強
    3. 在選詞上一開始會有過於主觀或是太日常的詞彙出現,降低了論文
    4. 預期寒假能將St. Martin’s這本閱讀一次,希望能改善自己在寫作方面的缺失
    5. 課上多次強調Plagiarism, quotation, paraphrasing的差別,也在課程中了解到Quotation和Paraphrasing的使用方法與時機,明辨這三種的區別在往後無論是報告、中英論文或是撰寫任何的文章都十分重要,畢竟學術不端是一件嚴重且不道德的事,須極力避免。
    6. 後來藉由Reading note的方式,發現能讓閱讀後的記憶持續更久,忘記時也能藉由筆記迅速找到需要的資訊
    7. 文章篇幅長就比較容易有看了就忘的情況,常常一個段落要重複看幾次才能掌握其中的訊息,抑或是在文獻綜述階段閱讀的參考文獻等到要實際寫論文時記憶已經模糊
    8. 看這類句子先看動詞部分,能夠更理解句子的主要意思而非糾結於專業單字上,閱讀速度也有所提升
    9. 在大學以前所閱讀的英文文章大多是考試時的短文抑或是詞彙較日常的小說,而學術型論文中有大量不同專業領域的單字,若還是保持著以往邊看邊查單字的的習慣,閱讀速度則大幅降低,也比較難記住文章的重點內容
    10. coherence and cohesion
    11. The adjective “well-known” seems to be too subjective and exaggerative. The modified statement is more objective and realistic, which is more suitable in academic writing.
    12. the word “replace” is more suitable in this situation on account of coherence and the choice of word.
    13. I adjusted the word “ might because” to “ We assumed that” and “probably because” , which makes this sentence more consistent with hedging.
    14. “ demonstrate” is a stronger reporting verb
    15. the modified one which uses the verb of the passive voice, “demonstrated”, makes this sentence more objective and convincing
    16. When I can write research articles in the professional field, only imitation and learning are also not enough and I’m required to have my innovative ideas.
    17. enrich the method part step by step
    18. a correspondence between the method part and the result part
    19. not well connected with the literature review below
    20. simplify the language style and modify the long paraphrase format
    21. reorganize the structure
    22. it should mainly focus on
    23. And I should also read more and write more to become a fluent speaker of English, which may be rather important in my academic career. In this course, I deeply realized that reading and writing are organically combined, and both are indispensable.
    24. I guess it is reflected in my familiarity with the process of writing RA and a better understanding of the norms of doing research
    25. It also reminds me that the literature review part of RA is quite important
    26. Diversified and appropriate research methods are what I consider significant and require special attention and future efforts.
    27. The “academic flavor” tastes different from our daily communication and literary works. I can still remember I used the word “at the first brush” in my RA, however, this word is an informal expression. I was advised to remove the word. What I learned is that the words in the paper need to be formal and rigorous to give the paper an academic flavor.
    28. When revising the APA style, I can be quite irritable and overwhelmed. But I am gradually aware that the reference in research articles is quite important, which can’t be ignored. In other words, we should always try to be cautious, making our articles detailed, precise and evidence-based
    29. online tools, such as COCA and CoBuild
    30. inserting various types of figures and tables into text in a standard way
    31. establishing and occupying a niche
    32. the internal mechanism of research articles