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    1. almost all wealthy countries now is dominated 00:13:37 by the car it's not about moving people it's about moving lumps of metal around with one person in them You' have to move away from that
      • for: inefficiencies - example - cars, low carbon futures - reduce cars
  3. Dec 2022
    1. “Berla devices position CBP and ICE to perform sweeping searches of passengers’ lives, with easy access to cars' location history and most visited places and to passengers’ family and social contacts, their call logs, and even their social media feeds,” she said.
    2. Cybersecurity researcher Curry told Forbes that, after seeing what could be done with just a VIN, it was “terrifying” that those identifying numbers were public.
    3. For anyone with a Honda or Nissan car, it was possible for a hacker with a laptop to unlock or start their vehicles, locate them and raid personal data stored inside, cybersecurity researchers warned on Wednesday.
    1. If I were asked to condense the whole of the present century into one mental picture I would pick a familiar everyday sight: a man in a motor car, driving along a concrete highway to some unknown destination … I think that the 20th century reaches almost its purest expression on the highway. Here we see, all too clearly, the speed and violence of our age, its strange love affair with the machine and, conceivably, with its own death and destruction.

      Cars weirdly coffin-shaped; thinking about the death of distance, the impatience between points, and the necessity to kill intervening 'dead' time spent in transit

    1. low self-discharge (<3% per month), you can store them for a longer period of time.

      This would be great for classic cars / garage queens that are stored.

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    1. et cleared a Rs 10,000-crore programme under the FAME-II scheme. This scheme came into force from April 1, 2019. The main objective of the scheme is to encourage a faster adoption of ele

    2. In 2017, Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari made a statement showing India’s intent to move to 100 per cent electric cars by 2030. However, the automobile industry raised concerns over the execution of such a plan.

      This is Mr. Gadkari

    3. Therefore, such as vehicle is seen as a possible replacement for current-generation automobile,

      What about the pollution caused by. the disposed batteries?

  8. Oct 2020
    1. given that I was in Nashville to talk with teens about how technology had changed their lives.

      I have to wonder who the sociologists were from the 60's that interviewed teens about how the telephone changed their lives. Or perhaps the 70's sociologist who interviewed kids about how cars changed their lives? Certainly it wasn't George Lucas' American Graffiti that informed everyone of the issues?

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    1. Overwintering stinkbugs navigate like nine-year-olds in bumper cars, making as much noise as possible and banging into everything in sight: walls, doors, windows, humans.

      What an amazing analogy!

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    1. As the first woman in American car design, she paired natural creativity with the hustle that would define her career.

      Never heard about her before!

  15. Sep 2016
    1. The Tesla accident in May, researchers say, was not a failure of computer vision. But it underscored the limitations of the science in applications like driverless cars despite remarkable progress in recent years, fueled by digital data, computer firepower and software inspired by the human brain.

      Testing annotations. Interesting statement.

    1. die Zahl der Autobesitzer stetig abgenommen hat

      Schön wäre es. Aber in diesem Land, in dem die Automobilindustrie faktisch, jedoch mindestens gefühlt, DIE Industrie und Arbeitsplatzangebot ist, tut sich unser System mit dem Zurückdrängen der individuellen, motorisierten Mobilität leider sehr schwer.

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    1. phaetons

      "A type of light four-wheeled open carriage, usually drawn by a pair of horses, and having one or two seats facing forward" (OED).