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  1. Aug 2020
  2. Mar 2019
    1. That court's ruling means police can preventatively detain people even if they have no specific intelligence linking the individual to crime.

      this is sickening

    1. this comparison is 100% BS people dont keep money in the bank if they save, average people put their money in homes and that is measured by wealth

    1. the claim that russian oligarchs purchased trump assents to help him finance the campaign is a HUGE claim yet somehow muller dint got that or if he did he let trump in power to this day

    1. Capitalism: A Very Short Introduction

      please note that this book make the iron age argument "iron dint exist on this planet before the iron age" capitalism dint exist before ~1800

    1. Tuition is free at public universities

      how is a tuition free if the university is public? public university paid by taxes so is imposible to be free

  3. Oct 2018
  4. May 2018
    1. Simply put, if businesses can’t find workers — or can’t find workers with the right skills — they should raise their wage offers. Basic supply-and-demand logic suggests that doing so will broaden the pool of workers interested in the job, and will make the job more desirable to applicants. In addition, raising wage offerings would likely draw in some of the millions of Americans who report they want a job but are out of the labor force. 

      nice job ignoring that low skill jobs in industry and competing with billions of workers world wide

  5. Apr 2018
  6. Jan 2018
    1. so in few years ECB will complain about the lack of liquidity ?




  7. Dec 2017
    1. Así, por ejemplo, si un asalariado cobra 1.000 euros al mes, el empresario ingresa otros 236 euros en la cuenta común de la Seguridad Social y el trabajador, 47 euros. En total, por cada salario de 1.000 euros mensuales las arcas públicas reciben 283 mensuales (3.396 euros al año)

      so just above 28% tax

  8. Oct 2017
    1. warrant-proof encryption

      what warrants ? that was/is collect everything operation

    1. In South Tyrol, which belonged to neighboring Austria prior to the First World War and still feels strongly connected to German-speaking culture despite now being party of Italy, local parties have so far also failed to transform the widespread wish for independence into a powerful political movement.

      hmmm author "fail" to mention that South Tyrol have a large control over tax money collected from that region

    1. Según ha podido saber El Confidencial Digital, de fuentes de la cúpula económica del Gobierno, con esta “línea de crédito extraordinaria” Moncloa va a tratar de hacer frente a uno de los mayores problemas económicos que debe resolver el país el ejercicio que viene.El préstamo, que se calcula que rondará los 10.000 millones de euros, vendrá recogido en las cuentas públicas para 2018. Unas cifras que el Gobierno aprobará en el Consejo de Ministros de mañana, viernes.

      De momento es un rumor

    1. A Pew Research Center analysis of IRS data from 2015, the most recent available, shows that taxpayers with incomes of $200,000 or more paid well over half (58.8%) of federal income taxes,

      This data is "old". This also show how much leverage those tax payers have, their income tax can pay one or more teachers.

    1. "The position is very, very alarming. Civil war is conceivable there, in the middle of Europe," he began.

      Esto es solo para crear miedo. No no vamos a tener una guerra civil hoy.