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  1. Nov 2022
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    1. In essence the vapor pressure above a liquid represents the partitioning of the particles between two phases, the liquid and the gas, that is, there is a fraction of the particles in each phase. There is an interplay between the enthalpy of vaporization (the higher it is, the more they want to be in the liquid phase) and the kinetic energy. The equation that describes this is the Clausius-Clapeyron, which is an exponential function. Like any exponential function, there are two forms, the exponential form, and the natural log form 

      I have students highlighting Latex, and this is showing

    1. resources of perlite existing in Armenia amount to 150 million m3, whereas the total amount of projected resources re


    1. Laptops for Semester Checkout The library has a limited number of laptops available for students to check out for the entire semester. These laptops are available to students on a first-come, first-served basis and may only be approved for check out after discussing needs and resources with a UA Little Rock Care Team member.

      Students, This is a hypothes.is annotation link to the student laptop checkout service. If you do not have a laptop, please click this link, contact the CARE services, and see if you can get one.

  3. Jul 2022
    1. structuring or classification of folksonomy is termed folksontology.[28] This branch of ontology deals with the intersection between highly structured taxonomies or hierarchies and loosely structured folksonomy, asking what best features can be taken by both for a system of classification. The strength of flat-tagging schemes is their ability to relate one item to others like it. Folksonomy allows large disparat


    1. The coordinator node also changed from a first version to a last one but all of them have thesame architecture

      Emna, Can you explain this?


    1. One must be able to add one's own private links to and from public information. One must also be able to annotate links, as well as nodes, privately.

      Annotations were part of the earliest vision of the World Wide Web

    1. 443. InChI OER. R.E. Belford, J. Cuadros, A.P. Cornell, T. Gupta, E.C. Bucholtz

      Abstract: This poster will describe an Open Education Resource, the InChI OER (https://www.inchi-trust.org/oer/), designed to help chemists, educators and students find information on, and applications of, the IUPAC International Chemical Identifier (InChI). InChI is a machine readable semantic identifier based on layered line notation for the representation of chemical structure, which with the InChI key represents a new digital nomenclature enabling a wide variety of 21st century semantic web applications and activities that support the practice of chemistry.

      We will present OER content within the Intercollegiate Cheminformatics section of the LibreTexts hyperlibrary on the use of both InChI and the InChI OER, along with an overview of the working groups of the InChI subcommittee of IUPAC Division VIII; Chemical Nomenclature and Structure Representation.

      Although this poster will cover the InChI line notation and the use of the InChI OER to obtain resources on InChI, our goal is to elicit discussion on the evolution of the practice of an empirical science like chemistry, and the role data science should play in the traditional undergraduate curriculum

  4. Mar 2022
    1. continuous shape measure

      CShM - Continuous Shape Measure

    2. Other learning goals which ar

      learning goals

    3. ocus on applying the method to explore three symmetry-related phenomena – molecular distortion paths, protein structure and chirality.

      three activities focused on, molecular distortion paths, protein structure and chirality

    4. continuous symmetry measures (CSMs)

      Continuous Symmertry Measures (CSM). Made symmetry measureable


    1. he following January, with 99.94 percent officially listed as voting "yes".[94] Napoleon's brother, Lucien, had falsified the returns to show that 3 million people had participated in the plebiscite. The real number was 1.5 million.[93] Political observers at the time assumed the eligible French voting public numbered about 5 million people, so the regime artificially doubled the participation rate to indicate popular enthusiasm for the consulate.[93] In the first few months of the consulate, with war in Europe still raging and internal instability still plaguing the country, Napoleon's grip on power remained very tenuous.[95] In the spring of 1800, Napoleon and his troops crossed the Swiss Alps into Italy, aiming to surprise the Austrian armies that had reoccupied the peninsula when Napoleon was still in Egypt.[f] After a difficult crossing over the Alps, the French army entered the plains of Northern Italy virtually unopposed.[97] While one French army approached from the north, the Austrians were busy with another stationed in Genoa, which was besieged by a substantial force. The fierce resistance of this French army, under André Masséna, gave the northern force some time to carry out their operations with little interference.[98] The Battle of Marengo was Napoleon's first great victory as head of state. After spending several days looking for each other, the two armies collided at the Battle of Marengo on 14 June. General Melas had a numerical advantage, fielding about 30,000 Austrian soldiers while Napoleon commanded 24,000 French troops.[99] The battle began favourably for the Austrians as their initial attack surprised the French and gradually drove them back. Melas stated that he had won the battle and retired to his headquarters around 3 pm, leaving his subordinates in charge of pursuing the French.[100] The French lines never broke during their tactical retreat. Napoleon constantly rode out among the troops urging them to stand and fight.[101] Late in the afternoon, a full division under Desaix arrived on the


  5. Feb 2022
    1. A node may have several applications running on it (several sensors) each of which is an application. These application instances on a node are said to be endpoints, where messages can originate and terminate.

      I think here we are calling sensors/acuators/transducers as "applications". But this may be saying that the endpoint is where the data comes from, and not the hardware device. The question is, can application endpoints be at coordinator and router devices?

  6. Jan 2022
    1. In python there is no character data type, a character is a string of length one. It is represented by str class.

      This appears to say there is no chracter data type in python

  7. Dec 2021
    1. We will use the terms “leading,” “trailing,” and “captive” for the zeros and will consider how to deal with them.

      leading zeros are before a nonzero and trailing after, so 0.0001 has 3 leading zeros and no trailing zero, thus having one significant digit

    1. achieve excellence in U.S. science, mathematics, engineering, and technology education at all levels. The core strategies NSF staff employ include developing intellectual capital, strengthening the physical infrastructure, integrating research and education, and promoting partnerships.

      broader participation?

  8. Sep 2021
    1. The watt balance is predicated on an even more troublesome artifact.

      Issues with the Watt Balance

    1. Do you want to be the master or the servant?

      dash indicates a file while the d represents directory r-read w-write x-executable

      other is like a web server, so r is readable for people accesssing data through a webserver.

  9. Aug 2021
    1. Arkansas law prohibits the use of a hand-held cell phone for texting, typing, email or accessing the internet while driving, regardless of the driver's age.

      If I read this right, accessing the internet while driving is illegal in the state of Arkansas.

    1. 2.6. Types of Bonds and the Ketelaar Triangle

      I highlighted the entire title and hopefully this link goes to this specific video (sometimes it just goes to YouTube). I then right clicked at a specific time and pasted the URL into this textbox, and that allows me to share the video at a time I am interested in. https://youtu.be/OB0Ki50WkWk?t=370 I then used the tag of my LibreText page (which must be public) to aggregate it (f21c1403c11) on the chapter summary page. (This feature is only available on the first page of each chapter, which has links to all the topics of the chapter)

  10. Jul 2021
    1. annotation you can easily find it by going to your homepage in hypothes.is and then filtering by tags.  So you may want to make tags like "exam 1", or "nomenclature".  If you then filter with your hypothes.is user name and exam 1, you see those items you tagged (see video 11\PageIndex{1} at 3:00 min.  If you just do exam 1, you filter for everything the class tagged exam 1.  You can then click the contextual link by the annotation, and hypothes.is will open that page, navigate to the highlighted text and display the annotation. (Note: In LibreText the highlights are hidden by default, and you need to click the "eye" with the slash over it (figure 22\PageIndex{2}.  

      third annotation

    2. n annotation you simply highlight the text you want to annotate, choose "Annotate" and write in the overlay.   Note, the first time you open up a page it will post to "Public" and you need to change that to your class group.  Once you have started posting to the class group that will be the default option, but initially the default is publ

      Weird, it said you can not annotate, but it worked. I am double checking.

    3. . Annotations can be used in two fundamentally different ways.  First, through the proper use of tags you can use it as a tool to assist you in organizing your notes and preparing for exams, quizzes and laboratory experiments. Second, if annotations are posted to your class group you can use it as a tool to communicate with your instructo

      Testing to see if an annotation in transcluded text works. I do not expect it to work

    1. Note that the index values below refer to the row numbers in the training data DataFrame. For example, idx_notCarbonyl=1 selects the molecule in row 0 of the training data, which is hexanal. If you want to select 12-selenazole in row 3 instead, change the line of code to read idx_notCarbonyl=3.

      I am not following this.

    1. used in two fundamentally different ways.  First, through the proper use of tags you can use it to organize your no

      checkthis out

    1. n the gas phase, ozone reacts with hydrogen sulfide to form sulfur dioxide: H2S + O3 → SO2 + H2O In an aqueous solution, however, two com


    1. Metacognition is "thinking about thinking"

      This is a public annotation trying to get students to think about the use of tags as they study from the perspective of metacognition

    1. For example, consider the following without these commands:

      second test

    2. rendering of complicated mathematics, there's also a great app called MathPix that you can get on your smart phone and computer that will allow you to scan or select an equation, and it will give you the LaTeX for it.  Since your account synchs between the phone app and the computer, you can access the resulting LaTeX on your computer to copy and paste into LibreTexts.  You can also select an image of an equat

      test will remove

  11. Jun 2021
    1. he above video shows, placing zinc metal into the copper(II) solution results in a spontaneous redox reaction (ΔG<0ΔG<0\Delta G <0), and if we placed the copper metal into the zinc solution no reaction would occur (ΔG>0ΔG>0\Delta G >0). In an electrochemical cell, we allow electrons to be transferred, which will spontaneously occur in the direction of ΔG<0ΔG<0\Delta G <0, and a cell operating in this fashion is called a galvanic or voltaic cell, which can be used to provide energy to do work, like the common "battery" we use in flashlights and electrical devices. Just as


    1. No one is perfect and you might come across some parts in Fritzing that just don’t fit the breadboard. For example, depending on the library version, your Adafruit T-Cobbler Plus could be the wrong size

      this needs to be clearer. I think....

  12. May 2021
    1. will start by solving the single reactant rate law. Then show how to reduce multi-reactant problems to single reactant problems. We will also introduce two different techniques for solving these. First the Ratio (Two State) Technique, which works well for "precise data", and then the graphing technique, which needs to be used when the data is unpreci


    2. to reduce the number of independent variables to one. This is done by making successive measurements where all reactant concentrations are held constant except for one, with that data showing the rate law as expressed for that reactant, and it can then be solved as a single reactant problem This lesson will start by solving the single reactant rate law. Then show how to reduce multi-reactant problems to single reactant problems. We will also introduce two different techniques for solving these. First the Ratio (Two State) Technique, which works well for "precise data", and then the graphing technique, which needs to be used when the data is unprecise data.


    1. he left part of Figure 12.7 b shows two isobaric transitions for converting ice to steam. The top transition at 1 atm is above the triple point and so liquid water is stable, while the lower transition is below the triple point and the ice sublimes to steam without ever forming a liquid phase. It is important to understand the relationship of these graphs and the differences. The phase diagram represents the phase that would exist for a system at equilibrium as a function of the pressure and temperature. The ri


  13. Apr 2021
    1. Then Henderson-Hasselbalch equation is used to calculate the pH of a solution given the pKa and the concentration of acid and conjugate base. (15 pts) The equation is:

      this assignment teaches the use of random number generators

  14. Mar 2021
    1. Note, both the breadboard and HAT can have separate AD converters that can opperate at different digitizer frequencie

      Fig A8 shows a hat and multiple ways to hook to a Pi, figure A9 shows both an ESPN32 and a ESP 8266. A quick disconnect could easily be made, but this itself goes to the web, and even bypass the PI and go directly to the sheet.

    1. The first page of the Workbook is the "Front Page (figure 4.54.5\PageIndex{5}) and on this you will post your answers and Copies of the three graphs (from the other pages of the workbook, which can be accessed via the tabs at the bottom of the page).

      test in public domain showing links do not highlight

    1. ent chemical reactions were considered to be unidirectional (Reactants → Products) and the percent yield was based on the complete consumption of the limiting reagent. It was pointed out the the percent yield would often be less than 100% and the following four reasons were discussed (section 4.3).


    1. macroscopic perspective of classical thermodynamics, and the microscopic description central to statistical mechanics. The classical approach defines entropy in terms of macroscopically measurable physical properties, such as bulk mass, volume, pressure, and temperature. The statistical definition of entropy defines it in terms of the statistics of the motions of the microscopic constituents of a system – modeled at first classically, e.g. Newtonian particles constituting a gas, and later quantum-mechanically (photons, phonons, spins, etc.). The two approaches form a consistent, unified view of the same phenomenon as expressed in the second law of thermodynamics, which has found universal applicability to physical processes. Function of state


  15. Feb 2021
    1. plugging the following number into your calculator. Odds are you will get an error message, and you need to know how to solve calculations that are bigger or smaller than your

      Belford says this will be on the exam

  16. Jan 2021
    1. e (ICl) molecules that give rise to dipole-dipole attraction

      So the longer bond means it is a weaker interaction?

    1. Plot of vapor pressure as a function of temperature for a variety of substances. It should be noted that this is a "bounded function", with the lower end being the melting point, and the upper end being the boiling point of a substance.

      This graph is important as it shows how you can determine trends in a physical property based on the structure of a molecule. Although water is lighter than diethyl ether and ethanol, it has stronger intermolecular forces holding it together and thus has a lower vapor pressure. This results in a higher boiling point.

    1. This is a very valuable resource for finding safety information on chemicals and it is structured so you can instantly find the source of that information

      You need to realize PubChem is a data aggregator that maintains the provenance of the data. And like anything, you have to analyze it. We have an activity where students find what appear to be conflicting safety recommendations, and are then asked to analyze it.

      This annotation is public, and anyone can see it, even without an account at hypothes.is. If we comment to a group, only the members of the group can see it.

    1. Discussions during the 2019 OLCC were entirely on the hypothes.is web annotation service, which had been integrated into LibreTexts, and was set up to send an email to students and faculty whenever an annotation was created. In future OLCCs, this notification needs to be extended to other types of social media because “email” is often not students’ preferred means for online communication, and these communications need to be across web platforms.

      We are essentially going to use the model that evolved out of the cheminformatics OLCC, using hypothes.is with LibreText. But I expect much more use of external links as students figure how to do code, and use code libraries as they try and set up sensors to Raspberry Pis.

  17. Dec 2020
  18. Nov 2020
    1. Dr. Sunghwan Kim is a Staff Scientist at th

      This is an "open meeting" and I have permission to share the link to the live (virtual) presentation if anyone is interested, just email me before the meeting, rebelford@ualr.edu. Bob Belford

  19. Oct 2020
    1. o print the data from DS18B20 on the serial monitor of the IDE you have to build the circuit by following the schematic.First plug the s


    1. The following script calculates the pH of a random acid and its salt (base) concentration if you give it the Ka of the acid.  Note the commented out code uses the modules format while the code that is working uses the format function.

      This is a hyypothes.is contextual link to text within the Libretext that demos the Binder connection to the Jupyter Hub

  20. Sep 2020
    1. y means of an online cheminformatics learning course (OLCC)

      mentions OLCC

    1. ou have a rectangular metal surface that is 3.81X1023in long by 4.22x10-2yards wide that you wish to make a platinum catalyst with. To do this


    1. You now need to go to the folder you downloaded the Raspbian Zip file to.  This is a very large Zip file and WinZip can not handle it, and so you need to use another program like 7-Zip, which you installed in the first module (section 1.1.4). 

      please read this

  21. Aug 2020
    1. : Student engagement through integrating kitchen chemistry with virtual labs and Internet of Things (IOT) activities

      IOT talk

    2. Thinking Outside (and Inside) the Box: Selecting the Best Lab Experiences for an Online University Classroom Presenter: Clifford Blizard

      Chemistry with kitchen chemistry

    3. sing Interactive Multimedia Simulations and Virtual Laboratory Environments to deliver effective STEM Laboratory Experiences: Collective Experiences from the Southern University System (SUS) of Louisiana


    4. Fitting PhET into Your Educational Space: Le


    5. Online Chemistry Labs. A  50:50 approach between Virtual and hands on experience experiments

      chemistry lab

    6. Session Abstracts Sessions are presented in-line with the program (i.e. ordered by session time and day). 

      Ideate Session Abstracts

    1. Presentation submissions are due Monday, August 10th at 11:59pm Eastern Daylight Time with notifications sent no later than August 12th.

      ideate deadline is today

  22. Jul 2020
    1. y Pi as an internet hot spot and loads the computer with a variety of OERs, including LibreTexts. Because the dev


    1. 1960S: CASD EXPERT SYSTEMSAnother problem an organic chemist often encounters ishow to find out the best route to synthesize a knowncompound. The traditional method

      check this out

    2. The 1940s witnessed one of the greatest inventions in thehuman history:

      hi Ehren


    1. closed system may lie in thermodynamic equilibrium in a static gravitational field, so that its pressure p varies continuously with altitude, while, because of the equilibrium requirement, its temperature T is invariant with altitude. (Correspondingly,
    1. Open Access Compliance

      Open Access Compliance

    2. Article An Article (5000 words) describes a novel educational idea or approach, content for the classroom or laboratory, pedagogical advance, or educational research. I

      JCE has 5000 words for an article

  23. Jun 2020
    1. Today's society uses fossil fuels as an energy source and the carbon dioxide emission is a concern to many scientists. The following youtube video was created by the EPA to describe the consequences of our economic reliance on fossil fuels

      Why did the EPA remove this educational information? Are they afraid of science?

  24. Apr 2020
    1. It is now defined by a certain cylinder of platinum-iridium alloy, which is kept in France.

      This is technically wrong as of May 20, 2019. But in fact, the whole section is wrong, although most people would not notice it, but they no longer define the base units, they define the 7 immutable constants.

      Here is what I wrote up in my LT,


  25. Mar 2020
    1. must be unlocked with a passwordLate submissions are subject to instructor approval.This assignment is not t

      test of hdot in oli

  26. Feb 2020
    1. The publication industry owns science In addition to shaping the content of science, researcher evaluation policies focused on publication statistics contribute to what is essentially a publication industry oligopoly that undermines user access to the research that is published. Because of entrenched journal hierarchies, codified by journal impact factor scores, a handful of large corporate publishers have secure positions in owning “must publish” outlets for scientists. For example, the RELX Group—the corporate owner of the publisher Elsevier, the Scopus database (an aspirational competitor to WoS), the prestigious journals Cell and The Lancet, and the publication database ScienceDirect, among other products—boasts in its 2018 annual report that its Scientific, Technical & Medical division organized “the review, editing and dissemination of 18% of the world’s scientific articles.” By its numbers, the group received a whopping 1.8 million article submissions to 2,500 journals, overseen by 20,000 editors and countless peer-reviewers, and in the process reaped $3.3 billion in revenue. Subscriptions constituted 74% of that revenue. To achieve those revenues, the group continues to expand its offerings: Elsevier published 60% more articles in 2018 than a decade prior.

      Is this really the way we want to be?

    1. Just to follow-up on the previous posts, ssmtp is deprecated on Buster, it is no longer maintained. (typical experience with a major system change..., sigh!) The more modern and supported alternative is msmtp.

      I installed the code here

    1. Now let’s make an experiment inside the Python shell. Start by typing in the statements shown in the screenshot below

      This is very useful and worth checking

    1. education, training, and entrepreneurial/industrial activities in life sciences-related computing.

      I think we want to do this landscape, even though she said the opposite.

    1. ow identify and remove those compounds that satisfy all criteria of Lipinski's rule of five.

      Doesn't this keep the ones that satisfy the rule of 5, and in step 28 remove the ones that do not? In fact, I do not really understand the "&", . It would seem to me that we would need to loop this through each molecule, But anyways, arn't we removing the ones from the original df that did not follow the rule of 5? (Not removing the ones that do)

  27. Jan 2020
  28. Dec 2019
    1. This work  is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License, this material is a modification by Ehren Bucholtz and Robert Belford of CS-POGIL content, with the original material developed by Lisa Olivieri, which is available here.

      How can an attribution like this be best preserved in LibreText>

  29. Oct 2019
  30. Sep 2019
  31. Aug 2019
    1. Open Parser for Systematic IUPAC Nomenclature

      Here we introduce chemical resolvers how OPSIN can help you identify misspelled names, and then as you scroll down, you see an assignment using a spreadsheet that can be obtained from the InChI OER to connect names to PubChem.

    1. The InChI Trust runs an Open Education Resource (OER) w

      Here we introduce the InChI OER into LibreText, which can then make the material easy to integrate into any of the interdisciplinary hyperlibraries

    2. sing the InChILayersExplorer show the difference between the InChI for (R)-thalidomide and (S)-thalidomide. 

      Activity using layers explorer to identify the difference between R and S thalidomide

    1. Lets look at thalidomide, the molecule responsible for the birth defects in figure 2.3.2.  Fi

      Here we can bring up the ways of representing thalidomide, which we can then use in later examples

    2. Isomers are different molecules with the same atomic constituency,

      Introduced stereochemistry with the example of Thalidomide

  32. Jul 2019
    1. The K20 mass served as the primary prototype national standard. The other, called K4, served as a “check” standard that monitors the constancy of K20’s mass.

      The US actually had two prototypes

  33. Jun 2019
    1. interval standard atomic-weight

      It might be nice to compare this to the conventional standard atomic weight,


    2. For the 13 elements with standard atomic-weight intervals(hydrogen, lithium, boron, carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, magnesium, silicon, sulfur, chlorine, argon, bromine, and thallium), the standard atomic weight is given as an interval to stress that standard atomic weights are not constants of nature [6]. Each is shown as lower and upper bounds (limits) (Figs. 1.1 and 1.2). Some users of atomic-weight data need a value that is not an interval, such as for purposes of trade and commerce. For these users, a conventional atomic-weight value[4]is

      This introduces the concept

    1. he French Revolutionary War, and was originally based on a unit of length, the meter. The earliest definition was the meridional definition, defining the mete


  34. May 2019
  35. Apr 2019
    1. Because both the ST and CT scores range from 0 (for no similarity) to 1 (for identical molecules), the ComboT score may have a value from 0 to 2 (without normalization to unity)

      the Combo T has a range of 0 to 2

    2. The clustering threshold may be adjusted by clicking an appropriate position on the similarity score axis (the horizontal line above/below the dendrogram).

      This section and the next have dendrograms, that range from 1 (similar) to 0 (dissimilar)

    1. If it is greater than 2 they are substantially different and more electronegative atom completely removes a valence electron from the electropositive,

      The rule of thumb is if the difference in electronegativity is greater than 2, the electron is typically removed from the electropositive element and an ion is formed.

    1. eScience is where “IT meets scientists

      The four paradigms of science. I believe the slide in figure 1 came from Jim Gray's last talk, which is what this introductory chapter is about.

  36. Feb 2019
    1. Session 5.1: Relation between education and society

      Abstract: https://www.iupac2019.org/session-5

      Would this be a place for IoCT with a focus on Citizen Science? Or would this be a place for Internet in a Box, and the need to provide information to regions that do not have access?

    2. Tools in chemistry education

      Abstract: https://www.iupac2019.org/session-5-2

      I think this could be a place for the IoCT, and the Virtual Lab.


      Is this the place for Internet in a Box?

      Well, I am thinking twice on this one, as I read through the session abstracts,... https://www.iupac2019.org/chemistry-and-society

    4. mp 3.1: Monitoring Chemicals for a Safer Environment(3 sessions

      I think this would be a good place for a talk on IOCT and citizen science, maybe we could bring Stefan in.

      On second look, when I say the session abstracts, this may not be the place, https://www.iupac2019.org/symposium-3-1

    5. Symp. 8.2: Digital Chemistry and the Lab of the Future

      This is an obvious place for an OER talk, but it would not really be outreach, as these would be people who know about it anyways, and it would be more of a "report", which is not our goal.

      This may also be a place for a talk on the Cheminformatics OLCC, especially if we wish to run another this Fall.

    1. education. The role and scope of lab work especially in the first part of tertiary education has undergone quite some changes. The focus and learning goals and outcomes have become better defined. New technology has been introduced in the lab work. Not only analysing tools and tools for recording results have improved. Tools have been developed to assess students in an easier manner. What tools can be used in chemistry education, what is the role of lab work, how can new technology be used in improving chemistry education


    1. perator is a generalization of the concept of a function applied to a function. Whereas a function is a rule for turning one number into another, an operator is a rule for turning one function into another. For the time-independent Schrödinger Equation, the operator of relevance is the Hamiltonian operator (often just called the Hamiltonian) and is the most ub

      test of annotation in transcluded page

  37. Jan 2019
    1. This chart shows price changes for goods and services from January 1998 to December 2018

      note how college textbooks are in on this.

    1. Unfortunately the real spectra have been destroyed in the (conventional) publication process. Even so, these tools can carry our information archeology to make reasonable estimates of what the original spectra might have looked like.

      Information archeology

  38. Dec 2018
    1. 基づく研究手法を

      Test to see if hypothes.is works on Japanese (I am really making a link to this cartoon on the fourth paradigm)

    1. Citizen Science

      this is a good review article to look for potential participants. We should also look at the next article, "Sensors for Citizens"

  39. Oct 2018
  40. Sep 2018
    1. reparing the Stretch Image for your microSD card

      I am assuming we could unzip an image of a particular IIAB and then follow the next step to install it on a micro SD card, and then we could run the Raspberry Pi with it, right?

    1. Python Program

      This activity is placed in the Thonny editor, but the text strings are red, not green when I use the CKEditor code snippet for python. Does this make sense, and is it an issue?

  41. Aug 2018
    1. Presentation: Developing a LibreText and the Application of Hypothes.is Web Annotations to Enhance Student Learning

      Presentation on LibreText and Hypothes.is

    1. n experiment to examine the effects of pH on  the light absorbing properties of the colored pigments found in red cabbage leaves. The wavelengths of light absorbed bu by the mixture of the

      please explain

    1. first demonstrated by Sir Humphry Davy in 1806, and by 1807

      Isn't it amazing how creative and determined people can be, to hook up a battery with 3,000 cells! One beauty of LibreText is you can add stuff that you think would interest people to your text.

  42. Jul 2018
    1. Click the down-arrow next to Sort by Occurrence  and choose Sort by Alphanumerical

      When I do this, I get three pages like in figure 3, but there is only one column in each page, not 3. After sorting alphabetically, when I go to the second page, it starts with it starts with further information and ends with mass spectrometry, with the third page starting with solubility.

      This has me thinking that the second and third columns are not showing in the overlay.

  43. May 2018
    1. To help you find relevant citations we offer 'Smart citation suggestions' which use our SmartSearch algorithm to automatically suggest relevant references. To use this feature, place your mouse cursor where you want to insert the citation then click Smart citation suggestions.

      Smart Citations are amazing. I am curious if Hdot works on this as it has to be activated.

  44. Jan 2018
    1. Gases assimilated with organic solvents become more soluble at higher temperatures.

      Can someone provide some additional information on this? I am not seeing it.

  45. Dec 2017
    1. Students must have proficiency with technical databases and other resources that enable development of skills in searching the literature, including structure-based searching.

      SciFinder and Reaxys covers this

  46. Oct 2017
    1. These authors offered a link to a quiz

      This is an h. (hypothes.is link to the section of text that links to the MUST test.

      Please let me know if it does not open the confchem paper and take you to the part where the link is. ( rebelford@ualr.edu).<br> Thanks

    1. E=q1q2(4πϵ0)

      This is a public annotation of some text in LaText, which my students were annotating in the past, and messing up pages.

  47. Sep 2017
    1. eithe

      I think this needs editing

    2. Substance and Reaction Records, and these enable substances/reactions to be searched precisely in association with words/topics

      I understand what is being said here, but is this also why you can combine text and structure search? (I realize that is a different thing, but you had said SciFinder was not set up that way, and so I am wondering)

    1. Requeststhe Director-General to present to it at its 202nd session a plan of UNESCO’s participation in international celebrations of the 150th anniversary of the periodic table of chemical elements in 2019;12.EncouragesMember States to foster the mobilization of extrabudgetary contributions to UNESCO in support of the celebrations of the 150th anniversary of the periodic table of chemical elementsin 2019

      Of note

    1. The 150th anniversary of Mendeleev’s periodic table will also take place in 2019 and this would be highlight

      Note: 2019 is not only IUPAC's centenial, but the 150th anniversary of the periodic table

  48. Aug 2017
    1. NSF places high value on educating students to be leaders and innovators in emerging and rapidly changing STEM fields as well as educating a scientifically literate populace. In pursuit of this goal, IUSE: EHR supports projects that have the potential to improve student learning in STEM through development of new curricular materials and methods of instruction, and development of new assessment tools to measure student learning. I

      item 1

  49. Jul 2017
    1. dictionaries and hierarchies

      T11 I am assuming dictionaries are Compendex and Reaxys Index terms. Are there others, and what do we mean by hierarchies. Taxonomies?

    2. Let’s now go back to the initial list of options(Fig.2.2

      What is the shortcut for doing this. I can't find a breadcrumb or trail, and the back arrow does not go there. I can click Quick search, and redo the search, but there must be a better way.

    3. AND –although terms entered without any operator are interpreted as AND

      How close do the words need to be? I assume in the same document, or "record", if this is done in substance or reaction records.

    4. Summary

      I am thinking that this document should be covered first, before the structure search document. At least some aspects of this would have been useful to have covered prior to the first document (File 5)

    5. nd/orprepositions

      I am not sure what you mean by this. In the next statement you say OR, but here you say "and/or".

    6. may

      are we editing this for "American" English? I would think "can" instead of "may" is better

    7. eaxys uses severalhundred algorithms to interpret the queryand directly gives answers that may be in Document, Substanceand/or ReactionRecords

      Is there a place where further documentation on this can be found. I have Thibault's article from the ACS symposium series book, and will look this up there.

    1. and we may want to review all reactions regardless of whether yields are quoted.

      So if a yield is not reported, the planner will not show it unless you set this to zero % yield, right?

  50. Jun 2017
  51. confchem.ccce.divched.org confchem.ccce.divched.org