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  1. May 2024
    1. Alex Sarabia@SarabiaTXCommunications Director for @SenWarren Previously @JoaquinCastrotx @JulianCastro #GoSpursGo he/him/él

      Alex Sarabia Twitter profile Senator Elizabeth Warren Communications Director Previously worked for Joaquin Castro and Julian Castro

  2. Apr 2024
  3. Dec 2023
    1. Fast international travel will, at least temporarily, have to be for urgent or emergency purposes only. A triage approach is needed to ensure that the reallocation of society’s small carbon budget, its labour and resources, are used wisely to provide for a thriving society.
      • for: climate crisis - air travel, climate crisis - triage approach, climate communications - SRG suggestion - energy diet

      • comment

        • Kevin's use of the term triage is aligned to a Stop Reset Go strategy of reframing the challenges in the next few years in terms of a potentially temporary energy diet
        • That may be more palatable for transition for people accustomed to the existing high carbon lifestyle culture to accept
        • The potential of developing alternative energy resources plus a shift to low energy / high efficiency lifestyle could get us to the target and provide incentive for a drastic energy consumption cut
    2. Once decarbonisation is complete, then, if it is considered desirable, rampant inequality can again be pursued, as it clearly is today. But between now and then, inequality is the main obstacle to getting anywhere near our Paris commitments.
      • for: SRG energy diet, climate communications - suggestion - SRG energy diet

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        • This statement once again echos the idea of a temporary energy diet as a way to reframe the challenges we face
        • There are potential clean high energy density replacements for fossil fuels but they will take time to develop. Meanwhile, an energy diet is recommended
        • This means we must adapt to a much lower intensity world, at least temporarily
        • We would need to calculate the numbers to see what such a future looks like and what steps must be taken to get there
      • for: climate crisis - voting for global political green candidates, podcast - Planet Critical, interview - Planet Critical - James Schneider - communications officer - Progressive International, green democratic revolution, climate crisis - elite control off mainstream media

      • podcast: Planet Critical

      • host: Rachel Donald
      • title: Overthrowing the Ruling Class: The Green Democratic Revolution

      • summary

        • This is a very insightful interview with James Schneider, communications officer of Progressive International on the scales of political change required to advert our existential Poly / meta / meaning crisis.
        • James sees 3 levels of crisis
          • ordinary crisis emerging from a broken system
          • larger wicked problems that cannot be solved in isolation
          • the biggest umbrella crisis that covers all others - the last remaining decades of the fossil fuel system,
            • due to peak oil but accelerated by
            • climate crisis
        • There has to be a paradigm shift on governance, as the ruling elites are driving humanity off the cliff edge
        • This is not incremental change but a paradigm shift in governance
        • To do that, we have to adopt an anti-regime perspective, that is not reinforcing the current infective administrative state, otherwise, as COVID taught us, we will end up driving the masses to adopt hard right politicians
        • In order to establish the policies that are aligned to the science, the people and politicians have to be aligned.
        • Voting in candidates who champion policies aligned to science is a leverage point.
        • That can only be done if the citizenry is educated enough to vote for such politicians
        • So there are two parallel tasks to be done:
          • mass education program to educate citizens
          • mass program to encourage candidates aligned to climate science to run for political office
  4. Sep 2023
    1. in 2018 you know it was around four percent of papers were based on Foundation models in 2020 90 were and 00:27:13 that number has continued to shoot up into 2023 and at the same time in the non-human domain it's essentially been zero and actually it went up in 2022 because we've 00:27:25 published the first one and the goal here is hey if we can make these kinds of large-scale models for the rest of nature then we should expect a kind of broad scale 00:27:38 acceleration
      • for: accelerating foundation models in non-human communication, non-human communication - anthropogenic impacts, species extinction - AI communication tools, conservation - AI communication tools

      • comment

        • imagine the empathy we can realize to help slow down climate change and species extinction by communicating and listening to the feedback from other species about what they think of our species impacts on their world!
  5. Jul 2023
    1. the entire biosphere is made out of 00:41:23 um female desire for no reason no reason to it right night not with an objective of reproducing but just with an objective of wow that's really sexy I like it 00:41:35 and that's a very very good reason isn't it to to save the planet
      • for: climate communication, mass mobilization, collective action, climate messaging, beauty, evolution
      • claim
        • the natural world is sexy, beautiful, and it would be a waste to have it all destroyed
        • the entire biosphere is made out of female desire for no reason to it
          • not with an objective of reproducing
            • but just with an objective of wow that's really sexy I like it
          • and that's a very very good reason isn't it to to save the planet
        • these beautiful qualities that have no Rhyme or Reason to them but are actually to do with creativity and Imagination
          • are not some kind of special thing that human beings impose from some kind of abstract Heaven onto Earth
          • they are actually heaven on Earth
          • they're part of Heaven and they are coming out of our embodied biological being right and this is an amazing thing
            • pity and
            • compassion and
            • generosity
          • and all these things are are traits in primates
            • sharing things and
            • being kind right
          • and so I reckon you know the kind of religious feeling that we need to inculcate
          • it is actually about this feeling inside
            • this kind of surging feeling of
              • inspiration and
              • love and
              • passion
            • and everything is exactly coming to us from our Evolution and
            • it's coming for no reason at all
            • it's just coming from random genetic mutation and the fact that having these feelings doesn't kill you
          • so this is a very good reason I think to save Earth
          • the essence of us is
            • our future and
            • our physical biological being
          • and it's always just a little bit off to the side like tomorrow is just a little bit off to the side of today
            • but I'm going to get there at some point right and
            • I think that's the attitude
    2. The Divine image
      • for: William Blake, poem, evolution, beauty, climate communication, motivation
        • William Blake Poem
          • The Divine Image
            • To Mercy, pity, peace and love all pray in their distress and in these virtues of delight return their thankfulness
            • when push comes to shove as they say in English
            • when you're up against the wall when you're in an extreme situation
              • someone's going to hit you and what do you do? Mercy Mercy you just say it or
              • you see someone else, they're about to hit someone and you say for pity's sake don't do that or
              • you find somebody very, very attractive and you feel this love right?
            • that's why he says
              • love the human form Divine
              • mercy has a human heart
              • pity a human face
              • love the human form Divine
            • these things are actually almost spontaneous intuitive things that happen and what does it mean?
              • they come from the biosphere
              • they come from your body
              • they come from evolution
            • it's very, very clear for example that art and language ritual comes from at least as far back as primates
    3. but what I do then is I get out of bed brush my teeth go in the kitchen and I make breakfast for my kids and I don't 00:38:33 share that state of mind I have another state of mind that I'm going to share with them and so I think this is the point right we need to we need um loving strong creative gentle 00:38:44 rhetoric that's going to help us to be creative and imagine something new
      • for: climate communication, role of imagination
      • comment
        • Timothy is advocating for sharing creative, gentle communication that helps us imagine something new
    4. global warming is the biggest problem on the planet therefore we have to make it be the most 00:37:37 attractive sexiest ever problem to solve
      • for: climate communication, crisis communication
      • claim
        • global warming is the biggest problem on the planet therefore
          • we have to make it be the most attractive sexiest ever problem to solve
    5. one of the reasons 00:34:46 why we don't do it is that we think there needs to also be a sudden huge change inside but actually there doesn't need to be a sudden age change inside at all
      • for: climate communications, crisis communications,
        • one of the reasons why we don't do it is that
          • we think there needs to also be a sudden huge change inside
          • but actually there doesn't need to be a sudden age change inside at all
          • that thing is funnily enough getting in the way
        • An awful lot of people who write about ecological things in the newspaper are preventing you from being ecological
        • I know that sounds a bit rude to my to my colleagues you know who write editorials for newspapers
          • but it I'm afraid it's true because you know
          • you look at page one of the newspaper and basically it says
            • you're stupid right ?
            • it gives you a whole bunch of facts that you didn't know
              • in the form mostly of quite raw data
              • it just sort of dumps the data on you which we don't do about
            • anything else we don't do it about?
              • we don't do it about racism
              • we don't do it about economics
            • we don't just dump data on on page one but we do do it regarding global warming and I think that's a bit of a problem
          • then you go on to the middle of the newspaper and you get to the editorial section
          • and the editorial section is saying
            • you're evil
            • you're a bad person
            • you're not being ecological enough
          • stupid and evil is not a good place from which to launch a successful politics or ethics or any kind of creativity
          • what is creativity fundamentally?
          • it's inviting the future
          • creativity means you're allowing the future to be different from the past doesn't it?
            • because you're creating something (new)
            • that's what creating means
            • and in order to do it successfully you actually have to be incredibly gentle
  6. Jan 2023
  7. Dec 2022
    1. So it's the fifties and sixties, the stations, they're cutting the NBC coverage of the civil rights movement and it's not just, you know, morally dubious, it's actually against the policies of the FCC. Exactly, right. So civil rights activists decided to put that to the test and they ended up challenging Wlbt? S license for repeatedly denying them airtime. At first, the FCC dismissed the case, but then the activists sued the FCC and they won. And eventually, years later, a federal court decided that Wlbt could stay on the air, but their license would be transferred to a nonprofit, multiracial group of broadcasters.

      Enforcement of the FCC Fairness Doctrine

      The case was decided at the D.C. Circuit court level with the future Justice Warren Berger writing the opinion. The opinion forced action at the FCC.

      Office of Commun., United Ch., Christ v. FCC. 425 F.2d 543 (D.C. Cir. 1969). (see https://casetext.com/case/office-of-commun-united-ch-christ-v-fcc)

  8. Jul 2022
  9. Apr 2022
    1. and of course the white fellas learned very quickly because they learned from the romans the british learned from iran and the first thing you attack other people from religious beliefs 00:46:28 that's the first thing you've done back in those days we didn't have towers communication so you didn't target your communication towers but you communicate you you attacked the way people transmitted 00:46:41 their knowledge

      The white fellas learned very quickly from the Romans that the first thing you attack is other people's religious beliefs, which are the modern day equivalent of communication towers. That's how oral societies communicate their knowledge and culture.

      via Uncle Ghillar Michael Anderson

  10. Sep 2021
  11. Jun 2021
    1. we propose that the value of a well-run journal does not lie simply in providing publication technologies, but in the user community itself. Journals should be seen as a technology of social production and not as a communication technology.

      Such a powerful shift.

  12. Oct 2020
    1. Useful mass transportation doesn’t suddenly appear. It is carefully nurtured from a tiny seedling of a good idea to a fully-formed organism that breathes life into a city. It is a process that takes time and effort and patience as well as money.

      Could sub out mass transportation with open scholarly infrastructure! ... "Useful mass transportation doesn’t suddenly appear. It is carefully nurtured from a tiny seedling of a good idea to a fully-formed organism that breathes life into a city. It is a process that takes time and effort and patience as well as money."

  13. Feb 2020
    1. Marx is certainly not the only relevant critical social theorist who matters for under-standing social media. The critical study of social media should be based on a broad range of critical theories of society. The crisis of capitalism and the devastating social and political effects of austerity and neoliberalism have made evident that political econ-omy can no longer be ignored in the study of society. This does not mean that the econ-omy determines society but rather that all social phenomena have an economy and are economic and non-economic at the same time (Fuchs, 2015a).
    2. There are at least six elements in Marx’s works that are of key relevance for understanding communications today (Fuchs, 2016b; Fuchs and Mosco, 2016a, 2016b):(1) Praxis communication: Marx was not just a critical political economist but also a critical journalist and polemicist, whose writing style can inspire critical thought today.(2) Global communication: Marx stressed the connection of communication technol-ogy and globalization. In an age, where there are lots of talk about both the Internet and globalization, we should remind ourselves that technology-mediated globalization has had a longer history.(3) Dialectical philosophy: Marx elaborated a critical theory of technology that is based on dialectical logic. Dialectical philosophy can help us to avoid one-sided analyses of the media (Fuchs, 2014c).(4) Class analysis: Marx stressed the relevance of the connection of labour, value, commodities and capital. He analysed modern society as a class society. Focusing on class today can counter the positivism of analyses of society as information society, net-work society, knowledge-based society, post-industrial society and so on.(5) Crisis and social struggles: Marx described class struggle and crisis as factors in the historical dynamics of class societies. Class structures and struggles are in complex ways reflected on and entangled into mediated communication.(6) Alternatives: Marx envisioned alternatives to capitalism and domination. Given capitalist crisis and monopoly control of social media today, it is important to envision alternatives to capitalism and capitalist social media.
    1. Communication is the process of sending and receiving messages through verbal or nonverbal means, including speech, or oral communication; writing and graphical representations (such as infographics, maps, and charts); and signs, signals, and behavior.

      Definition of communications

    2. To break it down, in any communication there is a sender and a receiver, a message, and interpretations of meaning on both ends. The receiver gives feedback to the sender of the message, both during the message's conveyance and afterward. Feedback signals can be verbal or nonverbal, such as nodding in agreement or looking away and sighing or other myriad gestures. There's also the context of the message, the environment it's given in, and potential for interference during its sending or receipt. 

      Explanation of communications

  14. Nov 2019
    1. recipe is simply ‘a statement of the ingredients and procedure required for making something’.2 There is no guarantee implied or stated that the cook will understand either the statement of ingredients or the procedure.
  15. Nov 2018
    1. Finally, 2011 seemed to herald the true beginning of a new era, with a transformed communication landscape.

      There are some commonly reported misconceptions about revolutions and coups, particularly with respect to military take overs of television and newspapers, that the average reader may wish to familiarize themselves with as they enter this area. One of the best resources I've seen for this is a recent recap by On The Media.

  16. Sep 2017
    1. STM views all scholarly, scientific, technical, medical and professional publishers as reputation managers not only of themselves, but of the whole community as well.

      STM encourages "reputation management".



  17. Dec 2016
    1. a new set of ways to report and share news could arise: a social network where the sources of articles were highlighted rather than the users sharing them. A platform that makes it easier to read a full story than to share one unread. A news feed that provides alternative sources and analysis beneath every shared article.

      This sounds like the kind of platforms I'd like to have. Reminiscent of some of the discussion at the beginning of TWIG: 379 Ixnay on the Eet-tway.

  18. May 2016
  19. Sep 2015