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    1. Earlier this year, the Christian polling firm Barna Group found that 29 percent of pastors said they had given “real, serious consideration to quitting being in full-time ministry within the last year.” David Kinnaman, president of Barna, described the past year as a “crucible” for pastors as churches fragmented.

      What part does The Great Resignation have in part of this? Any? Is there overlap for any of the reasons that others are resigning?

      What about the overlap of causes/reasons for teachers leaving the profession since the pandemic? What effect does the hostile work environment of politics play versus a loss of identity and work schedule during a time period in which closures would have affected schedules?

      What commonalities and differences do all these cases have?

    1. a desire, a search and active discovery reach to enhance our collective experiences

      A builders collective?

      We have realized that we want more in our lives than to be the unwitting pawns in a game of global domination, genocide, slavery, and oppression called capitalism.

    1. Striketober

      I am just realizing that I was not listening to The New York Times about the strikes spreading across the United States of America. Of course, the editors would not want to be causing this mass panic or a labour movement.

      I was learning about this from Democracy Now!

    1. I received an email from Emma Shimmens at Designlab referring to the Great Resignation.

      Then I began to look up what this term meant. I had been listening to The Daily podcast from The New York Times about the strikes at John Deere and Kaiser Permanente. But I hadn’t realized that this movement had a name: Striketober.