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  1. Aug 2022
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    1. clever young German artist at the Cape

      Jocelyn Harris mentioned in her talk "Who is Captain Wentworth" that this a reference to a specific historical person who painted Austen's brother Frank's (a sailor) portrait. The Thing about Austen podcast does a full episode (29) on this miniature.

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    1. her greatest want of composure would be in that quarter of the mind which could not be opened to Lady Russell

      She still can't be open with Lady Russell about her feelings for Captain Wentworth and what she thinks his feelings are for her

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    1. I wish you would make use of it, if you are determined to walk; though I think it would be more prudent to let me get you a chair

      He's attempting to "rescue" her again (this would make it 3 if he succeeded) how terrible for him that she is instead "rescued" but her cousin, the very man who's attention awakened him to his own feelings

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    1. no rumour of the news had yet reached them

      I don't understand why she doesn't tell them. Is it because she's aware they think Captain Wentworth will marry Louisa? Is the engagement not sufficiently public? It's such a great piece of gossip! Though Anne is not one to gossip, perhaps she might have behaved differently were it not a "visit of ceremony" and her family not present

    2. if the woman who had been sensible of Captain Wentworth’s merits could be allowed to prefer another man

      Interesting echo to Lady Russell's thoughts about "the man who at twenty-three had seemed to understand somewhat of the value of an Anne Elliot, should, eight years afterwards, be charmed by a Louisa Musgrove" (Persuasion Chapter 13). She thinks it speaks badly of him to find someone superior to Anne, just as Anne almost can't believe that Louise prefers anyone to Captain Wentworth.

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    1. There was never any burst of feeling, any warmth of indignation or delight, at the evil or good of others

      I think this is why we glimpse Captain Wentworth sneering at Mary when she's being a snob and rolling his eyes at Mrs Musgrove when she's grieving her useless son. We see his humanity. His is a "frank...open-hearted..eager character" who's sincerity she can depend on because he "sometimes looked or said a careless or hasty thing"

    2. calling it her home again, her home for ever

      The 2007 adaptation makes this a reality - Captain Wentworth buys Kellynch as a "wedding present". It's a shame because it seems to be closing her prospects rather than opening them as they would be with the possibility of travelling the world with her husband.

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    1. End of volume one

      This is a great cliff hanger to end the first volume. Will Louisa live? It seems like Captain Wentworth intends to marry her but what about Anne? and what of the mysterious cousin and heir?

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    1. Captain

      In the 2007 and 2022 adaptations Captain Harville gives the impression that he knows who Anne is ie at some point Captain Wentworth told him of their history, likely they were at sea together directly after

    2. armed with the idea of merit in maintaining her own way

      The result of the conversation with Captain Wentworth while in the hedgerow

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    1. it was her great friend Lady Russell’s doing

      Weird that Louisa says this, which is exactly what happened to Wentworth, but he doesn't believe that's the case

    2. I have no idea of being so easily persuaded

      Even if things don't work out between Henrietta and Mr Hayter, Louisa is shit talking her enough to ruin her chances with Captain Wentworth, all the while ensuing he knows that Louisa herself isn't like that

    3. Louisa seemed the principal arranger

      It seems like Louisa is determined to patch things up between Mr Hayter and Henrietta...potentially so she can have Captain Wentworth to herself

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    1. But I hate to hear you talking so like a fine gentleman, and as if women were all fine ladies, instead of rational creatures. We none of us expect to be in smooth water all our days

      It's unclear if Captain Wentworth honestly thinks women require more care and better accommodations or whether he is avoiding women in general because of Anne. This line of Mrs Croft's is beautiful. There is a modern web series adaptation called Rational Creatures. I think this is an echo of Mary Wollstonecraft, Austen uses the term again when Elizabeth Bennet is rejecting Mr Collins proposal (P&P chapter 19)

    2. momentary expression in Captain Wentworth’s face at this speech, a certain glance of his bright eye, and curl of his handsome mouth

      Captain Wentworth is too polite to say what he really thought of Dick Musgrove but, unlike Mr Elliot, he does show his emotions and thoughts aren't always pleasant

    3. If a man had not a wife

      This must be painful for both Anne and Wentworth, the period referring to was just after their broken engagement and here the Admiral is speaking of wives. Austen doesn't point this out - it's up to the reader to "read the room"

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    1. in the first moment of appeal, had spoken as he felt

      This implies that he wouldn't have said anything like this if he knew it would be repeated to Anne and that he spoke without thinking - he's still hurt over their breakup and perhaps wanted to say something hurtful

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    1. under the influence of his captain

      This shows part of Captain Wentworth's character, his midshipmen are young and need guidance which he is providing

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    1. perhaps nearly all of peculiar attachment

      In Jane Austen The Secret Radical Helena Kelly posits that Anne and Captain Wentworth are not in love at the beginning of the book, but fall back in love during the course of the novel.