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  1. Jan 2024
    1. It doesn’t matter if *you* believe in climate change or not… Because Insurance companies believe in climate change. And so you're *already* paying for the costs of climate breakdown
      • for: climate denial - insurance companies will make everyone pay, climate deniers - will pay carbon tax - via insurance, carbon tax - climate deniers
  2. Dec 2023
    1. They don't want their intimate convic-tions turned over and examined, and itis unfortunate that the emphasis put

      upon minor differences by men of science and belief in their strenuous search for the completest truth and the exactest expression sometimes gives color to this sort of misunderstanding.

      This emphasis on minor differences is exactly what many anti-science critics have done. See examples with respect to evolution and climate science denial.

  3. Apr 2023
    1. According to the researchers, proximity was tied to certainty. The farther away a climate-related event was perceived to be, the less certain viewers were that humans were causing it. That made them feel less responsible for doing something about it and “lowered their own perceived ability to influence global climate change outcomes,” says Tsay-Vogel, a COM assistant professor of communication.
  4. Nov 2022