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  1. Jun 2022
    1. Beethoven, despite his unruly reputation and wild romantic image, waswell organized. He saved everything in a series of notebooks that were organizedaccording to the level of development of the idea. He had notebooks for rough ideas,notebooks for improvements on those ideas, and notebooks for finished ideas,almost as if he was pre-aware of an idea’s early, middle, and late stages.

      Beethoven apparently kept organized notebooks for his work. His system was arranged based on the level of finished work, so he had spaces for rough ideas, improved ideas and others for finished ideas.

      Source for this?

  2. Dec 2021
    1. I don't have a proper answer to solve the problem that I mentioned related to the unsustainable community in web-dev. Maybe someone could create a version of NPM which has a revenue model similar to Netflix.

      I wonder how you might build pricate modules for the web. The most common solution we have to this currently is the SAAS model. This model does work generally well, like Auth0 for auth, Vercel for deployment, Stripe for payments. There are many more micro-saas companies that solve for more niche problems like Onfido for ID verification.

      I think the concern here is the amount of flexibility expected by most developers on the web. In Game Development people are much more invested in their tools. An Unreal Engine developer likely has no reason to ever leave unless they change jobs significantly. Really, this is similar to React. Which is why we are seeing frameworks built entirely around this like Remix and Next. Is this such a bad system?

      It seems like a No-Code solution really could just build on top of these frameworks and take advantage of their existing patterns for uniformity.

  3. Jan 2020
    1. Audiences had strong reactions to the new disturbing themes the horror plays presented. One of the most prevalent themes staged at the Grand-Guignol was the demoralization and corruption of science. The "evil doctor" was a reoccurring trope in the horror shows performed.

      Development idea: Bring back the Grand Guignol, but have evil politicians instead.

  4. Sep 2019
  5. Apr 2019