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    1. Instructor presence is required for social presence to occur, and social presence is necessary for cognitive presence (Akyol & Garrison, 2008; Garrison, et al., 2001; Shea & Bidjerano, 2009).  Furthermore, Shea & Bidjerano (2009) purport that “teaching presence predicts variance in cognitive presences directly” (p. 545). As an example, they found that when the instructor focused and participated in discussion, teaching presence correlated to higher cognitive presence.

      Instructor presence leads to social presence which leads to cognitive presence.

    1. five integrated elements:affective association, community cohesion, instructor involvement,interaction intensity, and knowledge and experience. Examining theconcept of social presence through this lens allows us to understand howthese elements relate to satisfactory online experiences

      5 integrated elements of Social presence affective association, community cohesion instructor involvement interaction intensity knowledge experience

    2. One way in which students report experiencing the social presenceof an instructor is the immediacy of response and type of feedbackreceived

      feedback - social presence

    3. who determine the five most important elements of social presenceto be social respect, social sharing, open mind, social identity, andintimacy. All these facets are areas in which video and voice can enrichonline students’ learning experience.

      5 most important elements of social presence social respect social sharing open mind social identity imtimacy

      enriched by video and voice.

    4. Social presence is increased when the class moves away frombeing purely text based and incorporates voice and video

      Voice and Video increases social presence

    5. Findings from the study indicated that emotional expression,open communication, and group cohesion were key elements in studentperceptions of teaching and learning in their online MAEd program

      Key elements emotional expression open communication group cohesion

    6. when there is a high level of trustbetween the instructors and students, the learning space fulfills a certainpurpose in students’ lives and increases the likelihood of learning;

      student - instructor trust

    7. only thequality of interpersonal interaction within a course relates positively andsignificantly to student grades

      study on importance of Social presence to student achievement.

    8. Their analysis revealed that social presence has asubstantial effect on learning interaction, which in turn affects learningperformance.

      social presence - learning interaction - learning performance

    9. but with social presence havingthe most significant correlation coefficient

      social presence has the most significant correlation coefficient to successful online learning.

  2. May 2024
    1. Instructors in online classes must take extra measures toestablish a social presence for themselves and for their students.These efforts not only increase student satisfaction with onlinecourses, but result in increased learning outcomes. Picciano (2002)found that students with higher levels of social presence performedbetter on written assignments compared to students with lowersocial presence

      It's interesting that social presence impacted abilities in written assignments.

  3. Mar 2023
    1. Presence

      Still really the operative term. The teacher needs to be...there. In the discussion. In the case of social annotation, in the text.

    2. Be easily accessible to your students. Provide multiple regular opportunities for connectionand support via email, virtual office hours, prompt feedback, and virtual study sessions orstudent conferences

      I think it's interesting to think about social annotation as a vehicle for this availability/accessibility of the instructor.n What's more isolating than the reading? What's more power than having your instructor present IN the reading?

  4. Apr 2022
    1. connection, contact and sense of reality, and immediate social presence are strong influences as well as the sense of community (Melrose & Bergeron, 2006; Rettie, 2003, Sallnäs, 2004).

  5. Apr 2019
    1. These are cues that can be tied to Social Presence (Affective). supports the case that these cues can be communicated via instructor video - foundation for non verbal cues as part of communication.

  6. Jul 2018
    1. Leshed and Sengers’s research reminds us that calendars are not just tools for the management of time, but are also sites of identity work where people can project to themselves and others the density of their days and apparent ‘success’ at doing it all[26]. These seemingly innocuous artifacts can thus perpetuate deeper normative logics a

      The dark side of time artifacts and the social pressure of busyness/industriousness as a virtue.

  7. Mar 2017
    1. Back to the presence I suppose this is what Maha was talking about as "3rd Discourse"? 

      Social presence

    1. The picnic was clearly not in the Tribble Valley as the cockerels, (roosters  as Terry says) were calling in dawn, Keith was sun-tanned in Florida, Terry was all backlit Dutch painting.

      Yearning to reach out and be really present with the people on line.

    2. Meanwhile back at the picnic spot, Terry and Keith had turned up. It was six and seven o'clock in the morning for them and they had dropped everything to spend a little time at a picnic to chat with friends.

      Timezone confusion. Competence

    3. Marcin and I's relationship has no doubt been enriched by visiting each other's homes and countries this year, a dream for many people who have extended online personal networks and the ties which bind us I feel are profound - perhaps because of the distance.  There is a part of Poland in me now.

      Being able to picture the person in a physical context in which one has walked.

    4. but the immediacy of being in a room in Krakow, from a room in Clermont Ferrand was absolute, to the extent that I was able to butt in to respond to questions from the people attending our conference..in Poland.

      Virtual Connection. Real Connecting

    5. Then it was Maha's Birthday, why don't we sing 'Happy Birthday' I thought, - well why not?

      Distant Presence Friends

    6. First day in class, we had students chatting with a friend of mine working on a Ski Resort in Australia,

      Porous walls. Hybridization. Change narrative