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    1. There is a door in front of him. A yellow door. He knows the dream it used to lead to; he knows it well. But that’s not where it leads anymore. He does not know what is behind it anymore, and he is deathly afraid of finding out.

      Another Door, Helen

  5. Dec 2016
    1. al telephone.

      Helen Keller was associates with important such as Alexander Graham bell and President Roosevelt.

    1. Not was Helen Keller the face for the AFB but she was also a national leader for the socialist party. This info shows that she was a big part of the 20th century not only for disabled but for everyone else as well.

    1. People who are deaf-blind have marketable skills and strategies to compete and succeed in the workplace.

      Just because people have disables doesn't mean that they have to be discriminated on, Helen Keller started a revolution for improving the life for people that are deaf or blind.

    2. Helen Keller National Center for Deaf-Blind Youths & Adults

      Helen Keller's achievements in creating many foundations were celebrated around the world to recognize the achievements of many blind and deaf people.

    1. resolved

      There was a fire lit underneath her when she found out that she could learn to speak and she went ahead and learned French German and english.

  6. Feb 2014
    1. So he carried off Helen

      1.3. Alexander (Paris), son of Priam, king of Troy, abducts Helen, wife of Menelaus, from Sparta. Other authors were less certain about Helen's lack of complicity.