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  1. Oct 2023
    1. It should be noted that the third normative approach considers the global need for electricity asoutlined by the International Energy Agency (IEA) for different scenarios and develops an interim1.5DS within which ICT should not expand its current share of electricity. This electricity budgetuses the IEA trajectories for a 2°C scenario (2DS) and a below 2°C scenario (B2DS) to derive a 1.5°Ctrajectory for world electricity usage through doubling the difference between them and subtractingit from the 2DS as described in [IEA ETP]. This is an interim approach as IEA has not yet establisheda 1.5DS. The budget is then used to determine the amount of electricity that could be used by thesector if keeping its share at the current level. As the IEA is planning to include a specific 1.5DS, thetrajectories will be reviewed when the new IEA scenarios are published.

      This is the only mention of a "fair share" of global electricity use by the ICT sector



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