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    1. Periods of normal science are interrupted when anomalies between observations and the expectations suggested by the paradigm begin to demonstrate the paradigm’s weakness.

      Lego theory of science.

      Individual bricks are facts which can be assembled in a variety of ways, each of which is a particular paradigm. Ultimately, the optimal structure is one which dovetails with the neighborhoods of structures around them while each having the best minimized structure of it's own.

      With only handfuls of individual facts, it can be difficult to build them up into an interesting or useful structure to start. Doing this may help to discover other facts. As these are added, one may reshape the overall structure of the theory as the puzzle begins to reveal itself and allow the theorist the ability to best structure an overall theory which minimizes itself and allows dovetailing with other external theories. All the theories then eventually form their own pieces which can then be pieced together for the next structural level up.

      See also Simon Singh, Thomas Kuhn, topology.

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    1. My parents noticed that I didn’tplay with LEGOs like other kids. Instead I spent my time organizingand reorganizing the pieces. I remember being completelycaptivated by the problem of how to create order out of the chaos ofthousands of pieces of every shape and size. I would invent neworganizational schemes—by color, by size, by theme—as I becameobsessed with the idea that if I could just find the right system, Iwould finally be able to build my magnum opus—a LEGO spaceshiplike the ones I saw in the sci-fi movies I loved

      This is also generally an administrative problem in this space. People spend ages tinkering with their tools and not enough time using them for what the tools are meant for.

    2. LEGOs

      LEGO is both singular and plural, n'cest pas?



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    1. Try something crazy

      DAWs typically don’t mesh so well with prototyping culture. When Ableton brought clip launching through Live, its flagship DAW, it had some of this effect: experiment with clips then play with them instead of just playing them. Of course, Cycling ’74 has been all about prototyping, long before Ableton bought the company. But “Max for Live” devices are closer to plugins in that users expect to just be able to use them, not have to create them from scratch. What this marketing copy is emphasizing is that this really is about getting a box of LEGO blocks, not just about getting a DIY kit to create your own instance of something which somebody else designed. The framing sure is specific.

  11. Nov 2018
    1. The models of three Lego figurines sent with the Juno spacecraft are Galileo Galilei, and the Roman gods Juno and Jupiter.

      So, aliens are going to think we are shaped like lego people?

  12. Jul 2018
    1. When English computer scientist Tim Berners-Lee laid the foundation for the web in the late 80s, he created a system akin to Lego blocks. Pieces could easily be taken apart and put back together again. This tactile nature is the essence of the web, and it dovetails with hands-on learning. As teachers adopt web literacy into their curriculum, it’s best for students to actively practice what they intend to perfect, like coding chops, web page building and more.

      Hands on approach in classroom to web literacy

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    1. empty all our LEGOs onto the table

      Apart from the common nitpick (it’s “LEGO blocks”, not “LEGOs”), it’s funny to note how frequently those Danish plastic toys come in pedagogical discussions in the United States. David Wiley even had to belabour another analogy.

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