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  1. Sep 2023
    1. 01:00 saying Voldemort his name as worry in First Wizarding War: he, and death eaters, might hunt you?

      Also, he “Taboo Curse” placed upon himself (see above). Members of the Order of the Phoenix say his name, so people can find him.

      In last movie, Harry said Voldemort, and they were caught by snatchers. (and other examples)

    1. 10:00 hero’s journey as non-deterministic, growing possibility of horizons for individuals

      seeing day as potential horizons, facing the dragons of the day

      see in Hobbit, Harry Potter, Star Wars

  2. Feb 2023
  3. Nov 2022
  4. Jun 2022
    1. The Zettelkasten aka Antinet (which I love by the way) is a thinking, exploration and growing tool for me. Not for actual projects with clients. It's like my personal "pensieve" (Harry Potter). In German it's called "Denkarium" and I like that so much.

      I quite like the idea of analogizing a zettelkasten with a pensieve in the mode of Harry Potter.

  5. Mar 2022
    1. And it’s easier to share a personal story when you’re composing it 280 characters at a time and publishing it as you go, without thinking about or knowing where the end may be. It’s at least easier than staring down a blank text editor with no limit and having to decide later how much of a 2,500 word rant is worth sharing, anyway.

      Ideas fill their spaces.

      When writing it can be daunting to see a long blank screen and feel like you've got to fill it up with ideas de novo.

      From the other perspective if you're starting with a smaller space like a Twitter input box or index card you may find that you write too much and require the ability to edit things down to fit the sparse space.

      I do quite like the small space provided by Hypothes.is which has the ability to expand and scroll as you write so that it has the Goldilocks feel of not too small, not too big, but "just right".

      Micro.blog has a feature that starts with a box that can grow with the content. Once going past 280 characters it also adds an optional input box to give the post a title if one wants it to be an article rather than a simple note.

      Link to idea of Occamy from the movie Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them that can grow or shrink to fit the available space: https://harrypotter.fandom.com/wiki/Occamy

  6. Dec 2021
    1. Mandrake Atropa mandragora Legend and superstition surround the mandrake. The root of the mandrake has a peculiar shape, sometimes resembling human legs or arms, or even a complete body. The strange shape of the mandrake’s root contributed to its reputation as a magical, and dangerous, plant. Many people believed that the mandrake root screamed as it was pulled from the ground. To dig up the mandrake and hear its cries meant certain death, so ancient herbalists instructed people to tie a dog to the mandrake and force the animal to pull it up, thereby killing the dog but saving themselves. Having safely planted and replanted many mandrakes, Gerard condemned the fantastic tales. He recommended a decoction of the leaves against jaundice and internal bleeding. Gerard also claimed that the fruit, “being drunk in the weight of one dram, with three ounces of white wine for forty daies together, helpeth the spleen.”

      Description of the mandrake from Herball, Generall Historie of Plants by John Gerard, 1597

  7. Jun 2021
    1. Luisa: My favorite genre was fantasy, of course, because at that point, it was an alternate reality where magic and anything was possible. Harry Potter. I grew up with Harry Potter. Grew up with Tolkien, grew up with Eragon, grew up with the series for the Lady Knight, grew up with the Chronicler. Grew up with all these fantasy books. I grew up with them. I still read them over and over and over again because every time you read a book, you find something that you missed and I love that. So yes, reading was my thing [Chuckles]. I love reading.

      Time in the US, Pastimes, Reading, Favorite genres, Favorite books

  8. Mar 2021
  9. Sep 2020
    1. he will crush[j] your head,(BL)    and you will strike his heel.”

      God curses the serpent after deceiving Eve in the garden, and creates "enmity between [the serpent] and the woman." In the "Harry Potter" series by JK Rowling, the serpent is a symbol of evil, and near the end of the books, is the only piece of evil left to destroy before good can truly be restored.

  10. Jun 2019
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    1. Annotation happens every day in school and is an everyday activity for students, for “at every stage, students working with books have used the tool of annotation.”

      A well known popular culture version of this appears in the title of the book and film Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince as well as a primary plot point in which Potter actively eschews a beaten up copy of a potions textbook, but to his pleasant surprise find a heavily annotated text that helps him significantly in his studies.


  12. May 2019
  13. Oct 2018
    1. audiences want the new work to offer new insights into the characters and new experiences of the fictional world.

      A case in point is the spin-off series "Fear the Walking Dead" which looks at the "Walking Dead" universe form a different perspective and has recently had a character crossover (Morgan)- see here for more details: http://walkingdead.wikia.com/wiki/Morgan_Jones_(Fear_The_Walking_Dead)

      The "Walking Dead" franchise began with graphic novels. "Harry Potter" much surely mark one of the most successful transmedia franchises, books, films, computer games, lego characters, costumes, and extended fanclubs (UCC Harry Potter Society uses a sorting hat, and the quasi-gothic architecture of UCC as a backdrop).

  14. Feb 2018
    1. two pure-blood wizarding families.

      Already, at just the start of this narration, blood-lines and "purity" are being highlighted as an important detail. The HP stories are fascinated with genealogies, which is so ironic since we never hear about Harry's grandparents.

  15. Dec 2017
    1. eatured searchlight-style spotlights visible up to 16 miles away, a to-scale Hogwarts model in the garage, and a 19-foot illuminated piano on the lawn.

      Could JK Rowling sue for royalties?

  16. Apr 2017
    1. But brain interfaces can also put information in. Meaning a clever hacker might be able to change your thoughts or your vote or your identity or make you want to do something terrible you normally wouldn’t ever consider.

      "Imperio!" anyone? Regards from the-one-who-should-not-be-named, otherwise known as "Tom Riddle" or "Voldie"...

    1. We should’ve known that dragon blood would have healing properties. Rubeus Hagrid used it on his injuries after being attacked by giants, after all.

      Okay, ha ha, to the journalist that put this line in!