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  1. Dec 2022
  2. Nov 2022
    1. They also need to communicate their potential, i.e., what they are able to learn, as well as toreceive guidance on how to realize their potential

      Fascinating idea of systems not only serving to inform learners/earners about where they can go and how to get there, but to also be a reliable signal about their potential to advisors, councilors, social workers, navigators, parents, recruiters and others

    2. employers see potential value in using digital credentials for a number of differentreasons. These include using digital credentials to better match candidates to jobs by analyzingtheir skills, broadening the talent funnel by data-mining credential databases, ensuring theauthenticity of credentials, and using credentials to manage the talent pathways in theirorganizations

      reminder that stakeholders are not monolithic and neither is any given stakeholder's incentive structure. Yes, keep it simple when mapping out stakeholder ecosystem. And, include multiple incentives when relevant.

  3. Nov 2019