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  1. Sep 2023
    1. Jarvis, Jeff. “Moving On.” Medium. Whither News? (blog), September 2023. https://medium.com/whither-news/moving-on-4eecb1c76ce3.

      Jeff Jarvis looking back briefly on his history at CUNY's Newmark Graduate School of Journalism. An interesting snapshot of some of the pedagogical changes and programs over almost 20 years.

  2. Apr 2022
    1. Be aware, if you transferred within New York Life from employee status to agent status, or vice versa, you mayqualify for benefits under both agent and employee programs.

      I would highly recommend looking into aquiring both postions at the same time. Possily a development manager position while also working full time at you Eagle brach.

  3. Mar 2021
    1. Muse

      Reminded of Chapter 11 in The Odyssey:

      I am likely going to retire this year and I find resonance in this as it appears that I will be accepting a "voluntary" buyout at the end of this fiscal year. My long sea journey, 25 years worth in teaching, will be officially over. Hence...the appeal to propitiate the gods, to let all the pain go, to ask forgiveness of the implacable Poseidon.

  4. Dec 2020
    1. Moen (1987) and Costa (1998) estimate that the labor force participation rate of men age 65 and older declined from 78 percent in 1880 to less than 20 percent in 1990

      I cannot believe that almost 4 fifths of the population of men still work past the age of 65?!

      The life longevity that we live has increased as well so back in the 1880s and beyond the lifespans were shorter.

      What is the motivating factors here for them to keep working apart from money? I feel like guys in investment banking keep chugging along because they know that they can race to retirement.

  5. Aug 2020
  6. Dec 2019
  7. Feb 2018
    1. "Clear the deck," said Cheryl Rock, 40, an assistant professor of human nutrition at the University of Michigan, who opposes the elimination of mandatory retirement. "The old professors are holding back the university."
  8. Jun 2017
    1. This double burden on Illinois families – high tuition students pay and high taxes that subsidize universities – cannot continue. The solution: Prioritize students
  9. Dec 2016
    1. eople did not come here on vacation. Vacation is when you go Home. Then you lie on the beach-if there were a beach! No, you came here to work, to experience and to contribute. That is why your stay here is so brief.If coming to the world were a holiday, you could come for hundreds of years, but it's not a holiday. If you think it's a holiday, you will feel empty because life here cannot give you what you had before. The world does not possess the reality of your Spiritual Family, and so the intimacy and integration that are absolutely natural in your former state cannot be duplicated here completely. Yes, the world can be lots of fun, but only for those who are contributing because they are enjoying their own presence in the world. The world is bringing forth the value that they have brought with them. This is entirely natural and is no sacrifice.