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    1. By using a VPN, you are only changing who can see your network layer traffic. It does not increase any security.
    1. Because it's easy money. You just set up OpenVPN on a few servers, and essentially start reselling bandwidth with a markup.

      How to start a VPN business

  4. Jun 2022
    1. Expected to come into force on June 27, India's new data retention law will force VPN companies to keep users' data - like IP addresses, real names and usage patterns - for up to five years. They will also be required to hand this information over to authorities upon request. 

      Some draconian Indian data-retention laws are coming.

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    1. 三十个重点嫌疑钓鱼翻墙软件“VPN” 以下这些软件虽然名字里面是叫VPN,但其实是一些翻墙软件。下面这些“VPN”是证实为中国所控制,极大可能为钓鱼“VPN”,使用这些软件切记注意风险,特别是在手机上使用。这些钓鱼“VPN”会将使用者的传输数据、观看视频记录等内容后台传送到某台服务器中进行记录。 TurboVPN VPN Master – Free Proxy VPN Proxy Master(Pro) VPN Proxy Master(Lite) Unlimited Free VPN Hot VPN Snap VPN VPN Robot VPN Sofast Turbo VPN Private Browser Super VPN Thunder VPN Super VPN Free VPN Client VPN Private Victory VPN VPN Wifi Proxy Security Master Shield VPN VPN Guru Yoga VPN VPN Patron SkyVPN HotspotVPN Secure VPN Free VPN by Free VPN.org VPN-Super Unlimited Proxy VPN 360 X-VPN Snap VPN VPN – Secure


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    1. Up to now in this discussion, our virtual network interface devices are connected to TinCan link tunnels in a scalable topology. However, virtual network interfaces are “dumb” - they don’t make forwarding decisions - and TinCan links simply move messages from one end of the tunnel to the other. We need to add logic to determine how messages are forwarded across the network. To accomplish this, we leverage SDN technology.

      such a fun write-up, & they take SocialVPN with it's custom forwarding & mate it to such very good open source tech... divine.

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    1. Personal VPN to Bypass Internet Censorship, VPN Blocking and Bandwidth Throttling Khalid Alnajjar April 8, 2018 Security Leave a CommentHaving a VPN, Virtual Private Network, is essential nowadays for many reasons, such as accessing restricted content by your ISP or government, bypassing geographically restricted content, protecting your privacy, and so on. In an earlier post, I have reviewed the top three VPN providers. If you are looking for a secure and affordable VPN provider, Private Internet Access is an excellent option as they respect your privacy while offering the service for a low price. If privacy is not your primary concern, check out my review of the top 3 VPN providers.
    1. With the ProtonVPN Free plan, you will have access to seven ProtonVPN servers in three countries: the Netherlands, Japan, and the US.
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    1. Windscribe works simultaneously on an unlimited number of devices, with unlimited bandwidth, and doesn’t keep a log of your activity. Get a one, three, or five year subscription on the Daily Dot Store starting at just $19. Better yet, get a lifetime subscription using promo code WINDSCRIBESD40 and pay only $69 (regularly $900).
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