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    1. The presence of chromaticism is integral to the structure of bebop melodies. Some of thechromatic additions, such as the metrically accented C≥5s in mm. 2, 6, 26, and 30, makesubtle references to the blues
    2. Figure 18.5 provides a chord–scale relationship for “Confirmation” using bebop scalesonly.The selection of bebop scales is analogous to the use of modes from Figure 18.4. Inm. 2, for instance, Emin7 (≤5)–A7 uses A Mixolydian ≤13, which accommodates ^1 in itspitch structure, as does A dominant bebop ≤13, making them much better choices thantheir diatonic counterparts.Demonstrating slightly different and more advanced organization of bebop scales, the lastA section alternates between ascending and descending scalar patterns. In addition, thelast note of each measure forms a stepwise connection with the first note of the next,thereby ensuring effective voice leading between different scales. Thus the last note ofm. 26, C≥4, resolves up to D4, which begins the G dominant bebop scale on 5. Similarly,the use of B≤3 in m. 31 is a consequence of the C4 in m. 30 resolving down to the ≤7thof C7
    3. Hank Jones’s solo on “Confirmation,” shown in Figure 18.3, is from the album BebopRedux, recorded in 1977. In this solo, Jones shows how two jazz traditions—blues andbebop—can be integrated in a musically convincing manner. He also demonstrates astunning command of the bebop language manifested in a linear approach to improvisation
    4. Chapter 18 provides an analysis of Charlie Parker’s “Confirmation” as a representativecomposition from the Bebop Era. It offers a transcription of the solo by the pianist HankJone
    5. Chapter 17 analyzes three blues progressions from the Bebop Era and proposes additionalapproaches to blues improvisation
    6. The so-called Bebop revolution in the late 1930s was probably one of the most importantmusical events in the history of jaz
    7. Chapter 15 examines bebop and begins developing a pedagogy of bebop improvisation
    1. Animated Sheet Music: "Confirmation" by Charlie Parker

      Animated Sheet Music: "Confirmation" by Charlie Parker youtube video

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