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  1. Apr 2024
    1. Higher education. If you don't know this by now, you guys are seniors, higher education rewards bullshit over analytic thought.

      I love this lecture series. Just started watching and learning. This opening bit, what he said about higher education, marketing, the science community (watched another ex-physicist YouTuber who confirmed it), startup culture, all so true.

  2. Dec 2022
  3. Nov 2022
    1. In a world that’s heating up, speeding up, and increasingly interconnected, there’s so much that can’t wait—and can be made better. We believe that a more sustainable, equitable future is for all of us to design. Here’s the work we’re doing to get there, and what we’re learning along the way.

      sustainable, equitable future! Yay!

  4. Mar 2022
    1. Each highlighted statement expresses political talking points aligned to induce trump-like support.

      Trump introduced new marketing and strategy, formulated using concepts and metrics mastered by Reality TV and Hollywood and then paired with advertising propaganda and "selling" techniques to create a "Brand". This is after-all Donald Trump, this is what he does, has done and is the only way he has found to make money. Trump built the "brand" (just barely) while teetering on self destruction.

      His charismatic persona became "the glue" that allowed creative narratives to stick to certain types of people in-spite of risk. Trump learned OTJ how to capture a specific type of audience.

      The mistake people make about Trump is assuming his audience to be "Joe Six-Pack", redneck's with limited education! This assumption does not have merit on its own.<br /> * There is a common "follower" theme among his audience that is exploited by those who: * Bought the "licensing rights" to the master-class Trump "how-to" course.

  5. Jan 2022
    1. History will remember technology's leaders not just for exceptional financial results, but for the values and integrity of the companies they built.

      Yes ... and "Fitter, happier, more productive". Where is the systems change.

  6. Dec 2021
    1. Mirror is the next big change in the long history of symbolic communication. Through a decentralized, user-owned, crypto-based network, Mirror’s publishing platform revolutionizes the way we express, share and monetize our thoughts.

      How? how does fact it is "user owned and crypto based" change (let alone revolutionize) how we express and share our thoughts. Monetize maybe??

  7. Nov 2020
    1. A Wikipedia kifogása az iTA szócikkel kapcsolatban

      Mint Wikipedia szerkesztésért "felelős" jelzem: ne törődj ezzel! Nem számít túlzottan, ha majd az "supervisor"-ok mégis jeleznek (amit nekem fognak), teszek valamit. A tag törölhető - szerintem.

  8. May 2020
    1. What is AWS Elastic Beanstalk?

      AWS PaaS

    2. Because AWS Elastic Beanstalk performs an in-place update when you update your application versions, your application can become unavailable to users for a short period of time. You can avoid this downtime by performing a blue/green deployment, where you deploy the new version to a separate environment, and then swap CNAMEs of the two environments to redirect traffic to the new version instantly.

      CNAM swap

  9. Feb 2018
  10. Oct 2013
    1. armed services

      Which armed services?

    2. Personnel of the Sturdivant Electric company were ready to run final acceptance tests on a special purpose computer they had subcontracted to supply to the armed services. One of the stipulations in the contract was a demonstration by the supplier that the computer would function correctly and reliably under test conditions. The special operating system of the computer was prepared by Sturdivant Electric’s chief programmer, Al Abrams. Several days before the tests began,

      Comment comment comment.

  11. Sep 2013
    1. More than that, they do not attribute any of this power either to the practical experience or to the native ability of the student, but undertake to transmit the science of discourse as simply as they would teach the letters of the alphabet, not having taken trouble to examine into the nature of each kind of knowledge, but thinking that because of the extravagance of their promises they themselves will command admiration and the teaching of discourse will be held in higher esteem--oblivious of the fact that the arts are made great, not by those who are without scruple in boasting about them, but by those who are able to discover all of the resources which each art affords.

      Basically arguing that they are simply bs artists, and teachers of the same.