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  1. Feb 2024
  2. Nov 2023
    1. superclass mismatches or partially-defined namespaces
    2. may define Foo, instead of reopen it
    3. Since require has global side-effects, and there is no static way to verify that you have issued the require calls for code that your file depends on, in practice it is very easy to forget some. That introduces bugs that depend on the load order.

      class of bugs

  3. Jun 2023
    1. you nailed it! A consumer should only be able to set an object's state at initialization (via the constructor). Once the object has come to life, it should be internally responsible for its own state lifecycle. Allowing consumers to affect the state adds unnecessary complexity and risk.
    2. Making a property writable adds an order of magnitude in complexity. In the real world it's definitely not realistic for every class to be immutable, but if most of your classes are, it's remarkably easier to write bug-free code. I had that revelation once and I hope to help others have it.
  4. Mar 2023
    1. The red dots indicates the location of the robberies taking place

      We are aware of the red dots not appearing...

      Please just imagine that they are there until we've solved the problem. :')

      • Benjamin
  5. Dec 2022
  6. Nov 2022
  7. Oct 2022
    1. which failed to work because of the trailing slash before the **. Removing the / made it all spring in to life as intended!
  8. Sep 2022
    1. people usually forgets about one of the greatest advantages of Open Source. YOU can fix the issue. You can download the source code and dig deep into the code allow you to keep moving. Also, you can merge this changes back to the original repository so others doesn’t have to fix it again. win-win relationship.
  9. Aug 2022
  10. May 2022
    1. 2014-07-15 <jmvanel> Hi I wonder if there is a vocab' for bug reports and enhancement requests ( probably in relation with DOAP) <tobyink> jmvanel: http://ontologi.es/doap-bugs <jmvanel> Thanks tobyink ; added in http://prefix.cc/dbug Asked on ##linux Hi I'd like a tool to watch a directory and record the file sizes and timestamps , so that later I can draw a plot of my activity <vlt> jmvanel: inotify tools <jmvanel> thanks , vlt ; that's rather low level , but can be certainly used ... overbusy today with my Specifications for semantic hosting
  11. Apr 2022
    1. but files are still imported under the data directory (storage folder)
      • ITS A BUG!
      • Zotero 6: menu Import, option Link to original location

      • Example: export with files:

      • If path is relative: creates link to original

      • Example: export without files:

      • BUT if path is absolute: copy into storage!!!
  12. Feb 2022
    1. In other words, this minor difference between two Zip libraries made it possible to bypass the entire security model of the operating system.
  13. Jan 2022
    1. The callback executed by setTimeout is not expected to return anything, it just ignores the returned value. Since once you enter the promise/async world in JavaScript you cannot escape, I was left to wonder what happens when the setTimeout callback returns a promise?
    1. test2 being marked async does wrap your return value in a new promise:
    2. const rejectedP = Promise.reject('-'); const finallyP = rejectedP.finally(); const result1 = rejectedP; const result2 = new Promise(resolve => { const rejectedP = Promise.reject('-'); const finallyP = rejectedP.finally(); resolve(rejectedP); }); we can see that the first snippet creates two promises (result1 and rejectedP being the same) while the second snippet creates three promises. All of these promises are rejected, but the rejectedP rejection is handled by the callbacks attached to it, both through ….finally() and resolve(…) (which internally does ….then(resolve, reject)). finallyP is the promise whose rejection is not handled in the both examples. In the second example, result2 is a promise distinct from rejectedP that is also not handled, causing the second event.
    1. You basically did var a = promise.then(…); var b = promise.catch(…); creating a branch in the chain. If promise is getting rejected now, the catch callback will be called and b will be a fulfilled promise just fine, but the a promise is getting rejected too and nobody handles that. Instead, you should use both arguments of then and write Requirement.create({id: id, data: req.body.data, deleted: false}) .then(requirement => { res.json(requirement); }, reason => { let err = {'error': reason}; res.json(err); });
  14. Dec 2021
    1. dstillman September 22, 2021 We've pushed out this change. Your Zotero Connector should auto-update within 24 hours, or you can update manually by clicking Update Translators in the Advanced pane of the Zotero Connector preferences.

      BUT...is translator "ADS Bibcode.js"; 1-date: 2021-09-22---->dstillman

      Sin embargo, "NASA ADS.js" sigue poniendo los dos campos en Extra!

    1. [itemOpenURL["rft.date"][0].substr(0, 4)]

      PROBLEM: openurl waits parameter "year" with format "YYYY", BUT {frt:date} (o {z:date}) devuelve el valor completo (eg: 2021-12-22) and crossref api doest work good: retrieves year=202 (???)

  15. Sep 2021
  16. Apr 2021
    1. unbuffer is able to pass along the return code of a process under normal circumstance, but if the process you are unbuffering is killed, for instance with a segfault, I see $? as 0 while I expect 139. How can I get it to pass along the 139?
    2. The expect wait command returns more arguments if the spawned process is killed but unbuffer just always returns the 3rd argument.
  17. Mar 2021
    1. With all this “monetization” happening around Trailblazer, we will also make sure that all free and paid parts of the project grow adult and maintan an LTS - or long-term support - status. Those are good news to all you users out there having been scared to use gems of this project, not knowing whether or not they’re being maintained, breaking code in the future or making your developers addicted to and then cutting off the supply chain. Trailblazer 2.1 onwards is LTS, and the last 1 ½ years of collaboration have proven that.
  18. Feb 2021
    1. Personally, I'm starting to think that the feature where it automatically adds xray.js to the document is more trouble than it's worth. I propose that we remove that automatic feature and just make it part of the install instructions that you need to add this line to your template/layout: <%= javascript_include_tag 'xray', nonce: true if Rails.env.development? %>
  19. Jan 2021
    1. Personally, I think you are perhaps blowing up a fairly medium-sized (and fixable) bug discovered during routine testing into extreme-case hyperbole. Again, engagement and participation will get the bug fixed faster. The entire point of testing is to discover and fix precisely these kinds of pain points before release.
  20. Dec 2020
  21. Nov 2020
    1. If I use import { createEventDispatcher } from 'svelte/internal'; instead of import { createEventDispatcher } from 'svelte'; then it seems to work because it's loading from the same module.
  22. Oct 2020
    1. This is a very dangerous practice as each optimization means making assumptions. If you are compressing an image you make an assumption that some payload can be cut out without seriously affecting the quality, if you are adding a cache to your backend you assume that the API will return same results. A correct assumption allows you to spare resources. A false assumption introduces a bug in your app. That’s why optimizations should be done consciously.
  23. May 2020
    1. We iterate to deliver features, so we often don't have functionality that people expect. For this reason, 'people could reasonably expect this functionality' does not make it a bug.
  24. Apr 2020
  25. Feb 2020
    1. Update 10/14/19: Proceed at your own risk. The upgrade works, but my iMac runs on high cpu on various services. I arleady disabled photoanalysisd, but now vtencoderxpcservice takes up a lot of CPU. If anywone found a solution, please post it in the comments below.

      I have this same issue. It arises when attempting to do a screen recording...

  26. Nov 2019
    1. When a user encounters a bug they look like this: 🤬Bugs grind work to a halt.Bugs cause financial harm.Every single time a bug is encountered, user trust erodes.Bugs are bad.
    2. Doesn’t play whack-a-mole with features, fixing one thing only to break another.
  27. Oct 2019
    1. bottom sheet 功能展示

      Outline 基本能保留我派文章的大部分样式,目前还转换不过来的我发现只有分割线和脚注。

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  33. Dec 2016
    1. Sure, we get bad bugs, but we have a ton of contributors who can immediately work with people who log them to educate them on better practices and treat it as an opportunity to educate. This is why we have documentation on writing good bugs, in order to educate contributors, not as a barrier to entry.Creating barriers to entry just reduces the number of people there’s a chance to identify, educate and potentially grow into greater contributors.

      La frase final es clave:

      Creating barriers to entry just reduces the number of people there’s a chance to identify, educate and potentially grow into greater contributors.

    2. We know what happens to unhealthy projects over a long enough time period, more maintainers leave, contributions eventually fall, and if we’re lucky users leave it. When we aren’t so lucky adoption continues and years later we’re plagued with security and stability issues in widely adopt software that can’t be effectively maintained.The number of users a project has is a poor indicator of the health of the project, often it is the most used software that suffers the biggest contribution crisis.
  34. Jan 2015
  35. May 2014
    1. Two scroll bars is hard to understand. I expect to scroll up to the first comment using the comments bar, but it only scrolls up to the first comment that is also on the range of page I can see. (I think). Its a hard problem, I know.

      Also super helpful to have all text on page to show even if the annotation side bar is open.

    2. Clicking on the number arrows sometimes narrows the comments down to the ones indicated, and sometimes does not.

      The number 3+4 aren't super understandable. It would help to have a hover maybe that said "3 comments and 4 replies"

    3. I'm not able to resize the bar - it gives me the option but it doesn't seem to work? Edit - I'm able to resize the bar outward with ease and no issues, but not inward again. Holding it down for some time it logged me out for some reason.

    4. I don't seem to see updates until I reload the page. But the network sucks, so hey.

    5. Public/private should be selected at a higher level, not on a per annotation level. Maybe per session.

      • I now see it is per session, but that was not clear as I made the selection in a specific annotation.