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  1. Mar 2023
  2. Sep 2022
    1. “That’s the mantra of web3, to be open and composable, and with CC0 no one owns the rights to the intellectual property. This creates huge potential for what can be created in the future. But the bigger corporations are coming into the space and trying to close things down, tracking wallets and essentially bringing web2 into web3. I don’t want that. I want web3 to continue to be built by the people, for the people, which is why all these public goods are crucial for the future of web3.”

      This is extremely interesting: the conviction that public domain approach is what differentiates web3 from web2. Quite different from a. typical spin that attributes this to the technological stack - here the stack is law + norms.

    2. “Chain Runners was the first community where I spent a significant amount of my time in their Discord server,” Beans recalls. “It was different because I wasn’t solely in it for profit, but rather talking about how cool the tech was. The CC0 vibe was far different than other projects I encountered; everyone in the server was talking about pushing the space forward.”
  3. Dec 2021
  4. Nov 2018
    1. Zero Is My Hero (CC0)

      Unfortunately, because Steve's blog doesn't have a copyright statement, all the material in the blog is fully protected by copyright.

  5. Sep 2018
    1. The Free Software Foundation[11][12] and the Open Knowledge Foundation approved CC0 as a recommended license to dedicate content and software to the public domain.
    1. In October 2014 the Open Knowledge Foundation recommends the Creative Commons CC0 license to dedicate content to the public domain,[51][52] and the Open Data Commons Public Domain Dedication and License (PDDL) for data.[53]
  6. Feb 2018
    1. By default, all public contributions (annotations) made with the Hypothes.is open annotation tool are dedicated to the public domain via the CC0 Public Domain Dedication. Hypothes.is' TOU covers this policy in more detail

      The CC team was key in this decision of ours. This gh issue was where the discussion happened. https://github.com/hypothesis/h/issues/1257#issuecomment-57957198