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  1. Feb 2022
    1. the telling of oppressive history can make people uncomfortable. One common argument against incorporating the history of enslaved people, she says, is that, due to the scarcity of primary sources, the history is difficult to tell meaningfully and accurately. But, Rose explains, "resistance to interpreting slavery is not about scarcity of documentation." Rather, using the supposed scarcity of documentation to excuse engagement is a form of resistance, as are denial, sarcasm, and apathy.

      The scarcity of primary sources making it difficult to tell meaningful and accurate history is a common argument against incorporating the history of enslaved people. These excuses as well as denial, sarcasm, and apathy are used to erase the value of these people and our shared history.

  2. Jan 2022
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  4. Oct 2018
    1. ). In many cases, boys and men learn rape-supportive rules, or circumstances in which it is acceptable to force a girl or woman to have sex (e.g., after paying for a meal and receiving no sexual favors, a man may rape a wom

      Rape Myth Acceptance trivializes rape and encourages men to do so by giving exceptions