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  1. Apr 2023
  2. Mar 2022
    1. Gray hair is a crown of glory;    it is gained in a righteous life.

      —Proverbs 16:31

      Naturally as someone who went gray prematurely, I'm in total agreement with this! 😁

  3. Nov 2021
  4. wallet.kukai.app wallet.kukai.app
    1. Niki Selken, Gray Area, shared Kukai with the Design Science Studio today as an easy way to get some crypto, using a single sign on with Google.

  5. Oct 2021
    1. The empathy map, one of Gamestorming’s methods for understanding audiences, including users, customers, and other players in any business ecosystem, has gotten some press lately because it was featured in Alex Osterwalder‘s excellent book, Business Model Generation as a tool for discovering insights about customers.
  6. Apr 2017
    1. p. 99

      About the usefulness of requests for information as a way of finding grey literature (anthropologist quoted on page).



  7. Feb 2016