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  1. Mar 2023
    1. In the long inscription of Regnal Year 11 on theeast wall of the first court of his great temple atMedinet Habu Rameses III is described (p. 80) asa "bull . . . able to bellow." In his note on thetext introducing this inscription Wilson (p. 71)"remarks with regret that it was designed chieflyas a space filler." The reader, as he works throughthe fourteen hundred columns of texts translatedin this volume, cannot fail to be struck by the un-conscious accuracy of the first statement and theextent to which the second can be applied to mostof the texts translated here.

      What a searing insult carefully couched here!



  2. Feb 2023
    1. War eine Dame häufig an der Bar anzutreffen, nannte man sie hinter vorgehaltener Hand «Miss Martini».

      Google translate:

      If a lady was often to be found at the bar, she was called “Miss Martini” behind closed doors.

      Use by hotel staff of rich clientele

      Link to the idea of nominative determinism as somewhat related.

    2. Die Klientel bewegte sich unter ihresgleichen und hatte keine Ahnung, dass der höfliche Concierge an der Rezeption heimlich seinem Ärger Luft machte – mittels giftiger Kommentare: «Ganz grober Kerl; treibt es arg mit den Weibern», «Grosser Protz à la Neureich», «Rappenspalter», «blöde Ziege» oder «Beisszange».

      Google translate:

      The clientele moved among their own kind and had no idea the polite concierge at the front desk was secretly venting his anger with venomous comments: 'Very rude fellow; does it badly with the women", "Big Protz à la Neureich", "Rappensplitter", "Stupid Goat" or "Tongs".

  3. Jun 2022
    1. Develop knowledge, leave the overthinking to the bubble graph boys (digital notetakers).


      Something I love here about the use of "bubble graph boys" as a pejorative to describe the productivity porn space in digital note taking.

  4. Jan 2022
    1. Theircontemporary descendants prefer Wendat (pronounced ‘Wen-dot’), noting that ‘Huron’ was originally an insult, meaning(depending on the source) either ‘pig-haired’ or ‘malodorous’.
  5. Dec 2021
    1. Yet in factthe quality of their empirical generalizations is hardly better; insome ways it’s probably worse. At some point, you have to takethe toys back from the children.


  6. Sep 2021
    1. “From the culture’s point of view, Adler was a dead white male who had the bad luck to still be alive.”

      This is a painful burn by the writer Alex Beam.

      Perhaps worth modifying for Donald J. Trump?

      From the perspective of the American experiment and the evolution of democracy, Donald J. Trump was a dead white male who had the bad luck to still be alive."