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    1. The men of the Swedelands 30 For truce or for truth trust I but little

      The messenger reminds the people of the battles with the Swedes in which Hygelac was killed and Beowulf fought. Perhaps this long digression on the theme of Beowulf's death is an extended warning: these things will now come to pass again.

    2. The folk now expecteth Our lord’s death will lead to attacks 20 A season of strife when the death of the folk-king from our old foes. To Frankmen and Frisians in far-lands is published.

      The Messenger warns that former enemies will take advantage of Beowulf's death.

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    1. The urgent argument for turning any company into a software company is the growing availability of data, both inside and outside the enterprise. Specifically, the implications of so-called “big data”—the aggregation and analysis of massive data sets, especially mobile

      Every company is described by a set of data, financial and other operational metrics, next to message exchange and paper documents. What else we find that contributes to the simulacrum of an economic narrative will undeniably be constrained by the constitutive forces of its source data.

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    1. WhatsApp has become the dominant messaging platform, dwarfing all other contenders with the exception of its Facebook stablemate Messenger. In doing so, this hyper-scale “over-the-top” platform has also pushed legacy SMS messaging into the background
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