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  1. Nov 2023
    1. In this example, we still want app/models/shapes/circle.rb to define Circle, not Shapes::Circle. This may be your personal preference to keep things simple, and also avoids refactors in existing code bases. The collapsing feature of Zeitwerk allows us to do that:
  2. Nov 2021
    1. A namespace is a scope.C++ provides namespaces to prevent name conflicts.

      namespace 有什么作用?

    1. But the other effect of unnamed namespaces is that all identifiers inside an unnamed namespace are treated as if they had internal linkage, which means that the content of an unnamed namespace can’t be seen outside of the file in which the unnamed namespace is defined.

      unnamed namespace 有什么作用?

  3. Jun 2021
    1. import { knex } from 'knex' // this is a function that you call to instantiate knex import { Knex } from 'knex' // this is a namespace, and a type of a knex object
  4. Nov 2020
    1. Because module members are usually used with a namespace, short and simple names are usually the most readable option. But those names might not make sense outside the module they’re defined in, so @forward has the option of adding an extra prefix to all the members it forwards.
  5. Jul 2020
    1. the functions named step* are all of single use, they are created only to avoid the “pyramid of doom.” No one is going to reuse them outside of the action chain. So there’s a bit of namespace cluttering
  6. May 2020
    1. Authors of third-party tools should prefix each label key with the reverse DNS notation of a domain they own, such as com.example.some-label.