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    1. Zebra companies are often started by women and other underrepresented founders.

      Because folks outside the dominant POV see needs, opportunities, and possibilities that others don't?

    2. To state the obvious: unlike unicorns, zebras are real.
    3. We believe that developing alternative business models to the startup status quo has become a central moral challenge of our time.

      Zebras: alternative business models

  8. Feb 2017
  9. Nov 2016
    1. A knack for programming can pull someone out of poverty. But first they need a computer. And it helps much more if they are introduced to people in the profession to mentor them and help them find a job.

  10. May 2016
    1. Ford Foundation President Darren Walker is among the most outspoken funders calling for a new grantmaking approach. “All of us in the nonprofit ecosystem are party to a charade with terrible consequences—what we might call the ‘overhead fiction,’” says Walker. “The data included in this article along with comparable data for our grantees convinced us that we had to make a change.” Beginning January 1, 2016, Ford doubled its “overhead rate” (the percentage above direct project costs that can be used to pay indirect costs) to 20 percent. In doing so, it hoped “to encourage more honest dialogue about the actual operating costs of nonprofit organizations,” adds Walker.

      Charity funders need to be aware that different organizations have different overhead costs.

  11. Dec 2015
    1. Daniel Bassill offers advice on building a culture of ongoing learning and personal networking within a nonprofit organization. This helps you keep volunteers involved, attract new volunteers, and develop partnerships with other organizations.