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  1. Nov 2022
    1. https://web.archive.org/web/20061012215828/http://www.chass.utoronto.ca/~klausner/part.html

      Check-list of common particles

      GMW=D. Simon Evans Grammar of Middle Welsh (Dublin, 1964)


      • definite article (yr before vowels and h), GMW 24.
      • unstressed possessive pronoun, masc. or fem., sing. or pl., GMW 53.
      • preposition 'to' (inflected forms, GMW 60; can take infixed pronoun).
      • oblique relative particle, used when relative stands in genitival relationship, or is governed by a preposition, adverb, or nominal predicate. GMW 64ff.
      • conjunction 'that' (yd before vowels), GMW 171.
      • y (4) + y (2 or 5) = y.
      • affirmative preverbal particle (also appears as yd, ydd, ytt), GMW 171.


      • affirmative preverbal particle, especially to support infixed pronoun, GMW 171.
      • relative pronoun/particle, GMW 172.
      • preposition 'with' (can take infixed pronoun), GMW 181.
      • conjunction 'and' (can take infixed pronoun), GMW 230.
      • variant of 'o', preposition 'of, from', GMW 205.
      • interrogative particle, GMW 174.
      • vocative particle (interjection), GMW 245.
      • 3 sing. pres. ind. of 'mynet', GMW 132.


      • preposition 'of, from' (inflected forms, GMW 59); can take infixed pronoun.
      • conjunction 'if', GMW 240.
      • interjection 'alas', GMW 245.
      • in composite prepositions, GMW 205-6.
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