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  1. Feb 2024
  2. Jul 2022
    1. The Diff 的 Hobart 把目光转向了小一号的 Web 2.0 产品 Pinterest。这家公司的联合创始人及 CEO Ben Silbermann 刚刚宣布卸任,把权力交给前 Google 一位商业高管。

      Pinterest 可以说是开启了双排流布局的先锋,但它的起源却和其它同期的 Web 2.0 产品颇为不同——它的发源地离硅谷很远,创始人 Ben Slibermann 本来也和科技行业没有什么渊源。Hobart 和很多行业评论家恰恰认为,这是 Pinterest 能够发掘这个独特的「剪藏」的机会。

      Pinterest 的增长抓住了两个要点:UGC + SEO。前者是免费的内容供给,后者是免费的内容分发。两个红利推动了其早期的快速增长,公司也及时的在自己的平台上构建了相应的 KOL 体系,从而留住一些长期忠实用户。但这种免费产生的流量也会产生不小的隐忧,Google 稍微调整一下算法,其流量来源就可能遭到重挫。这种情况在其上市后也发生过,导致增长存在很大的不确定性。

      Hobart 认为,这并不是 Pinterest 面临的最大的挑战,和其它遭遇中等规模陷阱的平台类似,Pinterest 还需要解决其商业模式的难题。

  3. Apr 2022
  4. Sep 2021
    1. We may think of Pinterest as a visual form of commonplacing, as people choose and curate images (and very often inspirational quotations) that they find motivating, educational, or idealistic(Figure 6). Whenever we choose a passage to cite while sharing an article on Facebook or Twitter, we are creating a very public commonplace book on social media. Every time wepost favorite lyrics from a song or movie to social media or ablog, weare nearing the concept of Renaissance commonplace book culture.

      I'm not the only one who's thought this. Pinterest, Facebook, twitter, (and other social media and bookmarking software) can be considered a form of commonplace.

  5. Mar 2019
    1. Participate in eLearning Learning

      This page is set up like a Pinterest page. There are changing (not necessarily completely current) articles on various aspects of e-learning for adults. The page is laid out in a sufficiently attractive manner and the page seems relevant to those who are training adult learners. This is not the best site to visit if one has a specific need in mind but could be used well by someone who has a few minutes and wants to browse. Rating 3/5

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