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  1. Jul 2023
    1. redirect()

      که خب برای وقتایی هست که تو میخوای در یک تابعی هستی و درخواست را بفرستی برای یک تابع دیگه کخ اون Handle کنه. مثلا وقتی User و Pass نداره بره تو صفحه Signup. سه تا پارامتر میگیره شامل location که آدرسی که میخواد نتیجه بره و statuscode که خب طبیعتا 302 است و response نفهمیدم.

  2. Jun 2023
    1. Setting up RedirectsOne last thing before we leave you, you’ll notice that you tend to get redirected to the blog as opposed to a wiki logon page. That’s done with one final caddy configuration, forcing you to read my blog if you try to go to an arbitrary URL (especially important if you are retiring old sites):NoneBashCSSCC#ElixirErlangGoGraphQLGroovyHaskellHTMLINIJavaJavaScriptJSONKotlinLispLuaMermaid DiagramNixObjective-COCamlPerlPHPPowershellPythonRubyRustScalaSQLSoliditySwiftTOMLTypeScriptVisual BasicYAMLZigKopierenkb.gurucomputing.com { @notBlog { not path /static* not path /doc* not path /s/* not path /auth* not path /realtime* not path /images* not path /locales* not path /api* not path /collaboration* not path /collection* } redir @notBlog /s/blog reverse_proxy http://outline }To get to the logon page, you instead navigate to a /doc or /collection subpath as opposed to the root of the site (and of course you still need authentication). And that’s how I made this blog.
  3. Dec 2022
    1. The mail sender MUST NOT return an HTTPS redirect, since redirected POST actions have historically not worked reliably, and many browsers have turned redirected HTTP POSTs into GETs.
  4. Mar 2021
  5. Mar 2020
    1. If a server responds to a POST or other non-idempotent request with a 303 See Other response and a value for the location header, the client is expected to obtain the resource mentioned in the location header using the GET method
    2. to trigger a request to the target resource using the same method, the server is expected to provide a 307 Temporary Redirect response
  6. Dec 2019
    1. For macOS, you can use either the loopback interface (where AppAuth will generate the redirect URI for you), or a custom scheme. To create a custom scheme redirect URI, reverse the client id to get the URI scheme, for example com.googleusercontent.apps.IDENTIFIER and, add your own path component. E.g. com.googleusercontent.apps.IDENTIFIER:/oauth2redirect/google. Note that there is only a single slash (/) after the scheme.

      Vital info here for "allegedly" forming proper redirect URI with Google.

      Trying it out shortly

  7. Oct 2019
  8. Oct 2016