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  1. Sep 2021
    1. Insight Virtual College Comes To Chilbo

      "The Chilbo community was established in 2006 as an association of mainland land owners determined to be good neighbors to each other. Through the years that ethic has continued to be the foundation for a diverse group of residents with a wide variety of interests, both land owners and renters."

    1. First, the Backstory:  A Brief History of the Chilbo Community

      What began as a simple Welcome Center with helpful information and freebies for travelers eventually blossomed into a community of fellow learners and explorers.

  2. Aug 2021
    1. personal terminals that project a high-quality virtual reality display onto goggles worn by the user, or from grainy black and white public terminals in booths.

      black and white

    1. These are some historical locations and settings throughtout Second Life.

      Thank You Charlize Wemyss

    1. My Web presence is only for Educational, Non-commercial and Non-Profit purpose.I try my best to be of a help to the needy and underprivileged students with my limited knowledge and resource.Thank you for stopping by. Warm regards.

      Soumen's work in virtual world design is elegant; complex interactions connecting users and components with (and thru) data..

      Question: Are these tools ready for prime time?

      Note: First use of'resources' tag?

      See you soon, Later

    1. Best Practices in Virtual World Educational Content Design

      Note to self: Huh?

    1. Edit: Use this link, instead.

      Found at last

      Many lessons learned, almost lost. Thanks archive.org

      Note: Other captures may have different content...?

    1. “a learning theory for the digital age”

      Connectivism, digital literacy, and games. Components, connectors, and data

    1. Site Preview HUD

      Howdy Max!!!

      A cool tool born of need after VWBPE 2013.

      Mary Anne Clark's Genome Island serves up a master class in virtual world pedagogy, along with the genetics course content.

    1. WikiCFP is a semantic wiki for Calls For Papers in science and technology fields.

      Call for papers

    1. throw fish at you guys let's see can you catch those

      If you are reading this "in context", then the video is keyed to this very quote.

      Annotation cannot capture punctuation, or the 'tone', of John Lester as he delivers a virtual world keynote at the 2017 VWBPE; but, at least DocDrop.org does allows a fine-grain moment-capture notion-linking...or whatever it is that I am doing atm.

    1. Star Trek and STEM Education

      Plans for The Virtual Cell include a space port. Would that scene best be served with a Star Trek theme? How about steam punk?

    1. Several areas of inquiry emerge in this narrative, a gold mine of topics to inform any look at effective VW instructional design.

    2. Then Reality Struck! 

      Yes! Object lessons in managing synchronous activity among twenty or thirty users.

    3. I dutifully went through the orientation process with a newly created avatar a few weeks ago so that I could anticipate what the students would be facing.

      Instructional design in virtual worlds reveals many, many challenges. Asking an in-world friend or colleague to visit a build can be a big ask, given that most are engaged in building and design, themselves; still, a fresh look is likely to bring good feedback.

    1. the wealth of apples.

      Are these apples, or any of the other delectable goodies on Genome Island, stored in an OAR (or LOR)? Can one find apples of the same design in OSGrid or another VW?

      Note: Annotations for this page, a 'category' listing of posts, are not seen if one views any one of the posts. (See this post, for example.)

    2. We had quite a rough orientation experience. 

      Orientation at Genome Island has evolved, and the pedagogy of 3-D design is there to be observed. Has there been a need to document the design principles for an effective orientation experience? What are the instructions provided for teachers, like the instructor who sent the Peruvian students ?

    3. Today my genetics class visited Second Life for the first time. 

      The year 2007 found a great many educators—including former educators like me—gathering in Second Life. That was after the goldrush. (see The Second Life hype cycle - 2007)

      A multitude of lessons in design have been learned, and the gatherings have continued. Where can new users, educators entering like those in 2007, find tips and tricks and strategies honed by the veteran around in 2007?


      Should one flag this URL, or the earliest capture of this URL at archive.org? Does that depend on the purpose, the context by which the annotation is to be used?

      Edit: Is there another tag that could be used here?

  3. datatracker.ietf.org datatracker.ietf.org
    1. Hyper Text Coffee Pot Control Protocol (HTCPCP/1.0)


      "I'm a teapot"

      That's some twentieth century stuff. Still, it did inspire this teacup design

  4. Jul 2021
    1. Point solutions could evolve socially, and so, collaboratively.

      Strands of content form fibers that can be tthreaded best in a local K-12 space.

      Karen Costa suggests that someone "create a tool for students to plan their online work and time management. It needs to aggregate all of their courses and include due dates"

    2. Is there a bottom-line where the horizon meets these challenges, or…

      Yes! At the local level.

      Who in your local school district is using tools that work well with students?

      What tools work best for which learners, and perform most efficiently for their mentors?

    1. Objects built in Minecraft do not have builder identifiers like those in SL and similar worlds, and anyone can make or break objects anywhere.

      "...makes it really difficult to figure "

      wilson Huckleberry may have a solution in his pockets already...

      Note: First tag in Booklady's space.

    1. Works with

      Works with...

      Also works with Chrome's copy-link-to-highlight (option on right-click of highlighted text, like this:





    1. WordPress 5.8 “Tatum” Introduces Block Widgets

      WP Tavern: New on tap...

      'Users can now use them in any available sidebar."

    1. she said you could be one of those people that sits in the back and answers

      Inviting folks like Dorothy Nell to see this cool new tool in action!

      (Clicking on highlighted text should open the annotation tool.)

    1. lesson content imported from another site

      Allows me to bring a viewer to a specific comment in the video, with notes. And this is just a demo/test site?


    1. Middle School Science Units that Support Disciplinary Literacy

      Digital literacy taught alongside science curriculum = Disciplinary Literacy?

    2. Students need special help to rise to the challenge of reading to learn science.

      Hear, hear!

    1. Experience API (xAPI) Standard CONTENTS Overview xAPI History Associated Projects xAPI Technical Details LRS Conformance LRS Endpoints xAPI Profiles Security and Privacy Resources Videos

      "...xAPI enables detailed recording and transfer of “learning experience” data,"

    1. Teaching Metadata IG

      "Metadata...presents educators and trainers with continually evolving pedagogical challenges."

      "...a forum for exchanging experiences and advice on the content of curricula and on classroom methodologies"

      "innovation in metadata design, implementation & best practice"

    1. Cape Able

      "Cape Able island within Second Life® is a haven for deaf, hard of hearing and people with disabilities."

    1. Media Cafe

      Visitors to this Second Life coffee shop could wear their own objects.

      • like the Matrix-styled sunglasses attached to my avatar's nose with its own website. .
    1. M.I.T. OpenCourseWare

      Here, Hypothes.is annotation layer provides a collaborative space for communication. Next, I will post a comment to this old, old blog post, given readers a link to this public annotation.

    1. Shouldn’t Tech Developers (such as yourself) be reaching out to Schools/ Teachers/ Districts FIRST to create and design tech rather than the other way around?”


      Reaching out again with new project MentorsOnline.NET

      Notes: 1st edit of annotation for update of info

      • 2nd use of tag: LTI-test-team
    1. Google Meet training and help

      Scenario: Team building exercise, group tag(s) sorting downstream readers/ viewers (audience).

      Note: First use of tag: LTI-test-team

    1. The Corn Field is a region of mythological status where once naughty avatars were sent to think about what they had done.

      "mythological status"

      Reinforcing middle school grammar and writing skills while promoting social learning around topics such as a mythology in a game such as Minecraft or Roblox.

      APB: Ephemeral Flan, Booklady...wilson Huckleberry too

      This annotation flags archive.org's 2009 capture (its earliest) of this Second Life Wiki article. It could also be a launchpad* for an assignment.

      LTI Note archive.org's timeline panel, in the context of constructive learning, could lead to engaging inquiry about particular subjects.

    1. Cool Beans Coffee Shop

      Cup o' joe with folks at Cool Beans was a steady blend of irregulars with some top shelf virtual world designers .

      "Enjoy some good music and great coffee."

      The music was good.

    1. The list of all Alt Codes for special characters and symbols. Learn How to use Alt Key Codes? for special characters and symbols.

      Drag-n-drop learning.

    1. Da Vinci Theme for Art

      My own use of "widget" began with notes speculating on the use of one particular object.

    1. 3 Annotation Tools to Promote Active Reading on MasteryConnect Assessments

      Staking out the Canvas annotation space on a hunch. Will we see Hypothes.is implement Presence first? Messaging and presence mean chat/notifications, right there in the sidebar, managing presence.

    1. enhance a web browser's capabilities. These add-ons let you choose from thousands of user scripts that modify web page behavior and appearance.

      In a few months many tools described in this article might be standard UI options to be selected.

      "...by letting the user** "choose from thousands of user scripts that modify web page behavior and appearance."

    1. Mastodon is a free, open-source social network server based on ActivityPub where users can follow friends and discover new ones.
    1. Product DevelopmentStrategic DirectionOperations and PlanningGlobal Partners and Resources


    1. Building the future one idea at a time.

      Here's an idea...

      Scenario: students follow lesson links to this page, having

      • easy tagging, posting and sharing of webpages
      • bookmarking and annotation
      • chat/IM, wiki-blog-forum, notification options, online indicators for notices and assignments, online availability of mentor(s), classmates, course outlines, resources...

      ...and, all bundled in one tool [or an educational browser]...

      ...then plug content from another space (i.e., Canvas, or maybe WebQuests) and sky's the limit.

      Familiar with Hypothes.is? Follow this link to MMORGs

    1. Massively multiplayer online role-playing game

      Scenario: students follow lesson links to this page, having

      • easy tagging, posting and sharing of webpages
      • bookmarking and annotation
      • chat/IM, wiki-blog-forum, notification options, online indicators for notices and assignments, online availability of mentor(s), classmates, course outlines, resources...

      ...and, all bundled in one tool [or a new browser]...

      ...then plug content from another space (i.e., Canvas, or maybe WebQuests) and sky's the limit.

    1. Vocabulary highlighting with theTool performed well, considering the amount of time and effort needed to add once the tool was live.

      UI Note: In Google Drive docs, Hypothes.is annotations are shunted into Page Notes on save. (Find: How to merge Hyp-tags: Mentor... vs. mentors...)

    2. WebRangers is an effort to harness oeen technologies, already available on the Internet, to augment education. A vocabulary highlighter could note each word in a pdf, page or article, compare it against a set of terms (managed by parent/mentor/teacher),

    1. Bookmarking: Possible features

      Late in '16, when this browser extension came to life, several functions and features jumped out as likely candidates for secondary education.

      One of these was vocabulary highlighting: importing a vocabulary set to highlight each term (where it appears in any page) with tooltip definitions...on any page visited...incredible!

    1. If you are interested in developing an integration

      Evernote's UI/UX is top shelf; slick, elegant; but, is it extensible? Does it bring the X in XMPP?

      For example: An empty button could be added to the pop-up. A module that can be customized to inject approved widgets...such as chat/IM, or just a Home button keyed to the school's website.

      I once bought a game add-on ($2-3) that came with an extensible button by default. That was a million dollar seller, if memory serves. (See mystical cookie).

    1. It’s also most effective when the instructor is alongside students, participating in the annotations and conversations.


      Adding messaging and chat to Hypothesis could go a long way toward helping with this.

      David Bokan proposes WebAnnotation in the Browser

    2. Of course, if you’re interested, I am more than happy to talk more with you about social annotation and these particular tools, as well as demo them for you as well.

      Many threads emerging in the annotations here: https://github.com/bokand/web-annotations

    1. commonplace book From IndieWeb Jump to: navigation, search

      Commonplace books - "a way to compile and store knowledge, usually by writing information into books, notebooks, card catalogs, or in more modern settings on one's own website."

    1. next

      Must stop. Head is spinning. Now recursively hyperlinkinga assorted annotations about annotations. Maybe a toggle filter for [show annotations in last hour/day/week/year]?

    2. where we're headed

      Still looking for this presentation at YouTube...

    1. A grantmaking process that would solicit and receive proposals to expand the existing universe of open source software that implements or works with the Open Annotation specification

      Is The Fund still funded? How about a new module for educators...a new button on the Hypothes.is UI, that taps into emerging shared knowledge repositories.

    1. shared knowledge repositories

      Social bookmarking. Flagging, tagging, sticky notes, anchors?

    1. How are these combined?

      Does this mean multiple sources that are entirely separate repositories? (So, one could engage or "subscribe to" annotations through channels such as might be available from MIT, NYTimes, or the Texas Department of Education?)

      I have annotated this same sentence using Hypothes.is, but in another group ("Anyone Can Join", link). Is that a different "source", or a different layer?

  5. Jun 2021
  6. Feb 2021
    1. Emperor Ashok of the Maurya dynasty visited Lumbini in 249 B.C. accompanied by his preceptor Upagupta. He erected a pillar in Lumbini to mark the birth of Shakyamuni Buddha. He also erected pillars in Niglihawa and Gotihawa to mark the birth and Kanakmuni of Krakuchhanda respectively.

      Emperor Ashok's edicts are declared in Indo-Aryan on these pillars.

    1. plug-ins for annotator; see marginalia, heatmap, MIT Annotation Data Store ...is WikiEdu course data available?

  7. Nov 2020
  8. Aug 2020
    1. We launched PMOG in closed beta in February 2008 - people could play, but only with an invitation. This allowed us to gradually grow the game, to be sure our servers held up and we weren't getting overwhelmed with new customers.

      gameLayers in '08, "how we failed"

  9. Dec 2019
    1. We artists will serve you as an avant-garde, the power of the arts is most immediate: when we want to spread new ideas we inscribe them on marble or canvas. What a magnificent destiny for the arts is that of exercising a positive power over society, a true priestly function and of marching in the van [i.e. vanguard] of all the intellectual faculties!

      A review of the visual arts—discerning schools or trends, eras and movements—has been motivated by a desire to properly frame a collaborative effort recently begun with a rough screenplay titled "Elaborate". That journey has landed here.

  10. Jan 2017
    1. Students will develop an understanding of the challenges Nigerians face and then be able to clearly articulate in a paper or presentation the reasons behind these challenges.

      Clearly defined outcomes pave inroads for teachers and students as they certain-navigate the Interwebs.

  11. Dec 2016
    1. to help fill some of the acute gaps in thinking, implementation, and discovery which exist

      What would you want to do, if you were right there with your students...in their browser window?

  12. Sep 2016
    1. The Arizona Science Standard adopted in 2004 is the current science standard.

      Remarkably expected; still, literacy is addressed.

    2. Arizona’s College and Career Ready Standards

      Writing underway for VA, TX, CA. Provide supporting reference to standards listed here and likelihood of educators using the activity/quest/lesson increases significantly.

  13. Aug 2016
    1. MentorsOnline

      Coming soon: mentorsonline.net

    2. Easy access to instructional content simplifies navigation.

      Less clicking, more learning. Browser extensions can place instructional content right there, where it is needed, adding an interface layer* that enhances learning.

    1. Train newcomers through a program of supervised engagement.

      What forum or bug-reporting facility is needed for the team? Is it enough to use shared Google-Documents (i.e.,UAT Scripts)?

      During development, users can easily record observations during testing by entering comments directly in chat.

      *Edit* see also: "onboarding"

    1. Get to the library.

      Thinking about Digital Literacy while looking for possible resources for a Life Science WebQuest...and this line practically jumped off the page. A multi-day (week long?) small group research project could combine Library Research with independent web research strategies.

      Several of Virginia's Standards of Learning would be supported (see G-Doc).

    1. meet students where they’re at

      Encouraged to find this report from opening with an idea that is central in the MentorsOnline project, which asks: "What would YOU want to do, if you could be with your students, right there in the browser?" Glad to have found this. (Glad for the course correction back to good material.)

    1. Helping students understand the difference between how they play Minecraft at home versus at school is one of the most important aspects of using MinecraftEdu as an educational tool.

      "Courses" in Canvas LMS do not need to be elaborate. The MentorsOnline prototype pulls a complete "lesson" from a single Canvas "assignment"...very simple. (How we use Canvas with the tool differs from how we use Canvas in general.)

      For more about the project, see this page.

    1. Default: login info not stored, in case of shared devices like Chromebooks

      Some design decisions await feedback from educators. This is one example... (What is the routine in schools where Chromebooks are shared?)

    1. the integration of the actions that make life easier

      This is the goal of the MentorsOnline project: making it convenient for teachers to share links, and simplifying navigation for students.

      To read "about" the project, see this page. (Rendered in the Hypothes.is annotation tool.)

    1. parasitoid ovipositor tips have teeth-like structures, preferentially enriched with zinc, unlike the smooth morphology of pollinator ovipositors

      The presence of zinc seems to be a strategy "of the ovipositioning apparatus to endure fracture and fatigue." That is some heavy metal.

  14. Jul 2016
    1. I think we can make it easier for students to navigate the web

      This is the primary motivation for the MentorsOnline project. By making it convenient for teachers to share links, we make it easier for students to learn on the Internet.

    1. jump

      Here, annotation could enhance a document like this, reinforcing the study of Nepali vocabulary...maybe even importing definitions from WordsAPI.

    1. What is necessary, however, is that enough investment be put into presentation that newcomers can get past the initial obstacle of unfamiliarity.

      "Investment" being the key term, here...difficult judging how much time to invest in documentation and presentation, as opposed to continuing to develop the application.

      @Adrian: This comment was added using the Hypothes.is browser extension. You are viewing the file (archive.org) as rendered by the Hypothes.is proxy, which emulates the effect of that browser extension.

    1. Bush telly : campfire

      My favorite Australian slang, so far...

    1. Contact azwaldo at gmail dot com for more information.

      This install guide closes a gap. Now, users can 1) register an account (click the face, use "mentor" as pass key), 2) add links to database, 3) create a lesson, 4) DL/install the browser extension, and 5) SEE THEIR LESSON in the application.

      More info here: https://azwaldo.com/wordpress/category/project/ (blog category)

    1. What is necessary, however, is that enough investment be put into presentation that newcomers can get past the initial obstacle of unfamiliarity.

      This is good news, as it is precisely what has been happening in the project. More info here: https://azwaldo.com/wordpress/category/project/

  15. Apr 2016
  16. community.canvaslms.com community.canvaslms.com