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  1. May 2020
    1. more predictive

      Predictive means something very specific here. In stats this means if I know one thing (the level of interaction) I can predict another (student performance) better than chance. The most predictive elements are sometimes causal.

    2. Teaching Presence

      You'll notice this is a slightly different but very similar structure to the Petersen 2016 paper.

    3. (Garrison, et al., 2000;

      The big paper that introduced the three presence model.

    4. That being said, recent preliminary research explicitly investigating the link between teaching presence and objective learning outcomes (i.e., course grades) has been encouraging (Shea, Vickers, & Hayes, 2010)

      So this was in 2010 (and earlier). When you're looking at other readings this week, think about whether this research finding has gotten stronger or weaker over time.

  2. Jul 2019
    1. AI, especially in popular culture, is often a jumping-off point for dialogue with ourselves about what the future means, sometimes at the expense of understanding the present.
  3. Jun 2019
    1. Using a tactic now known as gastrodiplomacy or culinary diplomacy, the government of Thailand has intentionally bolstered the presence of Thai cuisine outside of Thailand to increase its export and tourism revenues, as well as its prominence on the cultural and diplomatic stages.
  4. May 2019
    1. Eventually, Greenwald ran afoul of the courts on ethical grounds, when he recorded interviews with witnesses in the lawsuit brought by one of Ben Smith’s victims without their knowledge or permission.
    2. Geremy von Rineman and his girlfriend Jill Scarborough, were part of a group of neo-Nazis charged in Los Angeles in plotting to bomb the city’s largest black church, also in July 1993.
    3. COTC members bombed NAACP offices in Tacoma and a Seattle gay bar in July 1993.
    4. Charles Altvater
    5. shooting of a black man in Florida named Harold Mansfield
    6. The White Man’s Bible
    7. Church of the Creator
    8. Klassen decided the Republicans and Democrats were too corrupted by Jews and founded his own party, the Nationalist White Party, in 1970.
    1. To Gorski's statement, Stickland tweeted, "Look, another guy in a white coat who thinks he’s a better parent than everyone else! #shocking #notreally Why do you want to run my life and own my kids?"
    1. Although WikiLeaks initially claimed the site combined the “simplicity of a wiki interface” with the “protection and anonymity of cutting-edge cryptographic technologies,” Reagle told me that this wasn’t true: Its public submission system was insecure and was taken offline after an internal defection.
    2. In 2005, the journal Nature published a study suggesting English Wikipedia’s level of accuracy was similar to Encyclopedia Britannica’s, and further research on the website’s accuracy has found similar results across other language editions.
    3. Back in 2007, the former president of the American Library Association said, “Any professor who encourages the use of Wikipedia is the intellectual equivalent of a dietician who recommends a steady diet of Big Macs with everything.”
    1. “I was a racist, certainly,” she said. “And I patted myself on the back, saying, ‘Well, I’m not, you know, some kind of Cro-Magnon racist. I just believe that they’re violent and unruly,’” referring to nonwhite people.The idea that these were not “Cro-Magnon” racists, but instead cultured and intelligent holders of taboo truths, is essential to their appeal to the lonely and disaffected.

      Holders of Taboo Truths

      Alt-righters see themselves as people brave enough to tell politically incorrect truths.

    2. “AmRen? American Renaissance?” Saucier said, “Yes, sir,” and Bannon put his hand on his shoulder and said, “Well, we’re all fighting the same fight.”

      Bannon and Amren

    3. Taylor calls himself a “white advocate” and has written, “When blacks are left entirely to their own devices, Western civilization — any kind of civilization — disappears." McHugh brought Saucier along to the party.


    4. The important thing in the new conservative digital media, she had realized, was not to not be racist, but to laugh at those who called you racist.
    5. “It was sort of rumored, whispered stuff that was none of my business,” said Lee Stranahan, a former Breitbart reporter who now works for Russian government–owned outlet Sputnik

      sputnik breitbart

    6. During his time at the Caller, Greer wrote racist screeds under a pseudonym for Richard Spencer’s website Radix Journal.
    7. a former Breitbart reporter who now works for Russian government–owned outlet Sputnik,
    8. Devin commandeered my laptop to update AmRen in the office.”

      Devin Sanders updating AmRen from the Daily Caller office

    9. Neoreactionary” refers to a relatively new, mostly online far-right ideology that has developed over the past several years, based on the concept of an anti-democratic Dark Enlightenment.

      Neoreactionary short def

    10. McHugh already had a job waiting for her. According to her, the Intercollegiate Studies Institute, a college conservative group, gave her a $20,000 fellowship to work at the Daily Caller, the then-fledgling conservative news site founded by Tucker Carlson and Neil Patel. The Caller added $10,000. Famously, Carlson had given a speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in 2009 about how conservatives needed to create a true alternative to the mainstream media by producing accurate journalism and modeling themselves after the New York Times. Carlson had a polyglot vision for his outlet, and the leadership of the Daily Caller cultivated a laissez-faire attitude toward its culture, which helped the Caller produce journalists from all over the spectrum. Some have gone on to well-regarded mainstream or conservative outlets and launched successful careers. But others have veered much further toward the fringe.

      There is a network for conservative students that simply does not exist for liberal students

    11. She’d become a devotee of Joe Sobran, the late Catholic columnist who was fired from National Review after falling out with William F. Buckley and whose writings deeply influenced the paleoconservative movement, which emphasizes nationalism and noninterventionism. Over the course of his career, Sobran’s writing on Israel and Jews became extreme, and he associated with Holocaust deniers and questioned Holocaust history. McHugh had liked Ron Paul, for whom she was slightly too young to vote in 2008, so a friend at church had told her to read Sobran’s “The Reluctant Anarchist.” In the piece, written in 2002, Sobran describes how he moved away from the ideology of mainstream conservatism and toward becoming a “philosophical anarchist.” Sobran opposed the concept of the state as a unifying force of government; he opposed the very idea of so-called constitutional government. The argument made sense to the budding young libertarian in Pennsylvania. “That was my step into the right,” she said. “I think I’ve read every single thing Sobran’s ever written.” Sobran’s death was also her introduction to even further-right media; when he died in 2010, her online search for obituaries led her to the VDare and American Renaissance websites, she said.

      Sobran as entry into white supremacy

  5. Apr 2019
    1. They had been told that the insulin that their son was supposed to be taking for his Type 1 diabetes was poison, Solis testified. Timothy Morrow, a herbalist based in Torrance, Calif., had instead told them to rub lavender oil on the boy’s spine and prescribed herbal medicine that he claimed would cure Lopez for life.
    1. These beliefs may seem harmless or even amusing, says Jason Colavito, an author in Albany who covers pseudoarchaeology in books and on his blog. But they have “a dark side,” he says. Almost all such claims assume that ancient non-European societies weren’t capable of inventing sophisticated architecture, calendars, math, and sciences like astronomy on their own. “It’s racist at its core,” says Kenneth Feder, an archaeologist at Central Connecticut State University in New Britain, who is slated to present at the SAA session and began to write about the dangers of these ideas long before most other scholars paid attention to them.

      Ancient Aliens is racist

    1. Welcome to the continually updated CBS Local Daily Story Stream. Here’s a look at the top stories people are talking about now across our network of CBS Local sites
    1. Foundation for Economic Education (FEE) is
  6. Feb 2019
  7. Nov 2018
  8. Jul 2018
    1. N. R. THompson dies at 58.

      Began career with Franklin County Times, at Russellvllle, his birthplace. birthplace. Later he went with The Birmingham Birmingham Ledger, and then with The Birmingham Age-Herald.

      Passed paper on to sons Dick and Arthur Thompson

    1. "To honor The Southern Star for its worthv and uninterrupted service to Ozark and Dale County since its founding in 1867. Joseph A. Adams, founder, 1867-1887. 1867-1887. 1867-1887. Joseph H. Adams, 1887-1901. 1887-1901. 1887-1901. John Q. Adams. 1901-1925. 1901-1925. 1901-1925. Jesse B. Adams, editor and publisher.


      Joseph Adams, 1867-1887 Joseph H. Adams, 1887-1901 John Q. Adams 1901-1925 Jesse B. Adams 1925-???

    1. If a newspaper takes up over half of its front page, with farm, school and market news, it is easy to see that he is serving his subscribers

      Commended paper for deep coverage of farm and market news, rural community

    2. Southern Star of Osark was awarded the Victor Hanson loving cup for having rendered the best community service oi any weekly newspaper in Alabama in 1928

      Southern Star awarded Victor Hanson prize in 1928.

    1. Newspaper Joe took the side of Brewer. He endorsed Brewer in the Southern Star.

      In Wallace Brewer fight paper took side of Brewer

    2. Joseph A. Adams, a Confederate veteran with no journalism experience, started the paper.

      Paper started by Joseph Adams, confederate soldier

    3. His family has owned the Southern Star since 1867.

      Adams family owns Southern Star since 1867