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    1. An Indian state produces more wind power than Sweden or Denmark..Thats quite a welcome surprise...Perception is that Europe was leading the race on renewables.. but India 🇮🇳 is marching ahead..

      Energy Transition Wind in India

    1. The Equinor-operated Rosebank oil and gas field will provide significant investment into the UK.

      justification with investment in terms of money

    1. Field participation detailsThe field is owned by Equinor, Suncor Energy and Siccar Point Energy.

      rosebank (crude) oil and gas field participation information and estimated production

  2. Nov 2022
    1. Greenwashing or real commitment? Introducing our climate pledge rating

      Ecosia - Climate pledge rating

    1. To avoid the worst case scenario, we need to embrace the circular economy of "repair, redesign, reuse" to reach net zero.


    1. Drax: UK power station owner cuts down primary forests in Canada

      Drax: UK power station station owner cuts down primary forests in Canada

    1. but as described in the following section we did in some cases consider biodiversity as a safeguard for the other shifts (e.g., limiting biomass use as a method to reduce emissions).

      reduce biomass use

    1. Seeking full energy independence from Russian gas, in response to Russia's energy blackmail in #Europe and the war in #Ukraine 🇺🇦, #Lithuania 🇱🇹 has completely abandoned Russian gas

      Lithuania abandons Russian Gas

    1. Independent Greenhouse Gas emissions tracking


    1. Master Shi Heng Yi – 5 hindrances to self-mastery | Shi Heng YI | TEDxVitosha 14 Mio. Aufrufe vor 2 Jahren

      Master Shi Heng Yi

  3. Oct 2022
    1. Amsterdam koploper schone energie, doe mee!

      020 _ 02025 _ Amsterdam koploper schone energie, doe mee!

    1. Kabinet wil warmtenetten in publieke handen brengen

      District heating in public hands

    1. Yuval Noah Harari: The Actual Cost of Preventing Climate Breakdown | TED 187.182 Aufrufe vor 3 Monaten

      2% investment of Global GDP in clean technology

    1. Concentrations of harmful chemicals have fallen 50% since 1980. Learn more about protecting the planet: http://ow.ly/uNfq50KZOvq

      World coming together in major global collaboration to close ozone layer.

  4. Sep 2022
    1. “Our new work provides compelling evidence that the world must radically accelerate decarbonising the economy. To achieve that, we need to trigger positive social tipping points.”

      social changes required to avoid breaking climate tipping points

  5. Aug 2022
    1. Slapend protest bij Stopera vanwege crisis Ter Apel: "Ik realiseerde me mijn privilege"

      Sleeping outdoors in front of De Stopera to demand an entry point in Amsterdam for people seeking asylum in the Netherlands.

  6. Jun 2022
  7. May 2022
    1. We have engineered our way into a way of life that fundamentally depends on the destruction of nature at scale.

      Gien Interview

    1. The IPCC’s latest report is an emergency call to act now, before it’s too late. Its conclusion, that global GHG emissions need to stop rising within the next three years to keep global temperature rise to below 1.5°C

      Carbon Trust reaction 05 April 2022

    1. When reading the new #IPCC report, keep in mind that science is cautious and this has been watered down by nations in negotiations. Many seem more focused on giving false hope to those causing the problem rather than telling the blunt truth that would give us a chance to act.

      Greta Thunberg reaction

    1. “We are at a crossroads right now. Do we continue to rely on fossil fuel corporations and petrostates who are fueling war and making record profits at the expense of working families, or do we begin a mass mobilization of our government and society to transition to a renewable energy future?”

      Cross Roads reliance on fossil fuel corporations and petrostates or mass mobilization .. to transition to a renewable energy future

    1. Why renewable energy infrastructure needs to be built for a circular economy

      Tansy Robertson-Fall, Senior Editor, Ellen MacArthur Foundation

    1. 6 key insights into accelerating the energy transition <img src="https://assets.weforum.org/article/image/o1s9nmmQY2-K5Io_3NYU5bfvGIvioGJ1d87kY3BkXgc.jpg" srcset="https://assets.weforum.org/article/image/responsive_big_o1s9nmmQY2-K5Io_3NYU5bfvGIvioGJ1d87kY3BkXgc.jpg 1600w, https://assets.weforum.org/article/image/responsive_large_o1s9nmmQY2-K5Io_3NYU5bfvGIvioGJ1d87kY3BkXgc.jpg 800w, https://assets.weforum.org/article/image/responsive_medium_o1s9nmmQY2-K5Io_3NYU5bfvGIvioGJ1d87kY3BkXgc.jpg 485w, https://assets.weforum.org/article/image/responsive_small_o1s9nmmQY2-K5Io_3NYU5bfvGIvioGJ1d87kY3BkXgc.jpg 350w, https://assets.weforum.org/article/image/responsive_tiny_o1s9nmmQY2-K5Io_3NYU5bfvGIvioGJ1d87kY3BkXgc.jpg 97w" webp_srcset="https://assets.weforum.org/article/image/responsive_big_webp_o1s9nmmQY2-K5Io_3NYU5bfvGIvioGJ1d87kY3BkXgc.webp 1600w, https://assets.weforum.org/article/image/responsive_large_webp_o1s9nmmQY2-K5Io_3NYU5bfvGIvioGJ1d87kY3BkXgc.webp 800w, https://assets.weforum.org/article/image/responsive_medium_webp_o1s9nmmQY2-K5Io_3NYU5bfvGIvioGJ1d87kY3BkXgc.webp 485w, https://assets.weforum.org/article/image/responsive_small_webp_o1s9nmmQY2-K5Io_3NYU5bfvGIvioGJ1d87kY3BkXgc.webp 350w, https://assets.weforum.org/article/image/responsive_tiny_webp_o1s9nmmQY2-K5Io_3NYU5bfvGIvioGJ1d87kY3BkXgc.webp 97w" sizes="100vw" html="{:loading=&gt;&quot;eager&quot;, :class=&gt;&quot;&quot;, :alt=&gt;&quot;wind turbines energy transition&quot;, :style=&gt;&quot;width: 100.0%; margin-left: -0.0%; margin-top: -11.64%;&quot;}" use_picture="true">

      World Economic Forum - 6 key insights into accelerating the energy transition

      1. The energy transition is not keeping pace with the growing urgency for change.

      2. Lack of access to an affordable energy supply has emerged as a threat to a just energy transition.

      3. Energy diversity - and security - are in short supply.

      4. Regulatory frameworks need to be strengthened to meet the moment

      5. Demanding change increasingly means changing demand

      6. Industrial-strength decarbonization requires industrial-strength collaborations

    1. Leaks show attempts to water down UN climate report, Greenpeace says Some countries tried to remove findings threatening their economic interests from an IPCC report, documents seen by Greenpeace have revealed. The report comes before a critical round of UN climate talks.

      Government lobbying (economic interests) to water down UN climate report

  8. Apr 2022
    1. The first in a series of events exploring the potential of decentralised economies for enabling systems-level innovation in business, in finance, and economy towards a more sustainable model

      Decentralised Economics

    1. Need for Speed How offshore wind and renewable power-to-X can help solve Europe’s energy crisis

      Scaling-up renewables can help solve Europe's energy crisis

    1. Dockers in the Netherlands refused to load freight on Friday onto the Pride of Rotterdam ferry set for Hull, UK, in solidarity with the 800 seafarers sacked by P&O on March 17. The vessel was eventually able to leave the Europoort in Rotterdam.

      Dutch dockers refuse to load freight onto P&O’s Pride of Rotterdam in solidarity with UK’s sacked ferry workers

    1. "Dat we studenten in economische opleidingen nog altijd onderrichten in een kapitalistisch model zonder vragen te stellen bij de groei, is niet minder dan een misdaad tegen de mensheid."

      Anne Snick (systeemdenker en lid Club van Rome): 'Ons economisch model op basis van groei is disfunctioneel'

    1. ING's plan to reduce funding for existing oil and gas clients and projects is more gradual, with a target to cut it by 12% to about 3.5 billion euros by 2025.


    1. The ZEBRA (Zero wastE Blade ReseArch) consortium has produced the first prototype of its 100 per cent recyclable wind turbine blade.

      First Fully Recyclable Wind Turbine Blade Rolls Out