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  1. Feb 2021
    1. Poverty and affluence make a mockery of our system of justice.

      This is a strongly worded sentence with an almost angry tone. This kind of intense diction would most likely appeal to most Americans in the audience as well as law enforcement and politicians since the justice system is integral to their lives.

  2. May 2016
    1. he United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia

      Legal decision 6

    2. any respect unethical.

      The courts are not responsible for finding a behavior ethical or un-ethical. Their purpose is to determine legal or illegal

    3. The District Court and Fourth Circuit both held that the archiving of student works in the educational context is a fair use.

      Legal opinion 5

    4. Read the 2009 published decision

      Lawsuit outcome 4

    5. Read the 2007 summary judgement

      Lawsuit outcome 3

    6. Read the published decision.

      Lawsuit outcome 2

    7. Read the summary judgement.

      Lawsuit outcome 1

  3. Feb 2014
  4. Sep 2013
    1. Now, it is of great moment that well-drawn laws should themselves define all the points they possibly can and leave as few as may be to the decision of the judges; and this for several reasons.

      Designing judicial process.