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  1. Jun 2021
    1. Reflecting on how new digital tools have re-invigorated annotation and contributed to the creation of their recent book, they suggest annotation presents a vital means by which academics can re-engage with each other and the wider world.

      I've been seeing some of this in the digital gardening space online. People are actively hosting their annotations, thoughts, and ideas, almost as personal wikis.

      Some are using RSS and other feeds as well as Webmention notifications so that these notebooks can communicate with each other in a realization of Vanmevar Bush's dream.

      Networked academic samizdat anyone?

  2. Feb 2021
  3. Mar 2017
    1. Our students are required to develop a professional digital identity, and their blogs are central to this.

      The way we are visible to others is changing. Science 50 years ago was quite closed, and relied on paper constructs to pass and organize knowledge. As well as face2face. We are now able to be present in many places at once and hold asynchronous convos with increasing complexity. How will we design new tech to meet our evolving digital culture? I am seeing DPL on the forefront, and hope to contribute...