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  1. Mar 2024
    1. [[Mark Lawrence Schrad]] in Why the World of Typewriter Collectors Splits Down the Middle When These Machines Come Up for Sale<br /> at 2024-03-16 12:00 PM <br /> (accessed:: 2024-03-19 10:23:08)

    2. More frequent were machines built with the double-lightning-bolt SS Siegrune, usually above the No. 3 or 5 key. With sieg meaning “victory,” the runes became ubiquitous in Nazi Germany as a shorthand rallying cry for “victory, victory!” In their more sinister application, the SS runes became the logo for the Schutzstaffel—the notorious paramilitary units most responsible for the wanton slaughter of 6 million Jews across Europe.
    3. In very rare circumstances, a German typewriter would be made with a dedicated swastika key, like this one at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.
    4. As strange as it sounds today, German klein (“small” or portable) typewriters were among the most sought-after souvenirs for soldiers fighting in World War II. Think of it: Adjusted for inflation, top-of-the-line portable typewriters cost roughly the same as your MacBook Pro today, and their usable lives were measured not in months or years, but decades and generations. Consequently, thousands of Uranias, Gromas, Erikas, Rheinmetalls, Continentals, Olympias, and other high-quality, precision-made German machines were looted from Nazi military and government offices, businesses, and even from civilian homes, whether their owners were dead or alive. “War trophy” is of course a pleasant euphemism: It denotes a reward for heroism, bravery, and sacrifice, while simultaneously acknowledging that even the good guys steal, pillage, and destroy amid the haze of total war.
  2. Nov 2023
    1. Rich in manuscripts and correspondence for Arendt’s productive years as a writer and lecturer after World War II, the papers are sparse before the mid-1940s because of Arendt’s forced departure from Nazi Germany in 1933 and her escape from occupied France in 1941.
  3. Apr 2023
  4. Jul 2019
    1. Ultimately, Pelosi is right to insist that a case must be made for beginning impeachment proceedings. But it’s her job to make that case, and failure to do so is a failure of omission. And failure to do so in a timely manner that would curtail some of the worst damage potentially produced by the administration is neglect. 

      Similarly, if we look at the history of the rise of Nazi Germany can we see how lack of direct resistance allowed Germany to end up in their ultimate situation with Hitler?

  5. Jun 2015
    1. Wer Gröning im Gerichtssaal erlebt, wer seine Erinnerungen liest, der stößt auf einen Mann voller Widersprüche. Hitler? Ja, unbedingt. Massenmord an den Juden? Wenn es denn sein muss. Den Holocaust leugnen? Niemals. Einen Säugling an den Beinen fassen und ihn mit dem Kopf an einem Lastwagen totschlagen? Unmenschlich! "Man hätte das Kind doch auch erschießen können", sagt Gröning einmal.
    1. Seit Jahren besucht Éva Pusztai-Fahidi ungarische Schulen, manchmal spielt sie dann ein Spiel mit den Jungen und Mädchen: Sie teilt Papier aus und lässt die Schüler alles aufschreiben, wozu sie "mein" sagen. Alle Personen, alle Dinge, die ihnen wichtig sind: mein Papa, meine Mama, mein Handy, mein Fußball. Sie sammelt die Listen ein und zerreißt sie vor den Augen der Kinder in kleine Streifen. "Bis das letzte Eckchen nach unten fällt, dauert es nicht lang: Dann sind alle weg. Schluss. Es gibt sie nicht mehr. Und dann steht man dort und hat nichts und niemanden und lebt und fragt sich: Bin ich noch ein Mensch? Und wofür denn?"