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  1. Dec 2023
    1. history is always the result of a lot of causes coming together you know 00:29:22 you have this metaphor of the chain of events and this is a terrible metaphor for there is no chain of events a chain of events imagines that every event is a link connected to one previous event and 00:29:36 to one subsequent event so there is a war there is one cause for the war and there will be one consequence it's never like that in history every event is more like a tree there is an entire system of 00:29:50 roots that came together to create it and it has a lot of fruits with lots of different influences
      • for: insight - history - complexity, bad metaphor - chain of events

      • insight: complexity and history

        • chain of events is a bad metaphor for things that occur in history
        • the complexity of history is that many causes come together too being about an event
        • likewise, when that event occurs, it is the cause of many different consequences
        • linear vs systems thinking
      • adjacency between

        • history
        • emptiness
        • Indra's net
      • adjacency statement
        • history reflects emptiness
        • Indra's net extended into historical events
    2. it's extremely dangerous to create such an autonomous agent when we do not know how to control it when we 00:58:22 can't ensure that it will not Escape our control and start making decisions and creating new things which will harm us instead of benefit us now this is not a 00:58:34 Doomsday Prophecy this is not inevitable we can find ways to regulate and control the development and deployment of AI we we don't want
      • for: quote - Yuval Noah Harari - AI progress trap, progress trap - AI, quote - progress trap

      • quote it is extremely dangerous to create such an autonomous agent when we do not know how to control it, when we can't ensure that it will not escape our control ad start making decisions and creating new things which will harm us instead of benefit us

      • author: Yuval Noah Harari
      • date 2023
    3. the guardian says uh sapiens is extremely interesting and well expressed but it is quote overwhelmed by carelessness exaggeration 00:46:55 and sensationalism there's a kind of vandalism in Harari sweeping judgments and recklessness about causal connections uh a critical review in current affairs says uh the author is a 00:47:08 gifted Storyteller but he sacrifices science for sensationalism work riddled with errors a historian who in many ways is and here's that word quote a fraud 00:47:19 about science
      • for: question - Yuval Noah Harari - How do you address your critics?
    4. if we want to see science having a deeper impact on society and politics it's crucial that we have also 00:45:52 scientific storytellers
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      • key insight

      • quote

        • If we want to see science having a deeper impact on society and politics, it's crucial that we have also scientific storytelling
      • comment

        • I would just add that it should be COMPELLING scientific storytelling
    5. if 00:36:19 you really want to make a change you cannot do it as an isolated individual the superpower of our spe is not individual genius it's the 00:36:30 ability to cooperate in large numbers so if you want to really change something join an organization or start an organization but 50 people who cooperate as part of a community of an 00:36:44 organization of a team they can make a much much bigger change than 500 isolated individuals
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      • quote the superpower of our species is not individual genius, it's the ability to cooperate in large numbers.

      • author: Yval Noah Harari
      • date: 2023
    6. if we look at Humanity in in 2023 so as I said in the beginning we've accumulated enormous power that's absolutely true but what do we do with 00:32:37 this power uh we destroy so many other species and habitats and are now endangering the the balance of the whole ecological system and the survival of 00:32:51 our own civilization and it's not just the ecological damage we now have an entire men to choose from of how we might destroy ourselves
      • for: quote - Yuval Noah Harari, quote - polycrisis
    7. I admire Jared Diamond he was my kind of role model when I wrote sapiens I remember reading his book gun J and 00:28:29 steel when I was in university and it kind of blew my mind open that hey you can actually write such books you can write meaningful uh uh uh books based on 00:28:41 good science which Encompass thousands of years
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    8. this God is very clearly a 00:09:27 human invention now it doesn't mean it's necessarily bad and it doesn't certainly doesn't mean it's unimportant the fictional stories humans invent are some of the most powerful forces in history 00:09:40 and very often they can also be positive forces there is nothing inherently wrong in fiction
      • for: quote - Yuval Noah Harari, quote - nothing wrong with fictions

      • quote -This God is very clearly a human invention. Now it doesn't mean it's necessarily bad. It doesn't certainly mean its unimportant.

      • author: Yuval Noah Harari
    9. we need to understand this deep inheritance within us in order to to to understand our emotions our fears our behavior in 00:04:50 the 21st century
      • for: quote - deep inheritance of evolutionary adaptations

      • quote

        • we need to understand the deep inheritance within us in order to understand our emotions, our fears and our behaviors in the 21st century.
      • author: Yval Noah Harari
    1. Will artificial intelligence create useless class of people? - Yuval Noah Harari

      1:00 "bring the latest findings of science of the public", otherwise the public space "gets filled with conspiracy theories and fake news and whatever".<br /> he fails to mention that ALL his beautiful "scientists" are financially dependent on corporations, who dictate the expected results, and who sabotage "unwanted research".<br /> for example, the pharma industry will NEVER pay money for research of natural cancer cures, or "alternative" covid cures like ivermectin / zinc / vitamin C, because these cures have no patent, so there is no profit motive, and also because the "militant pacifists" want to fix overpopulation this way.<br /> a "scientist" should be someone, who has all freedom to propose hypotheses, which then are tested in experiments (peer review), and compared to real placebo control groups. because that is science, or "the scientific method". everything else is lobbying for "shekel shekel".

  2. Oct 2023
      • for: Yuval Noah Harari, Hamas Israel war 2023, global liberal order, abused-abuser cycle, And not Or

      • summary

        • In this interview, Yuval Noah Harari offers insights on the trap that Hamas's brutality has set for the Israeli army and reflections on the abused-abuser cycle.
        • If Israeli government falls into that trap and inflicts unprecedented collateral damage, it will scupper the chance for peace for generations to come, and Hamas will have succeeded in its goal.
        • Harari identifies a key insight that could help create better empathy between warring parties, to recognize the abused-abuser cycle and how we can be both abused AND abuser at the same time
        • Harari reflects on the breakdown of the global liberal order, offering a simple yet insightful anthropological definition of the global liberal order showing how in spite of its many flaws, fundamentally is biologically humanistic at the core. What is needed is a way to decouple the harmful features the current form of it possesses
    1. there is a struggle now 00:12:59 to in this sense at least save our souls and Minds from from this destruction I try to wage this struggle in in my own mind I think we shouldn't allow Kamas to 00:13:13 win the war on our souls um it's impossible at this moment to expect psychologically Israelis to again be with anything except their pain 00:13:27 but I think it is and this is one of the reasons I'm speaking both here and in Israel to avoid falling into hamas's Trum and doing things that will ruin any 00:13:41 chance for for peace uh for generations to come this is we shouldn't allow this to happen so and talking about hamas's trap
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      • claim

        • Hamas's brutality is motivated to bring out the inhumanity in the Israeli army to kill many Palestinians and thereby escalate the hatred, destroying any chance for peace for decades to come
        • Hamas does not want other Arab countries to normalize relations with Israel
        • Now, the citizens and government of Israel are in a struggle with their souls / minds to resist falling into Hamas's trap
      • author: Yuval Noah Harari
      • date: Sept 2023
    2. it's hard to people to understand that you can be victim and perpetrator at the 00:35:03 same time it's a very simple fact impossible to accept for most people either you're a victim or you're perpetrator there is no other but no usually we are both you know from the level of individuals how we behave in 00:35:17 our family to the level of entire nations we are usually both and and and of course perhaps one issue is that we don't feel like that as individuals we don't feel that we have the full responsibility for our state so there's 00:35:28 a sort of strange problem here too which is that you feel as an individual that you're a victim and you feel distance from your state
      • for: victim AND perpetrator, situatedness, perspectival knowing, AND, not OR, abused-abuser cycle, individual /collective gestalt, Hamas Israel war 2023

      • quote

        • It's hard for people to understand that you can be victim and perpetrator at the same time
        • It's a very simple fact impossible to accept for most people
      • author: Yuval Noah Harari
      • date: Sept 2023
    3. I 00:47:39 haven't heard any suggestion from anywhere in the world uh for a better order than the besmed liberal order which is based again on the very basic 00:47:52 understanding that all humans share the the same basic experiences and therefore we all share some common interests that the pain of as it's 00:48:05 biological that pain and and and despair and sadness they are the same in Israelis and Palestinians in Russians in ukrainians and this simple realization is the basis for the liberal Glo Global 00:48:18 Order
      • global liberal order, common human denominators, CHD, adjacency, adjancency - global liberal order - common human denominators - Deep Humanity, Yuval Noah Harari

      • adjacency

        • between
          • global liberal order
          • common human denominators (CHD)
          • Deep Humanity
      • adjacency statement
        • Yuval raised an interesting perspective I've never thought about with respect to the global liberal order
        • He points out that the essence of the global liberal order is that all humans share fundamental features
        • This aligns with Deep Humanity's Common Human Denominators (CHD)
        • The name 'global liberal order' has come to have a polarizing impact (liberals vs conservatives).
        • As pointed out in other places, liberal and conservative polarization is inherently partial truths and unreal abstractions.
          • Most human beings are both liberal AND conservative
        • Given the intractability of the problem, humanity is insufficient to deal with it
          • Nonlinear, alternative ways may have better success, including Deep Humanity, that looks at the Common Human Denominators as the foundational layer we all share as humans
  3. Mar 2022
    1. The reality is that Ukraine didn’t attack Russia, had no plans to attack Russia, and why would it? Russia’s military is 10 times larger AND they have nuclear weapons. It’s clear that Putin has created his own reality about the situation, one that isn’t shared by people who operate in facts. Besides, his actions cannot be justified merely because he believes his reality. He’s a damaged person who needs to stop what he’s doing before he shatters the lives of millions more.

      Historian Yuval Noah Harari makes an astute observation to this same effect, which I comment on in my other Annotation: https://hyp.is/go?url=http%3A%2F%2Fdocdrop.org%2Fvideo%2FyQqthbvYE8M%2F&group=world

      Harari says "these are the seeds of hatred and fear and misery that are being planted right now in the minds and the bodies of tens of millions, hundreds of millions of people, really. 00:26:20 Because it's not just the people in Ukraine, it's also in the countries around, all over the world. And these seeds will give a terrible harvest, terrible fruits in years, in decades to come. This is why it's so crucial to stop the war immediately. Every day this continues, plants more and more of these seeds. 00:26:44 And, you know, like this war now, its seeds were, to a large extent, planted decades and even centuries ago."

      In true abuser/abused cycle, Putin is foisting his unhealed trauma onto the rest of the world, perpetuating another cycle of intergenerational pain.

      We as a species must surface this as the root cause of all the misery that never seems to go away. We need to see this as the systemic root cause of the entire perpetuation of pain that keeps humanity locked in perpetual misery, one generation after another. This is the key cultural change that will boost humanity to the next stage of cultural evolution.

      We are now experiencing the unhealed pain of the previous generations. They are fruit that have ripened. We in THIS generation have to recognize that if we do not identify this at this system level, it will always be this way. We need to make an effort RIGHT NOW, in OUR generation to stop this cycle on a mass scale.

  4. May 2019