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  1. Nov 2021
    1. probability matrix
    2. a sequence seq[1:s]seq[1:s]seq[1:s] up to a particular timestep ttt

      e.g. "door" and given timesteps T: Up to t = 4. we might be still staying at d. Situation can be like: blank blank blank d

    3. ε”:0, “_“:

      Note that simga is for charctor seperation. underscore is for word seperation

    4. only if the tokens on either side of the blank token are different

      e.g. door --> "d" "blank" "o" == "d" "o" but the skip is permited because "d" and "o" are differnt on the either side of the a blank.

    5. To guarantee that the sequence is an expansion of the target sequence

      Now we are creating a grid to get the expanded target sequence.(a.k.a expanded output matrix)

  2. Sep 2021
  3. Mar 2021