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    1. As a workaround you can recompile the client locally. I've just tried it and it's working just fine on Ubuntu 22.04 Clone the repo: git clone git@github.com:Jigsaw-Code/outline-client.git cd outline-client Install node 16 (for example using brew) brew install node@16 Install all dependencies npm install Build the app npm run action electron/build linux Now you have properly working Outline-Client.AppImage and you can run it ./build/dist/Outline-Client.AppImage

      Describes how to build electron app AppImage from source.

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    1. In contrast to his concept of a simple circular orbit with a fixed radius, orbitals are mathematically derived regions of space with different probabilities of having an electron.

      In this case, the QM model allows for probabilistic radii, not fixed radii, and the quantization is the energy level. An electron with principal quantum number n = 2 will always have quantized energy corresponding to \( E = R(1/n^2) \), but the exact minimal and maximal radial distance from the nucleus is not specified as in the Bohr model of the atom. Similar to the Bohr model though, the most probable radial distance is quantifiable, and that is the radius the electron is most likely to inhabit, however it will be found elsewhere at other times.

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