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  1. Jul 2022
    1. . Denn durch das Aufkommen der neu-en Medien, insbesondere des Internets, tragen Medien nichtnur in sich und an sich bereits Botschaften aus, sondern werdenselbst zu ontologischen Faktoren unserer Lebenswelt, hinter de-nen ihr medialer und technologischer Charakter zunehmendverschwinde

      Verschwindet der technologische Charakter u.a. auch aufgrund der Fluidität, der Reibungslosigkeit, wie sie auch Floridi anspricht?



  2. Mar 2022
    1. The tools that are evolving in response to the most recent and biggest info crisis begin at the cognitive level. Trained human attention and judg-ment is required, or the technical leverage is useless. Before learning how to build radars, filters, and dashboards, it helps to begin by reviewing the basics of mindfulness. Formulate goals and turn them into intentions by paying attention every once in a while to what you are doing at the moment, and then reflecting briefly on how what you are doing relates to your larger goal. That’s all you need to get started; when you sit down in front of a screen, write out by hand your goals for each day on a piece of paper, and put it on your desk at the periphery of your vision. A few times each day you will notice the paper. At those moments, ask yourself how your current activity online fits your own goals for the day (and take a deep breath). Practice mindfulness in your use of media in small ways, find places to fit practice into your day, repeat until you’ve established a new habit of paying some attention to what you are doing with media—texting, gaming, reading, writing, Web surfing, or any one of the 1,001 ways to use your mind online.

      Wir starten mit Aufmerksamkeit - warum Aufmerksamkeit? These: Wir bewegen uns in der Infosphäre - Information braucht Aufmerksamkeit, um wahrgenommen und später entschlüsselt, eingeordnet usw. zu werden. Wenn die Infosphäre zu undurchsichtig wird, müssen wir einen unseren Intentionen entsprechenden Weg durch diese Sphäre finden.

    1. also das ganze wird viel mobiler und unmittelbare

      lässt mich daran denken, dass es Latour auch immer um Verteilung und Zirkulation geht, die zur Stabilisierung einer Technologie beträgt - also Technologie zweiter Ordnung stabilisiert die erste und umgekehrt, vmtl geht das mit der dritten so weiter

  3. Jun 2019
    1. Floridi discusses how our world is being integrated into a global ‘infosphere’ where what we do online and off merge into an ‘onlife’. As we gradually become surrounded by and coupled to smart gadgets which manipulate the information we promote about ourselves, we acquire an onlife personality—one different from our real world ‘embodied’ personality.

      Floridi is talking about how much we use technology and how we almost develop two personalities. We use these online gadgets to show people what we want them to see. Its almost as if we have two personalities and we can show people what we want them to see. We have an increased amount of technology and we are able to show many different views of ourselves.

    2. Floridi discusses how our world is being integrated into a global ‘infosphere’ where what we do online and off merge into an ‘onlife’.

      In the increasingly sophisticated information technology and the ever-changing global environment, technology is becoming a part of people life that we spend and are involved in a lot of the time. Such as managing time schedule, communicate with people, and searching not just being on SNS. Luciano Floridi talks about how much our world is being integrated into a global 'infosphere' where what we do online and off merge in to on 'onlife'. This situation poses the existence of ethic and epistemology. People are ritually drowning in no end of information today. At the same time, we only have limited approach to figure out if the information is reliable or not.

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