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  1. Jan 2023
    1. how to use low-cost sensors to provide real-time, local-scale air quality information. EPA and state and local agencies face persistent challenges meeting such air quality information needs, including challenges in understanding the performance of low-cost sensors.

      GAO statement on low cost senstors

    1. ince September 17, the extens

      HoLU sensor kits, some dutch talk about calibration that needs to be translated, but seems to confuse collocation correction with calibration

    1. Sensor technology is getting cheaper and better. Sensors to measure air quality are also

      second version of dutch HOLU-kit

    1. f you have a sensor kit from Hollandse Luchten, we urge you to disconnect the humidity meter. We recently found out that the humidity

      They quit using these HoLu kits as the data was unrealiable. Here they were removing the humidity sensor as it was causing some problems

    1. ost commercially available sensors are expensive, and cannot be altered orextended to accommodate your specific data collection needs. In open hardware

      open hardware approach (2018) from Waag group

    1. These ‘HoLu kits’ are being distributed in pilots to residents who live in regions where the air quality is poor, such as around the Tata steel factory in the IJmond area. We teach citizens to measure the surrounding air quality and to interpret the data.

      Smart Citizen Lab aspart of Waag.

      pay attention to the HoLu project

  2. Dec 2022
    1. Table 1 Daily life data collected and associated source



    1. Project description sensortoolkit - Air Sensor Data Analysis Library

      EPA sensor toolkit read the docs with python code

    1. It is a standard practice to test 3 or more identicalsensors at the same time because

      use of three sensors

    2. , the U.S.EPA published reports (hereincalled ‘Targets Reports’) thatprovide recommendations on howto evaluate air sensors thatmeasure criteria pollutan

      EPA target reports



  3. Nov 2022
    1. Whilst the 7-day recall scoresand the daily diary scores have been found to beequivalent in detecting changes over time of theimpact of COPD symptoms, only daily data seemto be suitable if the outcome of interest is detectingthe onset of exacerbations. 85

      Importante que la medida de los sensores sea diaria. Problemas técnicos tienen que verse por adelantado.

    2. One study used a com-promise solution, 56 whereby the patient with a lowrisk of exacerbation monitored on a weekly basis andwhen risk increased according to the predictivemodel, reporting tasks could be scheduled daily toensure timely detection.

      ¿Se puede hacer esto? Sería importante conversar los posibles problemas técnicos de los sensores



  4. Aug 2022
  5. Feb 2020
    1. PM2.5 Air Quality Sensor and Breadboard Adapter Kit - PMS5003

      I thought that i would look around some more for a chaper version than the one that i went and spent $50 on, and if this is a better sensor then i can always return it through amazon.

  6. Nov 2019
  7. Sep 2019
    1. At the micrometer-centimeter scale, electrochemical and optical probes have been productively used to profile gradients in pH, redox, and oxygen; however, these probes and their associated equipment are intrusive to the ecosystem and often expensive, limiting their application to only a few point measurements or limited time series, and their fragile nature makes them best suited for laboratory use
  8. Jun 2019
  9. Aug 2018
    1. ities globally have common objectives regarding the safety, healthcare, and education of their communities, as well as the delivery of services in the form of utilities and transportation networks. The growth of ICT is enabling cities to better meet these objectives, allowing for smart solutions that aim at developing the urban ecosystem while managing assets and resources efficiently. “There is no clear definition for what constitutes a smart city, but typically we think of it as a city that “gets you” and addresses needs and challenges in an intelligent way,” says Diender. “For example, it’s a platform that links initiatives by government, giving insight to officials who need to anticipate challenges and take action, while driving things forward in an accessible way.” An example of this might be street lights with built-in motion sensors that allow the lights to turn off and save power until movement of a vehicle or pedestrian is detected. “These motion sensors might take the form of a camera, which could also act as an additional eye for the police,” adds Diender. “If you add advanced image recognition to those cameras, they could even detect flooding in the streets and identify water leaks. In this instance, you’ll have one smart device talking to three industries – security, lighting, and water.”
    1. Telecom operator Orange announced on Wednesday that it has completed the first stage of the Smart City Alba Iulia 2018 pilot project. In this framework, 14 innovative technological solutions were implemented within only one year. According to a communiqué of Orange, at present in Alba Iulia there are over 600 sensors which, together with fixed and dedicated mobile communication networks, create a digital infrastructure of the city. Thus, the City of the United States owns broadband Internet networks, 4G / 4G +, Wi-Fi and LoRaWAN, provided by Orange Romania and secured through the Business Internet Security platform. In addition, the Wi-Fi network includes over 228 access points to the city and city and 15 access points to public transport. "In almost one year of Wi-Fi hotspots on buses, about 8% of the 60,000 Alba Iulia population has accessed the service, generating more than 1 TB of data in 30 minutes' sessions, notes Orange in the release.
  10. Aug 2015
    1. Individualism–

      Customisation: the “personal” era. What with “personal learning networks” and everything “self-”. Does sound like a major trend. What’s possibly most interesting, though, is the framing. To some of us, the term “individualism” may carry some negative connotations. It could be fairly neutral, in a context like this one, or deemed positive (prefixed with “rugged”), but it’s an interesting choice, here.