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  1. May 2022
    1. Here, in PLAN E, the concept of entangled security translates this idea into meaning that humanity itself can make a great sudden leap.

      An Open Access Deep Humanity education program whose core principles are continuously improved through crowdsourcing, can teach the constructed nature of reality, especially using compelling BEing Journeys. This inner transformation can rapidly create the nonlinear paradigm, worldview and value shifts that Donella Meadows identified as the greatest leverage points in system change.

  2. Jun 2021
  3. Sep 2020
    1. my good friend

      It’s funny how each narrative really reflects not the events that character witnesses objectively, but instead the lens in which the character views the world. I thought Betteredge a prideful, bitter old servant, but Franklin seems to think him a thoughtful, gracious friend.

  4. Feb 2019
    1. Escobar casts wide the net of his critique, his objective is not merely to tackle neoliberal capitalism, rampant individualism, patriarchy or colonialism — although each of those topics are explored in detail. He is writing against nothing less than all of modernity, a “particular modelo civilizatorio, or civilizational model… an entire way of life and a whole style of world making.” Our toxic, modern lifestyle in the Global North and the way it understands (or fails to understand) the relationality between humanity and other forms of life plays the dominant role in creating the contemporary crises. To preserve the future we need a different way of life and way to relate to all of life, “no less than a new notion of the human.” The crises are inseparable from our social lives. We need to step outside of our established worldviews to bring about significant transformations. Is this possible? How can we achieve such a transition?

      Designs for the Pluriverse book review

  5. Feb 2018
    1. e children often talk about their drawings while they draw, sometimes with peers, or to themselves. In either case, it is productive because many times the talk leads to inclusion of de tails in their drawings about which they will later write. All of the children use a special type of paper for their journal entries: The upper half of the sheet has a large block of space for an illustration. Each child's drawings and writing are eventually collected in individual deco rated journal folder

      This is interesting because I would have never thought to have kids illustrate a story before they write it, but this way, they will be able to visualize how they want their story to be and it will serve as almost like a roadmap for their story.