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  1. Jun 2024
    1. Tutorial Hell

      What Is Tutorial Hell - Related Pages

      • Learning is a Never-Ending Process - <q>Continuous learning helps your growth, problem-solving, confidence. Securing your future in a changing world. See why learning is a never-ending process.</q>
      • Tutorial Hell (Programming) - <q>In Tutorial Hell (Programming), learners get too dependent on tutorials. For programs, graphics, and related skills. Learn to beat Programmer's Tutorial Hell.</q>
      • Getting started with Hive app development - <q>… I don't recommend spending too much time doing tutorials as you will end up in tutorial hell where you just do tutorials but have no idea …</q>
      • Taking The Wheel - <q>… tutorial hell by opting to watch a full tutorial or reading the entire blog post. I've found that after I've done so, I feel sad with the knowledge that I …</q>
      • Learning web2 for web3 - <q>Simply because I was trapped in a tutorial hell, I don't think I have ever been so confused. I did all these for one year without developing something …</q>
    2. Tutorial Hell

      "Tutorial Hell" is where individuals complete numerous tutorials without actually making meaningful progress. The key to escaping Tutorial Hell is to stop doing more tutorials and start building actual projects to solidify learning.

    3. Tutorial Hell
      • Who: The author (Coding Defined), professional developers, junior developers.
      • What: Facing Tutorial Hell - spending time watching tutorials without making meaningful progress.
      • Why: To discuss the negative impact of constantly watching tutorials without implementing what is learned.
      • How: The author discusses two concepts of Tutorial Hell

      • How it impacts learning

      • Why junior developers often fall into this trap

      Then, he provides tips on how to escape Tutorial Hell by:

      1. Focusing on building actual projects
      2. Implementing what is learned from tutorials.

      The author also shares personal experiences and examples to illustrate his points.

    1. Tutorial Hell

      Tutorial Hell (Programming) - Related Pages

      Learning is a Never-Ending Process - <q>Continuous learning helps your growth, problem-solving, confidence. Securing your future in a changing world. See why learning is a never-ending process.</q> What is Tutorial Hell? - <q>Are you asking "What is Tutorial Hell?" It is doing many tutorials without any meaningful progress. Escape Tutorial Hell and start building actual projects now.</q> Getting started with Hive app development - <q>… I don't recommend spending too much time doing tutorials as you will end up in tutorial hell where you just do tutorials but have no idea …</q> Taking The Wheel - <q>… tutorial hell by opting to watch a full tutorial or reading the entire blog post. I've found that after I've done so, I feel sad with the knowledge that I …</q> Learning web2 for web3 - <q>Simply because I was trapped in a tutorial hell, I don't think I have ever been so confused. I did all these for one year without developing something …</q>

    2. Tutorial Hell
      • Who: The author (the100) and learners in various fields such as programming, graphics designing, video editing, learning a new language, and cooking.
      • What: Discussing the concept of "tutorial hell" where learners become dependent on tutorials and struggle to apply their knowledge creatively.
      • Where: Online courses and tutorials found on platforms like YouTube, Udemy, and other websites.
      • Why: To caution learners against becoming too reliant on tutorials and encourage them to practice and apply their knowledge independently.
      • How: By emphasizing the importance of practicing, building projects, making mistakes, exploring documentation, asking for help, and using problem-solving skills to truly learn and improve in a skill. The author shares their personal experience of falling into tutorial hell and finding success through practical application and problem-solving. The advice given is to follow a tutorial thoroughly before starting to create projects independently.
    3. Tutorial Hell

      The post discusses the concept of "tutorial hell". Where learners become overly dependent on tutorials. Without applying their knowledge creatively. Using examples from programming, graphic design, and other skills. The author emphasizes the importance of practicing, making mistakes, and exploring on your own to truly learn and improve.

  2. May 2024
    1. Learning: A Never-ending Process

      Continuous learning is essential for personal growth, problem-solving, increasing confidence, and securing the future in a competitive and dynamic world.

    2. Learning: A Never-ending Process
      • Who: The author's friend, who is a principal of a school, and the author (Samminator).
      • What: Discussing the importance of continuous learning for personal growth, problem-solving, confidence, fulfillment, and securing the future.
      • Why: To emphasize the significance of continuous learning in a world that is constantly changing and competitive.
      • When: The post does not specify a particular time frame. But discusses learning as a continuous process.
      • How: By highlighting the benefits of continuous learning. Such as personal growth, problem-solving skills, increased confidence, fulfillment, and future security.
    3. Learning: A Never-ending Process

      Learning is a Never-Ending Process: Related Pages

      • Learning is a Never Ending Process - <q>Learning is a Never Ending Process !!! … "You never lose. Either you win, or you learn." Our life is hard, it has ups and downs, but the one thing is constant, …</q>
      • Learning is a never ending process to me - <q>Education is believed by most people to be the most important way to learn in life as it tend to encompass a lot of processes about life. I myself has learned a lot …</q>
      • My hive Journey Story - <q>… learn things, and we did share them to other things, is how things work. Learning is a never-ending process, I did learn new things from here.</q>
      • Have you faced Tutorial Hell? - <q>… never stopping process. I think this is happening for each of us … learning anything. The problem with this approach is that we never actually …</q>
      • Practice makes perfect and learning never stops - <q>… process at some point, but no, I saw it … Like I said, learning never stops, I went … process, Still, making corset dresses is still not a …</q>
      • On My Way Towards Being A Proficient Trumpeter - <q>I believe learning is a process. And sometimes it takes longer time than we expect the process to be but all the challenges never matters at the end as long as …</q>
  3. Apr 2024
    1. Is age just a number in relationship?

      Age is Just a Number in Relationship - Related Pages

      • Age is just a number: it's not a barrier to me - <q>I didn't think age should be a problem in marriage or relationships; love should be given the chance to express itself. One of my aunts wanted to get married …</q>
      • Age Is Just A Number - <q>… Photo by Innoh Khumbuza: Relationships are sometimes a sensitive topic which when we engage In at times arguments abound… by marriot5464.</q>
      • Is age just a number in relationships? - <q> … Whichever is your choice, your decision should be based on the love, connection, and understanding that exist between you both. With this, you …</q>
      • Is age really just a number in a relationship? - <q>… Over the years, one of the most popular pieces of relationship advice you will get from people is that age is just a number… by vickoly</q>
      • When Age Is Just A Number In Marriage - <q>Having common interest matters a lot in a relationship, it keeps the marriage alive. By nature, men's strength stays for a longer time and that's the reason …</q>
      • Anything Worth Doing, is Worth Doing Well - <q>… relationship,and school, and just everything in general. … She would just smile and tell me that age is just a number … just had to do it anyhow , just because …</q>
      • My Age Gap Relationship - <q>… age gap relationship. … age really is but a number. When I look at … If weight, height, social status, bank account totals, and distance are just numbers in a …</q>
    2. Is age just a number in relationship?

      Does age matters in relationships? These personal experiences argue that age is just a number. As long as there is love, trust, and communication between partners.

    3. Is age just a number in relationship?
      • Who: The author (Princess Busayo), her parents, and another couple.
      • What: Discussing the topic of whether age matters in a relationship
      • Where: The author's personal experiences and observations.
      • Why: To share different perspectives on the topic and provide personal insights.
      • How: By sharing two scenarios from the author's life and providing their own opinion on the matter.
    1. Verbal Reasoning Exercise for pupils

      EVEGRACE presents a verbal reasoning exercise for pupils aged 6-7. Focusing on adding two letters to create new words.

    2. Verbal Reasoning Exercise for pupils
      • Who: Pupils
      • What: Verbal Reasoning Exercise
      • Why: To help pupils learn new words and improve their vocabulary
      • How: By adding two letters to a given word to create a new word and solving the examples and exercise provided
    1. Brother

      The post explores the multifaceted meaning of the term "brother," touching on familial ties, camaraderie, and religious brotherhood.

    2. Brother

      Brother might refer to a manufacturer or relationships. However, when referring to the Brother corporation, most people would include a specific product. So this definition of brother focuses on relationships.

      • What: Explaining the significance of the term "brother" in human relationships. Including familial ties and affectionate bonds.
      • Why: To provide insight into the various meanings of the term "brother" in different contexts. Such as biological relationships, platonic bonds, and religious orders.
      • How: By discussing the different interpretations of "brother" in terms of family relationships, friendships, and religious communities. The post also includes a summary of the key differences between priests and religious brothers.
    1. permacullture

      Permaculture Related Pages

      • Permaculture Planning - <q>Permaculture planning kind of requires specific details involving temperature, rainfall, topography, so you can, well, plan what to plant and build and where.</q>
      • Permaculture Principle #5 - <q>"Always favour biological solutions." Bill Mollison, Founder of The Permaculture Movement, "Always favour… by squdsi1.</q>
      • Permaculture with Comfrey - <q>… Comfrey is touted as a wonderful permaculture plant because it is a deep miner of nutrients from down in the soil. I love the fact that I can …</q>
      • Permaculture Quotes for Anarchists - <q>… But permaculture is anti-political. There is no room for politicians or administrators or priests. And there are no laws either. The only ethics …</q>
      • Permaculture with Blackberries - <q>Permaculture - Blackberry Blitz! 2 Comments / 1 reblogs. leafhopperfarm58 • Aug 30, 2017. 2 min read266 words. Listen to post. Blackberries are a staple crop at …</q>
      • Heal a Permaculture Garden - <q>… While permaculture experts discourage certain agricultural practices, some are even low-key beneficial to the environment. Observing and …</q>
      • Permaculture Plants - <q>Permaculture Plants: Perovskia, Russian Sage! Food, Medicine, Beauty and more…. · This plant is amazing! · A quick bit of research suggests this plant has many …</q>
    1. Open Polls Protocol

      Open Polls Protocol Related Pages

      • Decentralized Polls Announcement - <q>… Announcing work starting on a decentralized polling/voting protocol for all Hive Apps… by peak.open.</q>
      • Open Polls Protocol Review - <q>… Open. PeakD Now Has Polls. Peak Open has worked on an Open Polls protocol for Hive for a while. On the front end side, it was first …</q>
      • Open Polls Protocol Feedback - <q>… The Peak Open Projects team proposed a global protocol system for polls on Hive. A standalone HAF app can provide the interpreted polls data …</q>
    2. Open Polls Protocol

      Introduces the Open Polls Protocol, an initial version of a decentralized polls and voting system for Hive. That allows for advanced analytics and multiple voting qualifications and filters. The protocol specifies the rules for creating and participating in polls. Aiming to be integrated into various Hive-based UIs.

    3. Open Polls Protocol

      Could this Open Polls Protocol be useful in establishing long-term governance of Shrewdies3?

      It's never too soon to think about such things. But not currently a priority as I'm currently fully involved with Pre-Launch activities.

      In any case, this initiative serves a much wider purpose. So, my initial summary is:

      • Who: The developers behind the decentralized polls and voting system for Hive.
      • What: They have shared the protocol specification for the system. Which allows people to create and vote on polls with advanced analytics features and multiple voting qualifications and filters. The system is meant to be decentralized and integrated into various Hive-based UIs.
      • Where: The decentralized polls and voting system is for the Hive ecosystem.
      • Why: The system is intended to serve various purposes, from creating fun polls to voting on governance decisions. It also aims to enable decentralized decision-making and prioritization of features based on community input.
      • When: The initial version of the protocol has been shared in the post.
      • How: The system works by utilizing the Hive blockchain to store immutable poll data. Polls are created as regular Hive posts. With specific metadata fields defining them as polls. Users can vote on polls using custom_json operations, and the protocol specifies rules for creating and participating in polls. Users can change their votes or remove them if desired.
    1. Testrpc

      TestRPC Related Pages

      • Ganache CLI Install - <q>testRPC/ganache-cli testRPC/ganache-cli is a node.js Ethereum client for testing and development of the Smart… by technological.</q>
      • Ethereum TestRPC and Tester Client - <q>This provider automatically spins up the eth-testrpc server for you so that you can test your web3.py code against an in memory EVM. This provides lightning …</q>
      • Ethereum TestRPC vs. Geth - <q>Ethereum TestRPC vs. Geth explains that TestRPC is a client for testing and developing. While Geth is a full GO language client for connecting to the blockchain.</q>
      • TestRPC & Ethereum Smart Contracts - <q>… testrpc. For truffle test, testrpc or geth is required to be run explicitly. Else, you get the following error: $ truffle test Could not connect to your …</q>
    1. Celebrating HL 5k Members

      5k Members Celebration Related Pages

      • Celebrating 5K Subscribers Milestone - <q>… Here at the Hive Learners Community, we are still in the spirit of celebration of our 5000 member milestone. It has indeed been wonderful …</q>
      • Dolphin Sized Celebration with 5k SHADE - <q>… It's Time For A Dolphin Sized Celebration with 5k SHADE … The 5k SHADE Challenge. For … You got some love from a member of @thealliance family …</q>
      • 5K Members Contest Winners Announcement - <q>As you all know, to mark the celebration of gaining over 5000 members, a contest … celebrating the 5K members in the best way. I'm happy to participate in …</q>
    1. Learn More, Earn More

      Learn More, Earn More Related Pages

      • Learn More, Make More, Earn More - <q>… learn more, make more and earn more from artworks until 2020 when I needed to take a break due to some ethic and time taken courses I …</q>
      • Learn More, Earn More, Invest More - <q>… We will find it difficult to earn more if we do not learn more and invest more. As a food blogger, I also invest more in various tableware …</q>
      • Hive Crypto Opportunities & Lessons - <q>With crypto, it's mostly "You win some, you lose some" but with Hive, I'd say "You win much, you learn more". … earn more or make more investments, Hive teaches …</q>
      • Life of a Farmer - <q>… I have been having my days get busier as each sunrise and sunsets. Trying to learn more and earn more. But there will always be times when …</q>
      • Splinterlands Gold League - <q>… earn more rewards. Let's see what I have earned in … Not one day did I earn more than $1. This is … Join the discord to learn more. Good luck!</q>
      • Learn Splinterlands, Earn from Splinterlands - <q>… Join the discord to learn more. Good luck!THANKS … earn more. This is because I myself started … Join the discord to learn more. Good luck …</q>
      • Learn More Glint, Earn More Glint - <q>Now it's changing, whereas players who play more would earn more Glint. That … Join the discord to learn more. Good luck! THANKS FOR READING! CONTINUE TO …</q>
    1. shrink-wrap on blender

      Blender Shrinkwrap Modifier Related Pages

      Here are some examples of pages about the Shrinkwrap modifier for Blender:

      • Get Good at Blender - <q>It's a tough one to make. So I go through the best practice with edge flow and pole placement. We also work with the shrinkwrap modifier. As a quick note, those …</q>
      • Blender Shrinkwrap Model - <q>… Blender Shrinkwrap Model Purpose. @buttonm wants to showcase their artwork. And share their creative process by modeling a concept car for …</q>
      • Blender Shrinkwrap & Mesh Deformer Modifiers - <q>For tighter clothes such as the croptop and the forgotten arm socks, shrinkwrap … Blender (I'll work that out when I start a …) #blender · #3d · #creativecoin.</q>
      • ProgBlog #1 - <q>… Currently, 1 is Krita, 2 is keys I use excessively in Blender … Blender only when sculpting and/or animating … shrinkwrap" (I'm not sure why it …</q>
      • June ProgBlog - <q>And fixed up anything that had gone slightly awry from the shrinkwrap which had mostly done its job at least. … Blender doesn't decide to lag massively (I'm not …</q>
    1. Victory Liner

      Victory Liner Royal Class Related Pages

      These are some of the many pages related to Victory Liner services:

      • Nagsasa Cove Zambalez - <q>Take Victory Liner bus to their terminal in Olongapo. 5:10 ETA Victory Liner Olongapo Bus Terminal. Book a ticket to Pasay. Have dinner nearby or buy fruits …</q>
      • Travelling in The City of Pines - Baguio - <q>… 1st Photo - Picture of me and my husband riding a Bus Company Victory Liner. Going to Baguio from Manila took us 4 hours via Express Way …</q>
      • Cabongaoan Beach Death Pool - <q>It is also known as Boracay of the North and famous for its "Death Pool" Here is a travel guide: Cubao to Alaminos = 393 php (via Victory Liner) Bus …</q>
      • A Morning in Baguio - <q>inside Victory Liner's bus terminal, eating taho, a warm snack, here kept our shivering at bay. At this point, we weren't as cold as before. My chattering …</q>
      • Baguio City to Manila via Bus - <q>… 2 days before I went on my trip I had to buy a Bus ticket from Victory Liner, as of now, I think that's the only bus that's operational here …</q>
      • Taste of Something Kapampangan - <q>I got myself boarded on a Victory Liner bus bound for Olongapo from Pasay terminal, and got down at the San Fernando Intersection drop-off point, not too far …</q>
    1. Mosquito Burger

      Mosquito Burger Comments

      Comments from the original blockchain post include:

      • @agmoore says: <q>Well! Kunga cakes. I try to not make cultural judgments. I remember seeing a man eat a live beetle at Kennedy Airport once. He was carrying a suitcase full of squirming…</q>
      • Cyprianj replies: <q>True! And to a greater extent, beetles are much more consumed than other edible insects (for really those that care to eat it, I am out, haha) Personally do not have the…</q>
      • Cyprianj added: <q>Viewing the WhatsApp status of some friends and I came across one surprising video, supposedly claiming that mosquitoes can be eaten after roasting them.</q>
      • @natsve54 says: <q>Different cultures may have been influenced according to the geographic location of their locality. One specie of an insect may be more abundant in a certain place. I've heard that there are people who eat frogs that primarily consume the mosquitoes in the open field.</q>
    1. Zangbeto

      Zangbeto Explained Related Pages

      • Zangbeto dances and performs miracles - <q>Today I will show you Zangbeto dance and ceremony, a typical dance in which Zangbeto spirit comes into our human world, in Possotomè region, Benin.</q>
      • Benin - Zangbeto spirit - <q>In Benin, the main homeland of Animism religion, Zangbeto is the traditional mask who has the role of security guard …</q>
      • Top Places To Visit In Badagry - <q>Also with wide range of local festival, most of which are to celebrate local gods, festival like the Egungun, Zangbeto festival and so on. I honorably present to you the top places to visit in Badagry.</q>
      • Benin Facts, Habits, & Traditions - <q>People were dancing crazily behind the “haystack”. I learned later that it was a vaudou, a divinity, more exactly a Zangbéto which is a night guardian. My friend told me it is forbidden to see a Zangbéto during the night, especially for women, and if you met him at night he could even kill you.</q>
    2. Zangbeto

      Zangbeto Explained explores the author's encounter with a Zangbeto in Benin. And their quest to uncover the mystery of what is really inside the cone-shaped costume.

    3. Zangbeto

      Zangbeto Explained

      • Who: The author (Miss-p), the tour guide, a group of people, a Zangbeto master, Ning Li.
      • What: Witnessing a Zangbeto, offering money to a dancing figure, watching a video about Zangbetos, questioning what is inside a Zangbeto, asking about Ning Li.
      • Where: Cotonou Cadjehoun Airport, Porto Novo, Benin.
      • Why: Curiosity about the Zangbeto, wanting to know the truth about what is inside it, interested in Ning Li's work and disappearance.
      • When: About six years ago at the airport and more recently watching a video recommended by YouTube.
      • How: Investigating through Google and YouTube, asking questions to locals, watching a video about Zangbetos, pondering the mysteries of the Zangbeto and Ning Li.
    1. Best English Football Strikers

      Best England Strikers Related Pages

      • 10 Best England Premier League Strikers - <q>… Who are the best Premier League strikers of all time? Since the restructure of the English Football League and the intro…</q>
      • Italy vs. England - <q>Italy VS England Prove the best goalkeeper … Italy's final match against England … In these six matches, the Italian strikers have scored 12 goals, and they have …</q>
      • Best England Football Fans - <q>… Local football heroes - like one of the best Premier League strikers of all time Alan Shearer, Andy Carroll, Steven Taylor and Shola Ameobi …</q>
      • Top England Strikers - <q>Top strikers that are still playing … England and is still doing well in Spain. … Underrate him at your own peril. He scores an average of 0.74 goals per game …</q>
      • England World Cup Strikers - <q>While England were expected to go to the … In my opinion, the best goal of the match was … strikers as they have done in the past. The final …</q>
    1. Installing testRPC/ganache-cli

      Ganache CLI Install Related Pages

    1. Orchid Drawing

      Orchid Drawing Related Pages

      • Drawing Lips and Orchid Flower - <q>DRAWING LIPS AND ORCHID FLOWER I have this drawing for today, lips and orchid flower in her mouth, I found the picture so artistic and nice … by @li-art.</q>
      • Orchid Pencil Drawing - <q>Today I am sharing my drawing of an orchid. Materials: a sheet of paper and a simple graphite pencil, and a lot of time and patience.</q>
      • Venezuelan Landscape Symbols Drawing - <q>I painted the orchid with colored pencils, there being a great variety in colors, size and shape, but the most common is this species, which I chose to paint …</q>
      • Orchids Colored Pencil Sketch - <q>Today, on this cold rainy autumn day, I would like to share a step-by-step colored pencil drawing of beautiful orchids with you …</q>
      • Pencil Drawing of an Orchid - <q>Today I am sharing another drawing of an orchid. Materials: a sheet of paper and a simple graphite pencil, and … a lot of time and patience … by zanetaviz.</q>
    2. Orchid Drawing

      See the process of creating a drawing of the national flower of Venezuela, the Cattleya Mossiae Orchid. Using the Inkscape and GIMP programs.

    3. Orchid Drawing
      • Who: The author of the post, Lisbeth Seijas.
      • What: A design of the national flower of Venezuela, the Orchid.
      • Why: To showcase the design process of creating a drawing of the Orchid, which is the national flower of Venezuela.
      • How: The design was created using the Inkscape program and GIMP program. Starting with a sketch in Inkscape and adding colors and details. The post includes step-by-step images. With a gif showing the process of creating the drawing.
  4. Mar 2024
    1. Learn More Earn More

      Learn More, Earn More Related Pages

      • Learn More, Earn More: Learn more, earn more lists goals and strategies to guide your learning. Plus 5 benefits that go beyond earning money. Read how to learn more, then earn more.
    1. learn more earn more

      Learn More, Earn More Related Pages

      • Learn More, Earn More: Learn more, earn more lists goals and strategies to guide your learning. Plus 5 benefits that go beyond earning money. Read how to learn more, then earn more.
    1. Learn more Earn more

      Learn More, Earn More Related Pages

      • Learn More, Earn More: Learn more, earn more lists goals and strategies to guide your learning. Plus 5 benefits that go beyond earning money. Read how to learn more, then earn more.
  5. shrewdies.com shrewdies.com
    1. Skill

      Skill Related Pages

      • Learn More, Earn More: Learn more, earn more lists goals and strategies to guide your learning. Plus 5 benefits that go beyond earning money. Read how to learn more, then earn more.
    1. What is real Success?

      Success Related Pages

      • Learn More, Earn More: Learn more, earn more lists goals and strategies to guide your learning. Plus 5 benefits that go beyond earning money. Read how to learn more, then earn more.
    1. Learn More, Earn More

      Continuous learning is key to success in any profession, leading to increased skills, adaptability, career growth, entrepreneurial achievement, and personal development, ultimately resulting in higher earning potential and long-term benefits like job security and wealth accumulation.

    2. Learn More, Earn More
      • Who: @mgibson discusses the importance of continuous learning for financial success and career growth.
      • What: Emphasizes the relationship between learning and earning, and provides tips on how to implement continuous learning in daily life.
      • Why: Continuous learning is important to:
        • increase skills,
        • adapt to market changes,
        • achieve career growth,
        • enhance personal development.
      • When: The benefits of continuous learning are seen in the long term. With increased earning capacity, job security, career satisfaction, wealth accumulation, and legacy building.
      • How: By investing in education, reading regularly, leveraging online resources, networking, skill development, mentorship, setting goals, and gaining financial literacy, individuals can implement the "Learn More, Earn More" principle in their lives.
  6. Feb 2024
    1. Some people never realise what their purpose in life is before leaving . For some, it takes half of their life to find their purpose in life, And then they're the lucky ones that find it at an early part of their life.

      How does one find their purpose in life?

      • Who: The author, Meya Teingi, and Billie Eilish.
      • What: Reflecting on the song "What was I made for" by Billie Eilish and discussing the search for purpose in life.
      • Why: To explore the idea of finding one's purpose in life and the struggle to maintain happiness.
      • When: The author listened to the song in the morning.
      • How: The author relates to the song's themes of searching for purpose and feeling lost in life. They discuss the idea of societal expectations. And question what people are truly made for in life.
    1. Top 10 Richest Footballers

      The top 10 richest footballers in the world. Highlighting their net worth and achievements in the sport.

    2. Top 10 Richest Footballers

      Top 10 Richest Footballers Related Pages

    3. Top 10 Richest Footballers
      • Who: The top 10 richest footballers in the world. Including Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Neymar Jr, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Wayne Rooney, Kaka, Samuel Eto'o, Raul, Ronaldinho, and Frank Lampard.
      • What: List of the top 10 richest footballers in the world based on their net worth.
      • Where: The footballers listed are from various countries and play for different clubs around the world.
      • Why: These footballers have earned their wealth through lucrative deals, huge salaries, and endorsement agreements.
      • When: The post does not specify a specific date but provides information on the current net worth of the top 10 richest footballers.
      • How: The footballers mentioned have accumulated their wealth through their successful careers in football, endorsement deals with various brands, and playing for top clubs in competitive leagues around the world.
    1. 10 Best Strikers in Premier League

      The top 10 best strikers in Premier League history. Highlighting their achievements and contributions to their respective teams.

    2. 10 Best Strikers in Premier League

      10 Best Strikers in Premier League Related Pages

    3. 10 Best Strikers in Premier League
      • Who: The post discusses the best Premier League strikers of all time, including names like Andy Cole, Luis Suarez, Ruud van Nistelrooy, Eric Cantona, Dennis Bergkamp, Didier Drogba, Wayne Rooney, Sergio Aguero, Alan Shearer, and Thierry Henry.
      • What: The post ranks and provides information on the top 10 best Premier League strikers in history, highlighting their achievements, playing styles, and impact on the league.
      • Where: The players mentioned have played for various Premier League clubs such as Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea, and Newcastle United.
      • Why: The post aims to recognize and celebrate the talent and contributions of these legendary strikers to the Premier League, showcasing their skills, achievements, and impact on the game.
      • When: The post covers the period since the restructure of the English Football League and the introduction of the Premier League in 1992 up until the retirement of the mentioned players.
      • How: The rankings are based on factors such as goals scored, playing style, impact on their respective teams, and overall contribution to the Premier League. The post includes statistics, personal anecdotes, and insights into the playing careers of these top strikers.
    1. Edison Cavani

      Is Edison Cavani is a good fit for the English Premier League, particularly Chelsea, despite his age and experience? The author believes that Cavani may struggle in the EPL. Due to his age and mindset. And questions if he is the right choice for Chelsea's striking lineup.

    2. Edison Cavani

      Edison Cavani Related Pages

    3. Edison Cavani
      • Who: Edison Cavani, Tammy Abraham, Chelsea FC, Frank Lampard.
      • What: Analysis of whether Edison Cavani is English Premier League material and a potential transfer to Chelsea FC.
      • Where: English Premier League, Chelsea FC.
      • Why: Chelsea FC is looking for a new striker to compete with Tammy Abraham and improve their goal scoring record.
      • When: Currently, as Cavani is sitting out his contract at PSG and potential transfer rumors are circulating. How:
        • Comparing Cavani's experience and goal scoring ability with Tammy Abraham's youth and current performance.
        • Analyzing the challenges of playing in the English Premier League at an older age.
        • Discussing the potential difficulties Cavani may face if he joins Chelsea FC.
    1. best Liverpool fc team partner

      The best partnership in Liverpool FC history. Highlighting the trio of Luiz Suarez, Raheem Sterling, and Daniel Sturridge as the author's favourite. Due to their resilience and teamwork.

    2. best Liverpool fc team partner

      Best Liverpool FC Team Partner Related Pages

    3. best Liverpool fc team partner
      • Who: The author (ONUWAJE TUALE), Luiz Suarez, Raheem Sterling, Daniel Sturridge, Roberto Firmino, Mohammed Salah, Sadio Mane, Jurgen Klopp, Robbie Fowler, Fernando Torres, Kenny Dalglish, Michael Owen, Ian Rush.
      • What: Discussing the best partnership in Liverpool FC history, specifically focusing on the author's favorite trio of Luiz Suarez, Raheem Sterling, and Daniel Sturridge.
      • Where: Liverpool FC.
      • Why: The author admires the partnership of Suarez, Sterling, and Sturridge for their resilience, teamwork, and contribution to the team's success.
      • When: The author started supporting Liverpool FC when the trio of Suarez, Sterling, and Sturridge were playing together.
      • How: The author reflects on the successful partnership of Suarez, Sterling, and Sturridge, the reasons for their ultimate separation, and the current successful trio of Firmino, Salah, and Mane under the coaching of Jurgen Klopp. Images are included in the post to illustrate the players mentioned.
    1. Hive Naija

      Who: The author (Merit), the Hive Naija community, new moderators, Deraaa - What: The Hive Naija community has undergone a big move, including a name change to "Speak Peace", new community management, and a revamp of the Discord channel. They are also utilizing LeoThreads for the community and calling for support through delegation and joining the curation trail. - Where: The post references the Hive Naija community on Hive. - Why: The changes were made to address setbacks and improve the community's activities and engagement. - When: The post was made recently, announcing the changes and improvements to the Hive Naija community. - How: The community has rebranded, changed management, revamped the Discord channel, and plans to utilize LeoThreads for more engagement. They are also calling for support through delegation and donations.

    1. Curiosity As A Fuel For Learning And Innovation

      The post explores the role of curiosity in learning and innovation. Highlighting how curiosity can drive exploration, learning. And ultimately lead to innovation in various fields.

    2. Curiosity As A Fuel For Learning And Innovation
      • Who: The author, Takhar, who has a natural disposition for curiosity. And a tendency to take apart devices to study their components.
      • What: The author shares personal experiences of taking apart devices and trying to modify software, highlighting the importance of curiosity in learning and innovation.
      • Where: The experiences mentioned in the post take place in various locations where the author had access to devices to study and modify.
      • Why: The author discusses the nature of curiosity, how it evolves from childhood to adulthood, and its importance in individual growth and evolution, as well as in the processes of learning and innovation.
      • When: The post does not specify specific timeframes for the experiences mentioned, but it discusses the evolution of curiosity from childhood to adulthood.
      • How: The author explores the concept of curiosity. Including its role in learning and innovation. And shares personal anecdotes. To illustrate the impact of curiosity on exploring the unknown and acquiring knowledge.
    1. English Football Strikers

      A countdown of the top 10 best English football strikers of all time. Celebrating the extraordinary careers and achievements of these legendary players.

    2. English Football Strikers
      • Who: Wolfgang Sport (author).
      • What: Listing the 10 best English football strikers of all time.
      • Why: To celebrate the extraordinary careers of the greatest English football strikers.
      • How: By providing a list with brief descriptions of each player's career and achievements, along with sharing links to Wolfgang Sport's website and social media accounts.
    1. Python 3

      The post discusses the confusion and challenges faced while learning to code in Python 3. Specifically related to functions and parameters. With a focus on solving tasks and understanding the distinctions between variables and parameters.

    2. Python 3
      • Who: The author of the post, Anmitsu.
      • What: Anmitsu's diary entry about learning to code in Python 3, specifically discussing confusions and problem-solving related to functions and parameters in the course material.
      • Why: Anmitsu is sharing their experiences and seeking advice and suggestions from others.
      • When: The post was made after Anmitsu encountered and solved some issues related to functions and parameters in Python 3.
      • How: Anmitsu discusses two specific tasks related to defining and calling functions, sharing their process of confusion, attempts at solving the problems, and the final solution they arrived at. They also mention seeking help from Code Academy for clarification.
    1. Secret of Praetoria

      This post reveals details about the various buildings that players can construct on their land plots in the Secret of Praetoria - Phase 2 whitepaper. Including resource production, refinement, and storage buildings with specific requirements and levels. Additionally, it discusses the maintenance, repurposing, and special resources like Trifoil Runes obtained from Castle or Keep buildings.

    2. Secret of Praetoria
      • Who: The Splinterlands team.
      • What: Revealing details about the various buildings that players can construct on their land plots in Praetoria as part of the Phase 2 whitepaper reveal series.
      • Why: To provide players with information about the economy flowchart and mechanics of the land expansion in Praetoria.
      • When: Part 3 of the whitepaper series.
      • How: By detailing the different types of buildings available (Resource Production, Resource Refinement, and Resource Storage) and explaining the construction, upgrading, maintenance, and repurposing processes for these buildings.
    1. English Education

      The post discusses the major problems with English education in Turkish society. Focusing on the reliance on grammar-based teaching, lack of exposure to the language, and the need for teachers to motivate students.

    2. English Education
      • Who: The author, TeachBlogger, a citizen of Turkey working as an English teacher in Izmir, Turkey.
      • What: Discussing the major problems in English education in Turkish society.
      • Where: Turkey, specifically Izmir.
      • Why: To address the difficulties faced by Turkish people in globalizing and expressing themselves in English.
      • How: The author discusses the problems with grammar-based teaching, lack of exposure to the language, unawareness of opportunities, and the importance of motivation in teaching English. They also mention their own teaching methods and experiences to motivate students.
    1. powers of Uziza Leaves

      A fictional story in which a shiny stone triggers an intergalactic alarm. And the protagonist's father uses the unique scent of uziza leaves to soften the hearts of aliens and prevent a catastrophic war. The post also includes a recipe for Ofe Nsala, a traditional Nigerian dish.

    2. powers of Uziza Leaves
      • Who: The author (zyzymena), Ijele (the author's brother), Ukachi (Ijele's project partner), the author's father, the alien leader, fellow villagers, Ijeoma (the author's friend), young men from the village, the village women.
      • What: Resolving an intergalactic alarm triggered by the retrieval of a shiny stone by Ijele, cooking a soup using uziza leaves to soften alien hearts, preventing a catastrophic war, sparing Earth from the impending threat.
      • Where: Gamuga village, outskirts of the village by the riverside, the village square, the author's house, the heart of the village, the alien ships.
      • Why: To prevent a catastrophic war and spare Earth from the impending threat posed by the aliens, to reunite the shiny stone with the alien leader, to celebrate the resolution of the threat.
      • When: Rain danced in Gamuga village for seven days. On the eighth day, the sun came out. Ijele ventured to the outskirts of the village and retrieved the shiny stone. The aliens arrived after the soup was cooked. The village women erupted into dance and song after the aliens spared Earth.
      • How: The shiny stone triggered an intergalactic alarm. The author's father explained the solution of cooking a soup using uziza leaves. The author prepared Ofe Nsala (white soup) using uziza leaves. The unique aroma of the soup caught the attention of the alien leader and softened the hearts of the aliens. The aliens tasted the soup and decided to spare Earth. The village women erupted into dance and song to celebrate.

      The story concludes with a recipe for Ofe Nsala (white soup). Which is served with a sprinkling of Uziza leaves. For enhanced taste and aroma.

    1. Splinterlands Town Hall Summary

      The post provides a summary of the Splinterlands Town Hall held on January 18th, 2024. Highlighting key points such as: - the launch of Conflicts, - updates to the new player experience, - custom avatars, - player housing, - changes to the ranked battle system, - and the release of new soulbound reward cards.

    2. Splinterlands Town Hall Summary

      Who: - Yabapmatt (Co-Founder & CEO) - Investygator (OPS Product Owner / Software Developer) - Cryptomancer (Developer) - Nate (Creative)

      What: - Splinterlands Town Hall Summary on January 18th, 2024 - Discussion on conflicts, new player experience, custom avatars, player housing, ranked battle system overhaul, and soulbound reward cards - Introduction of the first airdrop card - Rage

      Why: - To provide updates and information on the latest developments and plans for Splinterlands

      When: - January 18th, 2024

      How: - Through a recorded town hall meeting with timestamps for each team member's presentation - Detailed information and explanations provided in the post

    1. Victory Liner's Royal Class

      ScIoN describes his experience riding Victory Liner's Royal Class sleeper bus. Concluding that while it provides a comfortable journey, the price is a bit steep. So the First Class option is sufficient for a comfortable ride.

    2. Victory Liner's Royal Class
      • Who: The author, ScIoN, and Victory Liner.
      • What: Reviewing Victory Liner's Royal Class sleeper bus.
      • Where: Baguio City and Metro Manila.
      • Why: To evaluate if the Royal Class bus is worth the price.
      • When: October 2023.
      • How: The author booked the bus tickets online and experienced the Royal Class bus firsthand.

      The post discusses the excitement and anticipation for the upcoming release of a new Gundam Seed movie. Highlighting expectations for the storyline, character development, animation quality, and soundtrack.

      • Who: The author, Jude, and fans of Gundam Seed.
      • What: A new Gundam Seed movie is set to be released in January 2024.
      • Where: The movie will be released in Japan, but the author hopes it will also be shown in the Philippines.
      • Why: The author is excited to watch the movie and hopes for more screen time for the main characters, Kira Yamato and Lacus Clayne.
      • When: The movie is set to be released in January 2024.
      • How: The author plans to watch the previous Gundam series while waiting for the movie and hopes for an epic OST for the movie.
    1. Hive Naija

      This post is about the Hive Naija Weekly Prompts challenge. Where participants are encouraged to explore their creativity. And to foster connections within the community. By responding to writing prompts. The post also highlights the winners of the previous edition. And provides new prompts for the current week.

    2. Hive Naija
      • Who: Hive Naija community
      • What: Weekly Prompts.
      • Why: To foster creativity and connections within the community.
      • When: 2024 (current year).
      • How: By participating in the prompts and sharing entries.
    1. Mosquito Burger

      This post debunks the claim that mosquitoes can be eaten as a burger. Highlighting the health risks and lack of nutritional benefits associated with consuming mosquitoes.

    2. Mosquito Burger
      • Who: The author, Cyprianj, and their friends on WhatsApp.
      • What: The discussion and investigation into whether mosquitoes can be eaten as a burger.
      • Where: WhatsApp and YouTube.
      • Why: To determine if the claim that mosquitoes can be eaten is true or false.
      • How: The author analyzes the possibility of eating mosquitoes based on genetic modifications made to them, the diseases they carry, their nutritional value, and the potential health risks associated with consuming them. The author also mentions the existence of a video on YouTube discussing the topic.
    1. fake Bitcoin offline wallets

      The post warns about a scam involving fake Bitcoin offline wallets being left on the streets in Vienna. Where fraudsters claim that they contain thousands of euros in Bitcoin and ask for a fee to transfer the funds. But victims never receive any Bitcoin.

    2. fake Bitcoin offline wallets
      • Who: Fraudsters, dishonest finders, police.
      • What: Fake Bitcoin offline wallets being dropped on the streets of Vienna.
      • Where: Vienna, Austria
      • Why: Fraudsters are attempting to scam people into paying a fee to claim the wallets, but the Bitcoin is never received.
      • When: The warning about the scam is currently circulating in the Austrian media.
      • How: Fraudsters leave the fake wallets on the streets, waiting for dishonest finders to claim them and pay a fee.
    1. Taskonbit

      This post is an overview of Taskonbit, a new faucet website that allows users to withdraw their earnings. The post highlights the minimum withdrawal amount, the value of the coins, various ways to earn coins, and the bonus levels available.

    2. Taskonbit
      • Who: The author of the post, meme.
      • What: Introducing Taskonbit, a new faucet website with cool perks.
      • Where: The website is Taskonbit.com.
      • Why: To share information about a new faucet website and its features.
      • How: By providing details about the website's features, such as the ability to withdraw, minimum withdrawal amount, value of coins, ways to earn coins, and the presence of levels and bonuses. The post also includes a payment proof.
    1. innovative and Creative teacher

      This post discusses the importance of teachers being innovative and creative. In order to engage students and promote effective learning in the classroom. It provides tips and strategies for teachers to implement new teaching methods and materials.

    2. innovative and Creative teacher
      • Who: Teachers or educators.
      • What: Encouraging teachers to be innovative and creative in their teaching methods.
      • Where: In the classroom.
      • Why: To motivate and engage students and achieve good learning outcomes.
      • When: Ongoing in today's education system.
      • How: By seeking new strategies, tools, and materials, implementing changes, being positive and open to new ideas, collaborating with colleagues, and creating dynamic and interactive classroom environments.
    1. Illuminating Young Minds

      The post is about the author's experience as a tutor during the summer. Highlighting their interactions with young students and the transformative power of education.

    2. Illuminating Young Minds

      Who: The author (Jufel), who is a tutor, and young students. - What: The author's experience as a tutor during the summer, guiding and nurturing young minds through learning. - Where: Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu, which is 3 hours away from the author's hometown. - Why: The author embarked on this tutoring adventure to fulfill their role as a tutor and make a positive impact on the young students' lives. - When: The tutoring experience took place during the summer. - How: The author created a stimulating learning environment, tailored their teaching methods to each student's needs, and used visual aids to facilitate effective studying. They also showed patience, celebrated mistakes as learning opportunities, and fostered a passion for learning. The author's teaching methods resulted in the transformation of the students' reading and writing skills, as well as their confidence and eagerness to learn.

    1. best Hive Learning Community

      Who: Zulay Pulido (AKA Libre Pensadora), The Terminal community, @xcountytravelers, @brittandjosie, @justclickindiva, @thekittygirl, @drakernoise, @derekrichardson, @wesphilbin, @jamerussell, @theterminal. - What: Zulay Pulido's participation in the Pimp Your Community (PYC) Contest, promoting The Terminal community on Hive. - Why: To promote and highlight the benefits and activities of The Terminal community on Hive. - When: Friday, May 29, 2020. - How: Zulay Pulido writes an article describing the activities and benefits of The Terminal community. Including: - their support for newcomers, - monthly contests, - efficient healing work, - creation of innovative activities and well-rewarded contests, - information about Hive and Discord, - inclusive and patient support for all members.

      She invites interested individuals to join The Terminal on Hive.

    2. best Hive Learning Community

      This post is a recommendation and overview of the Hive community called "The Terminal". Highlighting its support and teaching services for newcomers to the blockchain.

  7. Jan 2024
    1. Centrales Hidroeléctricas en Venezuela

      Hydroelectric Power Plants in Venezuela Summary

      This post provides an overview of hydroelectric power in Venezuela. Discussing the different hydroelectric plants in the country. And their significance in electricity generation.

    2. Centrales Hidroeléctricas en Venezuela

      Hydroelectric Power Plants in Venezuela

      • Who: The author, Hanny Marchan, and the community of Hive.
      • What: Sharing information about hydroelectric power plants in Venezuela.
      • Why: To provide information about hydroelectric power plants in Venezuela and discuss their importance and challenges.
      • How: The author explains how hydroelectric power plants work and provides information about specific hydroelectric power plants in Venezuela, including their locations and characteristics. The post also includes images and references.
    1. What is Avalanche Robinhood?

      Search results suggest this post as a good answer to the question, "what is Avalanche Robinhood?" However, I find that it doesn't even begin to answer that question. Because it is about a very specific part of the Robinhood app that is about Avalanche. And it offers no description of the Avalanche-Robinhood relationship.

      Also, I can't understand why there are no images in the original post. OK, it was never originally intended to answer the question that search engines have suggested. But it would have been very easy to take a screenshot of each question that the Original Poster provides answers for.

      So, I'm asking you to research the question properly. And include links to base information sources.

      By "base information sources", I mean original information. Not search results pages, or curation articles such as forums or encyclopedias. Because it is OK to use those services to find original sources. But in my opinion, it is very poor form to quote from them as if they have any authority.

      Your Avalanche Robinhood Research Rewards

      If you present your research as a post on the Hive blockchain, you become eligible for rewards from Shrewdies. Including extra payments during Hive Rewards Week. In addition to your usual rewards in the Hive Afterweek. Subject to my competition rules, below.

      To claim Hive Week Rewards, you must reply to this note with the link to your post on Shrewdies.com, on the day that you published your post. You will then gain an immediate boost of 1 HSBI. If more than 1 person claims this reward, I will start a competition that runs for 28 days from the first response. The prize for the competition will depend on the number of entrants.

      Your Avalanche Robinhood Competition Strategy

      This section is not part of the competition rules. Just my opinions about how you might approach the competition.

      Firstly, remember that everything in the Hive Afterweek depends on the quality of your content. So: - Write with a clear purpose - Structure your research findings logically - Check your writing with LanguageTool or similar. - Read your post aloud before publishing it. Or better still, get someone to read it to you.

      Strategically, you might consider encouraging other people to enter this competition first. But don't let them get too far ahead!

      I will be working hard to promote all competition entries to search engines. You can help yourself by posting links to your Shrewdies.com competition entry on social media and wherever else you can. You can also link to it in your other posts on Hive (old and new).

      Avalanche Robinhood Competition Rules

      Avalanche Robinhood Competition Entries

      • Your post title must include "What is Avalanche Robinhood". But you can include other words. E.g., "What is Avalanche Robinhood to Me" or "Why it's important to ask 'What is Avalanche Robinhood'".
      • You must include a link to this Hypothesis Annotation.
      • This is an English language competition. However, you can provide additional translations. As long as the English version is presented first.
      • Minimum of 250 words (as measured by LanguageTool Editor). I will only measure the main English article - ignoring translations, navigation links, signatures, etc.
      • Reply to this annotation with a link to your post on Shrewdies.com. Note that Shrewdies.com is a read-only portal to the Hive blockchain. So you can use Ecency, PeakD, or whichever Hive frontend you prefer. But the link to your post must be in the form shrewdies.com/post/yourname/yoururl. I strongly recommend that you visit your post on Shrewdies.com, then copy and paste the address from your browser.
      • You are allowed to edit your entry at any time. But the edited post must continue to meet the rules to remain eligible for rewards.

      Avalanche Robinhood Competition Rewards

      • Each entry will get a reward of 1 HSBI to be paid 1 week after posting.
      • The competition will run for 28 days. Starting on the day after publication of the second competition entry.
      • The competition prize will be based on the number of entrants. Being 1 HSBI per entrant. So if 10 people apply, the prize will be 10 HSBI.
      • The winner will be determined by the highest number of impressions recorded by Google Search Console during the 28-day competition period. I aim to post interim weekly numbers as replies here. But any such interim numbers are for information only. So the results depend entirely on the 28-day impression count.
      • I will only include genuine search queries. And any attempt to search for your own competition entry will be penalized.
      • I will pay the competition prize as soon as I assess the 28-day search query analysis.
    2. Robinhood - Avalanche answers

      The post provides answers to a quiz about Robinhood's launch and learn program. Specifically regarding the Avalanche blockchain platform and its native token AVAX.

    3. Robinhood - Avalanche answers
      • Who: The author of the post, potta, is sharing their answers to the Robinhood's first launch and learn program.
      • What: The author is sharing the answers to the questions in the quiz.
      • Why: The author wants to provide helpful information to anyone who needs the answers to the Robinhood's launch and learn program.
      • When: The post does not provide a specific time frame for when the quiz took place or when the answers were shared.
      • How: The author answered the questions correctly in their first attempt and decided to share their answers with others. The answers are provided in the form of brief explanations.

      This blog post is written by a Nigerian girl named Uyoho-idara. Who is excited to join the Hive Blockchain platform. For its potential to provide intellectual growth, social improvement, and income generation opportunities.

      • Who: The author, Uyoho-idara, and her parents.
      • What: Uyoho-idara is introducing herself and expressing her excitement about joining the Hive Blockchain platform.
      • Where: Nigeria.
      • Why: Uyoho-idara was convinced to join Hive Blockchain by MFON TOM (@mfontom), and believes it is a wise decision. Because she can earn rewards for her time and data spent on the platform.
      • How: Uyoho-idara plans to:
        • Engage with the Hive Blockchain community,
        • Share knowledge and information,
        • Read stories,
        • Watch movies,
        • Write creatively,
        • Learn from her aunt. And improve intellectually, mentally, socially, and financially through her involvement on the platform.
    1. Life Lessons Learned from the Hive Blockchain

      This post discusses the author's experience on the Hive blockchain. And how it has taught them the value of patience and perseverance in achieving their goals.

    2. Life Lessons Learned from the Hive Blockchain
      • Who: The author (@vickoly), who has been using the Hive blockchain for almost two years.
      • What: The author shares the valuable life lesson they have learned from the Hive blockchain. Which is the power of patience.
      • Why: The author explains that patience is a virtue. And it is important not to give up when things don't go as planned. They share their own experience of facing low support for their content initially. But persevering and eventually seeing improvements.
      • When: The author mentions their journey on the Hive blockchain, starting from when they first joined and faced challenges to the present day. Where they have seen progress.
      • How: The author learned the lesson of patience by observing other people. Who were successful on the Hive blockchain and not giving up despite initial difficulties. They also highlight the importance of continuous learning and self-improvement.
    1. Hive blockchain, our new home

      This post discusses the launch of the Hive blockchain. Which will serve as a new home for the Steem community. Also, it shares the author's excitement and nostalgia about the move.

    2. Hive blockchain, our new home
      • Who: The author, @phortun, and the Steemian community.
      • What: The official introduction of the Hive blockchain as the new home for the community.
      • Why: To announce the transition to the Hive blockchain.
      • When: The author read the announcement and comments the day before writing the post.
      • How: The author expresses excitement and nostalgia about the move, and discusses the potential impact on the Steem price and the future of the old Steem blockchain. The author also asks for the thoughts and opinions of readers on the move to Hive.
    1. Hive Condenser and Wallet apps

      This post discusses the author's recent contributions to the Hive Condenser and Wallet apps on the Hive Blockchain. Including new features, bug fixes, and extending the witness list.

    2. Hive blockchain
      • Who: The author, Quoc-Huy Nguyen Dinh (@quochuy).
      • What: The author's new contributions to the Hive Condenser and Wallet apps on the Hive blockchain.
      • Where: The Hive Condenser and Wallet apps ( https://hive.blog, https://wallet.hive.blog ).
      • Why: To improve the functionality and user experience of the Condenser and Wallet apps on the Hive blockchain.
      • How: The author made several contributions and bug fixes to the Condenser and Wallet apps. Including:
        • Displaying the RC level around a user's profile avatar.
        • Fixing page crashes caused by too many comments on a post.
        • Adding support for YouTube Shorts URLs.
        • Extending the witness list to the first 250 witnesses.
        • Fixing various bugs related to page loading, notifications, navigation menu, encrypted MEMO reveal, and CSS tweaks for mobile. The author also includes a call to action to vote for their witness on Hive.
    1. Knowledge of Hive Blockchain

      The post discusses the importance of gaining a sound knowledge of the Hive blockchain. In order to keep up with the direction of finance and currency in the world. Also, outlines the author's goals for learning and exploring various aspects of the blockchain.

    2. Knowledge of Hive Blockchain
      • Who: The author of the post, Monica-ene.
      • What: Seeking a sound knowledge of the Hive blockchain for their goals in the year 2024.
      • Why: To keep up with the direction of finance and currency of the world, and to navigate the Hive blockchain effectively.
      • When: The year 2024.
      • How: By seeking a quality guide, participating in the #hivelearners community, and actively engaging in crypto spaces.
    1. 3 years on HIVE blockchain

      This post is about the author's three-year anniversary on the HIVE blockchain and their journey of becoming a part of the HIVE community and ecosystem.

    2. 3 years on HIVE blockchain
      • Who: The author, Alex Rourke.
      • What: Reflection on their 3-year anniversary on the HIVE blockchain and their journey in the HIVE ecosystem.
      • Where: HIVE blockchain.
      • Why: The author wishes they had started building and strengthening the community sooner.
      • When: The author started on the HIVE blockchain in April 2019 and is celebrating their 3-year anniversary.
      • How: The author met someone named Ijatz who introduced them to the Musicoin project and blockchain technology, which sparked their interest in HIVE. They decided to make their own account and started sharing about their life and interests. They became more involved in the community, researched top witnesses, and gained hive power to make their voice heard. They plan to continue being part of the HIVE ecosystem and contribute to its development.
    1. Interact, Learn and Grow

      The post is about the author's design for a banner celebrating the Hive Learner community reaching 5,000 members, expressing their gratitude for the positive impact the community has had on their growth and learning on the Hive blockchain.

    2. HL Banner Design

      Interact, Learn, and Grow

      • Who: The author, George Dee.
      • What: Designing a banner to celebrate Hive Learner reaching 5k members.
      • Why: The author wanted to create a design that represents the Hive Learners community and its impact on its members.
      • When: The design was created after the community reached 5k members.
      • How: The author used Canva App to design the banner and incorporated the HL logo, academic cap and scroll, and graphical representation of the words "Interact, Learn, and Grow".
    1. dCity new Combine

      The Hive mining post discusses the new updates in the dCity game, including the introduction of temples and the distribution of the ENTRY token. The author shares their strategy and thoughts on the updates.

    2. Hive-Mining

      Hive Mining

      • Who: The author of the post, Alex E.B. Trapp.
      • What: The post discusses the new updates in dCity, specifically the addition of temples and the network effects.
      • Where: The updates are on the dCity platform.
      • Why: The updates add utility to the network combines and introduce new gameplay mechanics.
      • How: The new temples can be combined using specific cards, such as Hive Mining Operation, Warehouse, Advanced Management, and Bag of SIM. The author also mentions the distribution of ENTRY and its usefulness in buying Chaos Packs, NFT hoodies, and other NFTs. The author shares their own experience and strategy in the game.
    1. Revolutionizing Crypto Mining

      Revolutionizing Hive Crypto Mining

      This post discusses the concept of micro-earning in Hive crypto mining, specifically focusing on Leothreads and Decks as a new way to mine Hive tokens through social interactions and short content creation.

    2. Revolutionizing Crypto Mining

      Revolutionizing Hive Crypto Mining

      • Who: The author, asgharali, discusses the rise of micro-earning in Hive crypto mining with Leothreads and Decks.
      • What: The post explains how miners play a crucial role in the crypto industry by mining new coins, particularly Bitcoin. It highlights the challenges miners face as mining becomes more difficult over time due to halving cycles. The post introduces the concept of social mining in the HIVE ecosystem, where users can mine HIVE by generating content and staying active on the network.
      • Where: The post specifically mentions the HIVE ecosystem and various front-ends such as LeoFinance and Ecency that are implementing micro-earning through threads and decks.
      • Why: The post explains that the introduction of micro-earning through Leothreads and Decks is a new revolution in HIVE crypto mining. It provides an opportunity for users to earn rewards by engaging with others and sharing their opinions.
      • When: The post does not provide a specific timeline, but it mentions that the introduction of leothreads in LeoFinance was a few months ago.
      • How: The post explains that users can mine HIVE through micro-earning by composing threads and engaging with others. The post also mentions the option to convert earned LEO tokens to HIVE coins. It emphasizes the importance of user attention and encourages more people to start utilizing threads for social mining.
    1. Play Hive Bits With Pepe!
    1. My First dApp

      The post discusses the author's experience and process of building their first dApp, a blockchain-based version of the game Battleship, using Ethereum, Solidity, and smart contracts.

    2. My First dApp
      • Who: The author, Tom
      • What: The author's experience building his first dApp, a game called Battleship, using Ethereum, solidity, and smart contracts.
      • Where: The author built the dApp using Truffle and deployed it on the Kovan testnet.
      • Why: The author wanted to learn how to make his own smart contracts and build dApps.
      • When: The author started the project a few months ago and wrote the post on PeakD.com to share his experience and help others.
      • How: The author:
        • Used Truffle as a framework for building dApps,
        • Ran a localhost node for testing using TestRPC,
        • Injected Web3 using the Metamask Chrome extension,
        • Used the Remix online editor for quick compilation and bug finding,
        • And wrote JavaScript tests using Truffle's testing framework. The author also built the UI using Angular 1 and played the game using Chrome and Metamask.
    1. Ethereum TestRPC vs Geth

      This post compares TestRPC and Geth, explaining that TestRPC is a client for testing and development, while Geth is a full client for connecting to the real Ethereum chain or starting a testnet server. It also mentions that successful tests in TestRPC can be transferred to Geth.

    2. Ethereum TestRPC vs Geth
      • What: The post explains that TestRPC is a Node.js based Ethereum client used for testing and development, while Geth is a full client in GO Language used to connect to the real chain or start a testnet server.
      • Where: The platforms mentioned in the post, TestRPC and Geth, are used in the Ethereum ecosystem.
      • Why: The purpose of the post is to compare the functionalities and uses of TestRPC and Geth.
      • When: The post does not provide specific information about the timing or date of the comparison.
      • How: The post explains that some successful tests conducted in TestRPC can be transferred to Geth.
    1. Sinopsis Original del libro.

      English Translation

      Bibliotec(0n) something to read: Three times you - Federico Moccia (Download the book for free) Do you like to immerse yourself in a world full of magic, fiction, action, drama, comedy, etc…?

      In this blog, dedicated to those lovers of reading, you will find the literary productions that have marked a milestone in the field of contemporary literature, and in addition to that, you can also download for FREE! these books, stories, novels, etc. Wonderful, right?

      Three times you

      Third part of the Federico Moccia saga, I loved the first two books, "Three meters above the sky" and "I want you", and this third is the continuation six years later. I personally loved it and I really liked the continuation of the stories of Step, Babi and Gin, and the other characters. In my opinion, with the last two books the story had not ended and with this third part there is an outcome for all the characters. I think it's not bad at all to have a good time and I hope that, just like with the books, they make the "Three times you" movie. Sometimes the reading becomes a little tedious. But since it tells the life of each of the characters, 6 years later, it is understandable. Although I liked his two previous books much more, it is still a good book. Since you want to know in depth, what would happen to everyone. The ending, although a bit predictable, had to be that way. Do you want to know how the story ends? Well, start reading THREE TIMES YOU.

      Finally, I have to say that from the beginning (the first book), I loved these novels, not only because they are fresh and from life itself, but because they tell us these beautiful love stories. I was very excited to get to know Rome when I read the descriptions of the Eternal City in its pages. The motorcycle tours that Step took, the sea of ​​Ostia, the Roman squares, the Tiber or the famous Milvian bridge of padlocks (one day I would like to go and put a padlock there with my boyfriend). I encourage you to read this book and the other two previous ones. It's worth it because they are very beautiful love stories, with deep characters and beautiful places.

      Original synopsis of the book.

      • Download this book for free

      Six years later, the lives of our protagonists have changed. They have managed to be happy, but when they least expect it, their paths cross again… After the success of Three Meters Above the Sky and I Want You, comes the long-awaited outcome of the love story of Step, Babi, and Gin. Will Step and Gin still be together? Is Babi happy in her marriage?

      Technical sheet Original title: Tre volte tu Author: Federico Moccia Genre: Romantic narrative Year of publication: 2017 Publisher: Planeta Saga: 3/3 Number of pages: 807


    2. Tres veces tu

      This post is a recommendation for the book "Tres veces tu" (Three Times You) by Federico Moccia, which is the third part of a romantic saga and can be downloaded for free. The author shares their personal opinion and enjoyment of the book, encouraging others to read it.

    3. Tres veces tu - Federico Moccia

      Three Times You

      • Who: The author of the post (bibliotec0n).
      • What: The post is about a book called "Tres veces tu" (Three Times You) by Federico Moccia and the author's personal opinion and recommendation of the book.
      • Why: The author writes the post to share their thoughts and recommendation about the book.
      • How: The author describes their personal experience and opinion of the book, mentioning that they enjoyed it and found it to be a good read. They also provide a brief synopsis of the book and mention their interest in visiting the locations mentioned in the book. The author also includes links to download the book for free and promotes various communities and platforms related to literature and writing.
    1. Hortensia, historia real

      Spanish to English translation by Google with some grammar/readability adjustments by Keith Taylor.

      Hortensia, True Story

      In the city of Cumaná, Sucre state, Venezuela. Faithful witness to the story of Hortensia, a woman who was held captive for 40 years in a house by her husband, Fernando Inserny.

      Hortensia Maestrucci, a young woman who lived in the state of Bolívar, where she was born and grew up for a time, arrived in the city of Manzanares with her boyfriend Fernandito Inserny. Once she arrived in the city, her stay was comfortable and good for the first few months. It is said that she was a very pretty young woman who attracted the attention of many men, due to her beauty and innocence. Her boyfriend, Fernando, was the owner, at that time, of many businesses. Owner of luxurious cars at that time, an icon in the city of Cumaná. He was a descendant of a militant family of Christian democracy, a man with many things around him, among those women. Some time later, she began to feel jealous and put things in Hortensia's head, saying that if she went out on the street, the communists would take her. Things that were a lie but since she was an innocent young woman she believed her and agreed to her confinement. That's how the young woman spent her days, months, and even years. To be more exact 40 years.

      This event occurred, especially near Plaza Ribero, on Úrica Street in Cumaná. During that time, she was fed through the slots in the door of the room where she was. There she was tied the entire time without making any noise so that the communists would not hear her and take her away. After 40 years locked up, she was discovered. There are two versions: - It is said that there were some children playing on the street, and they heard Hortensia crying. - And another that the neighbors warned that thieves had broken into that house.

      It was at that moment when the community looks out and realizes it. They immediately call the competent authorities to investigate the case. At the time of her departure, Hortensia looked very bad. She was extremely skinny, with super long nails, and hair that reached almost her size. Very old, she had a bad smell. She was taken out of the house around 5 in the afternoon, covered and in the arms of a police commissioner. The people and everything caused her some discomfort and hurt Hortensia's eyesight, since she had been without sunlight for 40 years.

      After 2 years from her release, Hortensia dies. The story of this woman who moved the city of Cumaná transcended through the years and will remain in the memory of those who lived that time. How someone manages to harm another person of that magnitude, all their years of life lost due to be locked-up.

      What name could we give to this story?

    2. 40 años encerrada en una casa

      40 Years Locked in a House

      • Who: Hortensia, Fernando Inserny
      • What: Hortensia was held captive in a house by her husband Fernando Inserny for 40 years.
      • Where: Cumaná, Sucre, Venezuela
      • Why: Fernando Inserny held Hortensia captive out of jealousy and fear of communist threats.
      • When: The captivity lasted for 40 years.
      • How: Hortensia was fed through the door of her room and was discovered after 40 years either by children playing nearby or by neighbors suspecting a break-in. Hortensia was in poor physical condition after being locked up for so long. She died two years after her release.
    1. Learning from the learning place

      This post discusses the value of both independent learning and learning under guided tutelage, emphasizing the importance of a balanced approach. It also encourages individuals not to compare their progress to others and to trust in God's timing for their own journey.

    2. Learning from the learning place
      • Who: The author of the post (@themesiah).
      • What: Discussing the importance of both independent learning and learning in a supervised environment for entrepreneurs.
      • Why: To emphasize the benefits of a combination of independent learning and mentorship for entrepreneurs.
      • How: The author explains the advantages of both independent learning and mentorship, and encourages readers to find a balance between the two.
    1. Scribble portrait of "Salvador Dali"

      This post showcases a scribble portrait drawing of the famous artist Salvador Dalí, highlighting his unique mustache and discussing the artist's unconventional techniques and fame.

    2. Scribble portrait of "Salvador Dali"
      • Who: The author, Riy_shi, is presenting their new artwork.
      • What: The author has created a scribble portrait drawing of Salvador Dali, a famous Spanish artist known for his unique artwork and distinctive mustache.
      • Where: The artwork is being presented on Shrewdies.com.
      • Why: The author is fascinated by Salvador Dali's artwork and wanted to draw a portrait of him to share with others.
      • How: The author drew the outline of the portrait and gradually completed it using the scribe technique. The post also includes several shots showcasing the technique used in creating the artwork.

      This blog post discusses the author's love for footwear and how it was influenced by a bachelor neighbor who had a large collection of shoes. The author shares their own experiences and aspirations of building their own shoe collection.

      • Who: The author (@quduus1), a city boy who grew up with many other kids and families. They also mention a bachelor who influenced their love for footwear.
      • What: The author's love for footwear and their desire to build their own footwear collection. They talk about their first encounter with the bachelor, their appreciation for his shoe collection, and their own investment in footwear.
      • Where: The author grew up in a city and had an encounter with the bachelor in their compound. They also mention their own shoe collection.
      • Why: The author loves footwear and finds joy in adding new shoes to their collection. They were influenced by the bachelor's love for footwear and wanted to build their own collection.
      • When: The author's encounter with the bachelor happened around 5-6 years ago when they were in need of help with a mathematics assignment. They also mention recent investments in footwear, such as spending $20 on making new shoes and getting old ones fixed.
      • How: The author's love for footwear was sparked by the bachelor's collection and their help in understanding their mathematics assignment. The author is also partially into shoe making and plans to resume their apprenticeship in the future. They mention getting their clothings sown by their designer, Lekunz Clothing.
    1. Making Learning Fun

      This post discusses a teacher's use of improvisation and hands-on activities to make learning fun for students, specifically through a science activity where students create a model of the lungs using plastic bottles and balloons.

    2. Making Learning Fun
      • Who: The author (@pinkchic), who is a teacher, and the students.
      • What: Making learning fun through improvisation and conducting a science activity.
      • Where: In a public school classroom.
      • Why: To improve the students' academic performance and help them understand concepts.
      • When: The author conducted the activity during the first period of the school day.
      • How: The author used improvised materials to create a model representing the respiratory system, and the students worked in groups to complete the task. The author also emphasized the importance of recording observations and answering guide questions.
    1. English Unit Learning Worksheets

      This blog post discusses the author's experience teaching her young son English through various learning activities and worksheets focused on the autumn season.

    2. English Unit Learning Worksheets
      • Who: The author, MissDeli, and her son Caleb.
      • What: Learning activities and worksheets for English language learning.
      • Where: Romania.
      • Why: To improve Caleb's English language skills.
      • When: The author has been working with Caleb since he was very young and continues to do so.
      • How: By using resources such as cartoons, books, and worksheets, and by paying attention to Caleb's learning capacity and interests.
    1. My Introductory Post To The Hive Learner Community

      In this post, the author introduces themselves to the Hive Learner community, sharing information about their education, skills, hobbies, and their attraction to the Hive blockchain. They also express their commitment to supporting and contributing to the growth of the community.

    2. My Introductory Post To The Hive Learner Community
      • Who: The author, ogungbuyi kayode, also known as @heskay.
      • What: The author's introductory post to the Hive Learner Community on Shrewdies.com.
      • Where: The author is from Ekiti state, Ikole town, Nigeria.
      • Why: The author joined the community to participate in community activities and help it grow. They were attracted to the Hive blockchain after receiving their first payout and wanted to make new friends and learn from different people.
      • How: The author introduced themselves, shared their education and skills (student of animal science, learning about cryptocurrency), hobbies and work (football, video games, research, cryptocurrency business), what attracted them to Hive (earning a payout, making new friends, learning), and their contributions to the Hive blockchain (supporting the community). They also mentioned how they learned about Hive through friends and mentioned specific users who helped them.
    1. Cop Car 2050 Concept
      • Who: The author (@buttonn), an artist on Hive
      • What: The author has modeled a concept car for the future that does not use wheels.
      • Where: The author shared their concept car on Shrewdies.com.
      • Why: The author wanted to showcase their artwork and share their creative process.
      • When: The author mentions that they had the car modeled a few weeks back and that they plan to finish new projects from now until the new year.
      • How: The author used various techniques and modifiers in Blender to create the car model, including quad retopology, shrinkwrap, solidify, subdivision surface, and mirror modifiers. They also made adjustments to the materials and did some texture painting.

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    2. Cop Car 2050 Concept

      The author of this post shares their concept for a futuristic car design and discusses their workflow and challenges in creating it in Blender. They also express their desire to improve as an artist and finish more projects in the coming year.

    1. Get Good at Blender

      This post is a video tutorial on advanced topology in Blender, specifically focusing on creating the Bishop chess piece and utilizing edge flow, pole placement, and the shrinkwrap modifier.

    2. Get Good at Blender
      • Who: Grant Abbitt
      • What: Advanced Topology - The Bishop tutorial for Blender.
      • Why: To help improve Blender skills and learn new techniques.
      • How: By working through the tutorial and following along with the steps provided in the video.
    1. Chapters of Me

      This post is an introduction to the author's life as a single mom and her journey of self-discovery, highlighting her experiences, challenges, and passions. She also shares her reasons for joining the Hive community and her dedication to exploring and bringing happiness through her content.

    2. Chapters of Me
      • Who: Jolyn Barcibal, a 25-year-old single mom from Negros Occidental, Philippines.
      • What: Introduction to Jolyn's life story and her journey of self-discovery as a single mom.
      • Where: Negros Occidental, Philippines.
      • Why: Jolyn wants to share her experiences and dreams while connecting with others and enhancing her writing skills through Hive.
      • When: Jolyn became a single mom in 2019 and has since been balancing motherhood, education, and work
      • How: Jolyn shows determination, unwavering commitment, and resilience in overcoming challenges and building a better future for herself and her child. She finds happiness in reading, writing, playing video games, exploring new foods while traveling, and video editing. Jolyn's parents provide strong support for her journey, and she aims to promote Hive and bring happiness through her content.
    1. Equal Pay for Equal Work

      This post discusses the arguments for and against equal pay for equal work, highlighting the potential chaos and disadvantages of implementing such a system. The author emphasizes the importance of education and skill acquisition in increasing earnings and suggests creating transparency in pay to motivate individuals to improve their skills.

    2. Equal Pay for Equal Work
      • Who: The author (Just A Gamer).
      • What: Exploring the arguments for and against equal pay for equal work.
      • Why: To discuss the potential benefits and drawbacks of implementing equal pay.
      • How: The author presents their personal opinion against equal pay, highlighting reasons such as potential laziness, impact on company systems, and reduced incentives for talent and skill acquisition. They also suggest creating awareness about education and skill acquisition and promoting transparency in pay as potential solutions.

      This post discusses the importance of unity, love, respect, and preparation, using ants as a role model, in order to achieve success in life.

      • Who: The author (West Africa Curation), @oxygen02 (illustration), and the Ants.
      • What: Learning from the Ants' love, unity, respect, and preparation.
      • Where: Africa.
      • Why: To achieve greater things in life
      • How: By observing and emulating the Ants' behavior and characteristics.
    1. Monomad: The Shrewd Predator

      This post is about the author's observation of a robber fly, a shrewd predator with large compound eyes that use keen vision to hunt and capture prey. The post includes several photographs taken by the author.

    2. Monomad: The Shrewd Predator
      • Who: The author (Kamaroezzaman) and a robber fly.
      • What: Observing and wondering about how insect predators hunt their prey.
      • Where: On a giant sensitive tree.
      • Why: To understand how insect predators hunt their prey. -How: The author stalked a robber fly and observed its behavior. The robber fly chooses a good spot for camouflage and possesses large compound eyes with keen vision. It scoops up its prey and stabs it with its sharp proboscis. The author also includes several images taken with a smartphone and an external macro lens.
    1. lifelong learner

      The post is about a person named Walid who is new to the platform and wants to learn about cryptocurrency and improve himself through learning and taking risks.

    2. lifelong learner
      • Who: Walid from Algeria
      • What: Introducing himself and sharing his goal to learn about cryptocurrency and improve his English.
      • Why: To share his life and knowledge with others and to learn from them.
      • When: Currently, as he is new to the platform
      • How: By actively seeking opportunities for improvement, taking risks, and reading self-help books.

      The post is about a new weekly art contest on Shrewdies.com that focuses on learning to draw, with the aim of improving skills and fostering a sense of community among artists on the platform.

      • Who: The author of the post, @tonyr, and the Steemit community.
      • What: A new weekly art contest focused on learning to draw.
      • Where: On the Hive (formerly Steemit) platform.
      • Why: To encourage learning and improvement in drawing skills, and to foster a sense of community on Hive (formerly Steemit).
      • When: The contest will be held every week, with the first week's prize pool consisting of 15 SBD.
      • How: Participants must choose one of two provided images to draw, and post their entry in the comments section of the post. The winner will be determined by community voting. Participants are also encouraged to provide feedback and support to others. Resteeming and upvoting the post, as well as providing suggestions for the contest, are other ways to support it.
    1. Learn to Draw

      This post is a tutorial on how to draw a dancing ballerina using oil pastels, with step-by-step instructions and accompanying images.

    2. Learn to Draw
      • Who: Martian Arts (@lullettematz)
      • What: A tutorial on how to draw a dancing ballerina using oil pastels.
      • Why: To teach others how to create their own artwork using oil pastels.
      • How: By using oil pastels and a sketch pad, rubbing the color onto the paper with fingers, adding details with a pencil and black colored pen, and completing the image with neutral colors.
    1. Learn to cook Asians Handmade noodle

      A simple recipe and cooking instructions for making homemade Shou Gong Mian noodle, along with a recipe for a minced pork-based broth to serve with it.

    2. Learn to cook Asians Handmade noodle
      • Who: The author of the post, Holmiumz
      • What: The post is a continuation of a series called #EatLikeAsians and provides a recipe and cooking instructions for making Shou Gong Mian, a type of handmade noodle.
      • Why: The post is meant to share a recipe and provide instructions for making Shou Gong Mian noodles at home.
      • How: The post provides a step-by-step guide on how to prepare the noodle dough, shape the noodles, and make the broth for the soup. It also includes a photo of the final dish.
    1. Learn How to Trade

      This Shrewdies.com post is the final entry in a series about the author's journey to learn how to trade. It provides a summary of their trading progress in June 2023, discusses lessons learned, and shares some trading strategies and insights. The author concludes that trading is still a hobby for them.

    2. Learn How to Trade
      • Who: The author of the post (@adamada)
      • What: The author's final entry in their trading journal, summarizing their progress and lessons learned from trading
      • Why: The author wants to track their progress in trading and see if they can become proficient at it.
      • When: June 2023
      • How: The author shares their trading statistics, insights, and lessons learned from their trading experience.
    1. Learning and Language

      The core theme of this Shrewdies.com post is the importance of language in the learning process, particularly in the context of Nigeria where multiple languages are spoken. The post emphasizes that teachers must understand and utilize the language that learners are familiar with in order to facilitate effective learning.

    2. Learning and Language
      • Who: The author (@estherekanem), teachers, learners
      • What: Learning and language, barriers to learning, the nature of languages
      • Where: Nigeria
      • Why: To discuss the importance of language in learning and the national policy on education in Nigeria
      • How: By emphasizing the inseparable relationship between learning and language, discussing the different languages spoken in Nigeria, explaining the nature of languages, and highlighting the need for teachers to understand and use the language that learners are familiar with.
    1. Dinner Is served

      The post is about the author sharing their simple recipe for fried noodles and boiled eggs for dinner, expressing their preference for fried noodles and discussing the convenience and satisfaction of noodles as a fast food option.

    2. Dinner Is served
      • Who: The author, @didiee.
      • What: Sharing their experience of preparing fried noodles for dinner while being unwell
      • Where: Hive Learner's community
      • Why: To make a post despite not feeling well and to share their dinner preparation
      • When: Monday, April 4th, 2022
      • How: The author boiled eggs and noodles, filtered the water, added oil, sliced onions and pepper, seasoning, and stirred the noodles in the pot. They then turned off the gas and enjoyed their meal. They also expressed their preference for fried noodles and their love for noodles as a fast food option. They asked the readers if they like noodles and how they prefer to have them. The author also requested a speedy recovery.