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    1. inclusive pedagogy is inherently open, and open pedagogies are indeed inclusive.

      I might propose inclusive pedagogy is a subset of open pedagogy. Inclusive pedagogy does not necessarily mean open. IP does not entail OP. Courses may be inclusive without components of Open (e.g. using openly-licensed materials; curating, creating and sharing content with the wider public; student-driven learning experiences).

  5. Nov 2018
    1. Open Ped suggests that we really want students to interact with knowledge and shape the world that they’re going to graduate into, not just train for it.

      shape world vs. train for

  6. Oct 2018
    1. This kind of project, Paige said, decentralizes power. “I tell students I don’t have complete ownership of this knowledge,” she said.

      student agency, ownership, relevancy

    1. We can involve students in the process of curating content for courses, either by offering them limited choices between different texts or by offering them solid time to curate a future unit more or less on their own (or in a group) as a research project.

      Content is a process, not a product.

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    1. Progressive wisdom now seems to converge around the idea that students sharing their work beyond the classroom provides them with meaningful motivation to do that work and a greater sense of purpose than is available within the classroom alone.

      I've seen so many examples of increased motivation and care for the work they publicly share.

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    1. curso TI0920 de Traducción e Interpretación

      This idea was born of a course for translators, but we believe that the initiative can be extended to any group of any discipline. Team No. 10

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    1. The school's founders believe that the commodification and ownership of knowledge is the primary reason for the inequity in access to quality educational resources.

      wow. nice!

    1. many professors are focusing their pedagogy on cultivating higher-order cognitive skills — those well-known upper tiers of Bloom’s Taxonomy — and gravitating toward experiential education that emphasizes the application, evaluation, and creation of knowledge.

      creation of knowledge

  14. Nov 2017
    1. Open Pedagogy, which for us means working at the intersection of OER, accessibility and access, student empowerment, and connected learning.
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    1. University of Southern New Hampshire's academic steering technology committee

      Edit: University System of New Hampshire's Academic Technology Steering Committee

  18. Jul 2017
    1. Of course, I realized that I am talking about upending an entire system built on “final grades” by instead focusing on “showcasing a learning process.” Can’t say this change will ever occur,

      Be the change you wish to see! ;) This sounds great!

    1. That’s really what licensing is all about. Creativity.

      Creativity. That's really what "open" is all about too! Love!

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    1. Linking content to community this way moves education from a static artifact to a dynamic process

      process (community) over product (content)

    2. a commitment to building a system in which the public pays itself for what it needs: the public funding of systems and structures that help students make it to and through college.


    1. Open educational practice covers any significant change in educational practice afforded by the open nature of the internet

      Yes, the internet piece seems a bit tricky, but this is helpful to me!