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  1. May 2022
  2. Feb 2022
    1. Allow <a ping...> (disabled by default), controls the controversial "ping" feature on trusted sites.

      The link is 404'ing. Here is the latest available archive from WayBack machine about blog post discussing the ping attribute.

  3. May 2021
  4. Mar 2021
  5. Feb 2021
    1. Any progress on this issue?
    2. Sean, do you think someone can take a look at this? It's biting a lot of people and makes .or pretty much useless if you want the .or query to use a simple join, which is a pretty common use case. There are 57 likes in this issue alone.
    3. I was wondering what is the status of this issue? The PR that fixes the problem is rejected but this issue is still open, so is it going to be fixed or is it intended behaviour?
  6. Sep 2020
  7. Sep 2018
    1. Abstractijur_891 957..973Informal housing and industrial developments in the so-called urban villages have beenkey features of the recent Chinese urbanization. In this article we will examine thedevelopment of urban villages in one of the most dynamic Chinese cities — Shenzhen.The article first reviews the urbanization and migration process in the region and theemergence of urban villages. It then examines informal housing, commercial andindustrial developments in these villages. We analyse the politics of village urbanizationand highlight the important relationship between migration and informal villagedevelopment. We emphasize the contribution made by urban villages in providingaffordable housing and jobs for the low-income population during the rapidurbanization and urge cautious consideration with regard to hasty and large-scaleredevelopment of these villages. We conclude that the development of urban villages isa very important part of the urbanization process.
  8. Dec 2016
    1. miffed that Posobiec had been escorted out of Comet

      Watch the video, and you'll hear the server say he was scared for his life, since he was already receiving death threats.

    2. I thought I could just show it was a regular pizza place.”

      BS: I've watched it. He most certainly was implying the worst of the false rumors.

    3. It seemed reasonable to Posobiec that Podesta might have organized a sex ring in cahoots with Brock.

      And with proper self-assessment, such thoughts should be the first clue to your mental instability.