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  1. Sep 2022
    1. neural additive model (NAM) [15]. The NAM is a differentiable (gradient-based) additive model which can adapt as the estimated latent treatment benefits are updated during training.
    2. S-learner strategy

      What is S-learner strategy?

    3. GAMs [12]

      learn more about generalized additive models

  2. Apr 2022
    1. What makes for a great reading experience? Is it just the number of pages one reads in a day? Or is it something deeper, more intentional, more fulfilling? We believe it is the latter. So, if you are also wondering, how to read books more deeply and intricately? Here’s a list of ways you can get more out of a book you’re reading.
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    1. a private library is not an ego-boosting appendages but a research tool. The library should contain as much of what you do not know as your financial means … allow you to put there. You will accumulate more knowledge and more books as you grow older, and the growing number of unread books on the shelves will look at you menacingly. Indeed, the more you know, the larger the rows of unread books. Let us call this collection of unread books an antilibrary.