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    1. The Boy Who Lived came face to face with Lord Voldemort precisely seven times in the Harry Potter series. This number held a lot of significance throughout the series—there are seven Harry Potter books, Voldemort created seven Horcruxes, a wand costs seven Galleons, and the list goes on and on.

      7 is an important number in HP. Also, just an important number in general. Look at the 7 deadly sins, f.e.

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    1. The narrator considers this as vandalism and finds it hard to believe how anyone "educated enough to have access to a university library should do this to a book." To him "the treatment of books is a test of civilized behaviour."

      Highlighted portion is a quote from Kuehn sub-quoting David Lodge, Deaf Sentence (New York: Viking 2008)

      Ownership is certainly a factor here, but given how inexpensive many books are now, if you own it, why not mark it up? See also: Mortimer J. Adler's position on this.

      Marking up library books is a barbarism; not marking up your own books is a worse sin.

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    1. the simoniac of his sin

      Second mention of simony here, although this one is more concretely connected to the plot since it seems the old priest got his position by buying it. Another interesting thing here though is how the narrator switches from referring to the priest as "it" to then saying "his" as though the priest is only a person and not a thing when it comes to his sins, like his "human flaws" in a way.